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the "propaganda pool"
everyone's got one. it's the limitations we put on ourselves.
it's up there in our heads.
you can drain it one lie at a time.
you can start any time. Life is too short to live lies.
free yourself

Constipation, Coughing/Not Coughing, Crying, Quaking Like The Earth or Quacking Like A Duck are all normal in the beginning of a quit.

Any Questions? Ask Gnu!

who and where is the largest green bean producer and shipper in the United States?


how is aluminum foil made that thin?


does pizza really need a crust?

and,  if you follow this silliness to the end by googling for the answers, your crave will be gone.

I have no fondness for those "days gone by"

Have you realized that yet?
When you have distanced yourself and had a close look you understand you are not depriving yourself of anything.   When you realize you are not depriving yourself of anything you eat berries in the woods and chase butterflies into something highly illegal. :-)

Wouldn't it be common sense to size up a task from all angles to determine what the result of each approach might be and therefore make the most sense before you start?

When you quit smoking you must constantly be looking ahead for situations that might put your goal of quitting at risk.

Does it make sense to drink alcohol after you've quit smoking? If you've often had too much? that's a DUH!

not common sense.

Have you ever tried to unlearn something by continuing to do it? How about using an e-cig to mimic the actions of smoking instead of unlearning them? Did you think this through or was it the path of least resistance? It's exactly like smoking but with a battery instead of a lighter

again n c s

this site is here to give you the common sense regarding quitting smoking that you might not already have and we are here to pass on what we've learned from those quit before us and the current  information that is available.

use it all. that's what common sense is for

Unlearning the cues to smoke and the motions of smoking are 90% of a succesful quit.

So, what are you unlearning if you reach for an ecig everytime you would have smoked a cigarette?

Evidently, their smoking rate is double that of civilians.

You can enjoy the trip.

packing your mouth with ice cubes every time you get an urge to smoke quadruples your chances of staying quit.

"Cary A. Coolah"


Willpower VS Willingness


Willpower is fighting to stop from doing something you liked (or thought you liked) while still holding it in some esteem


Quitting with willpower is tough because you are still clinging to the thought that somehow smoking is good when you know it isn't. If you hit a big bump in the road you are likely to go back to what you left.


Willingness to quit


Willingness is letting it go, not fighting to let it go, but being willing to not fight to hold onto it so that you may have a new life without the chains of needing nicotine every hour or more.

Once you've given yourself permission to smoke once during your quit, you will probably do it again.

This is why we stress understanding what you are up against.

Each failed quit makes it harder to quit the next time.

The following link is the accumulated knowledge of 22,000 hours spent watching people going through the quitting process. Many fail simply because they are unwilling to give quitting the time it takes or because they begrudge quitting rather than embrace it.

I sincerely hope you will read it, understand it and have faith in yourself.

Giving in is giving up. Don't give in. It's gonna take the time it takes.

Give yourself the time

I've watched why people fail for 7 years and "the why" is really very simple.

Forget the "reasons I smoked" There are no reasons. Saying there are reasons is not accepting responsibiity for choosing to smoke.

People fail because they approach quitting smoking as the most difficult thing they’ve ever undertaken. Where do they get that idea? They get it from other people who have failed and then they build upon that with their own failures. Willingness beats willpower every time.

Most people’s quits are lost by talking themselves into smoking.
When you mentally talk to yourself suggesting that “a cigarette sure would hit the spot right now” you have started the snowball rolling down the hill. If you get that snowball rolling and growing your quit is done. Dwelling on that initial thought makes it become real and if you keep it up? YOU WILL SMOKE
So how do you stop that thought from growing?
You talk back. You say “I don’t do that anymore” as soon as the first thought comes. You say it out loud so it sticks and you repeat as necessary. If you don’t talk yourself out of wanting to smoke? YOU WILL SMOKE.

Many peoples quits are lost because they drink themselves stupid.
How do you prevent that? You use some common sense.
Drinking alcohol and smoking go hand in hand.
If you want to socialize and that includes alcohol, try to limit yourself to one drink and take some bottled water.

If your quit means something, if your future means something, you will use common sense and not risk killing your quit by putting it in risky situations.

You can't smoke when both hands are occupied! When your hands are occupied, your brain is occupied.

Don't ever dwell on smoking.

Use the tools you've learned that got you this far.

Say "I don't do that anymore" often.

Hang On! The view from the top is AMAZING!

me too!

and cheesecake

If you are using an NRT, why would you NEED to smoke? If the nicotine dependency is being satisfied, doesn't this prove that the rest is a head game?

If you are ready to quit you do not need open the window to failing by giving yourself permission to smoke  before you even start. These messages of expected failure must be rejected by the mind of the successful quitter.

Only you can give yourself permission to smoke.

Realize that forgetting about something you did so many times isn't going to just go away in a week or a month. It takes time to unlearn that hand to mouth habit. It takes time to mentally disconnect from thinking of smoking many times a day, every day.

It is a decision, then, It is a mind game but, most of all,  It is a process.

Don't give up. Quitting won't kill you, SMOKING WILL

Why go through it over and over? You don't learn anything quitting over and over except how to give in.

Keep Them Away From Your Face

You have access to information

You have access to all the tricks and tips to get you through cravings

You have access to the knowledge of what to expect and when

You have access to all the latest studies (Thank You Thomas)

Ask questions. Post HELP in a blog title BEFORE you smoke if you are wavering.

Don't get overwhelmed

Stop fighting to keep smoking.

All you have to do is let it go to be free.

Be willing or you'll keep smoking

Einstein's definition of "doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results."

It's a pain in the lungs to keep smoking. It's a pain in the butt to keep failing.

help yourself.  figure out why you keep going back. Stop saying "oh, it's ok.I'll just start back up next week" How does smoking more help you quit? All you do is reinforce your desire to smoke.

Start thinking of yourself as someone with a brain who can make choices instead of a "helpless addict."

The addiction is to the drug. If you stop using the drug for a number of years the receptors you've sensitized to nicotine have long ago died off. My understanding is they die off within the first year similar to skin cells sloughing off and being replaced with new ones.

That leaves the habit. What is the habit?

The habit is the memories of  the hundreds of thousands of times you smoked. The hand to mouth motion, etc. There were strong emotions connected to some of those smoking times. When you feel twinges of or those sme emotions, you may be triggered to smoke

You can unlearn the habit and be through the worst part of quitting in about 4 1/2 months if you don't keep giving up and feeding the nicotine receptors. (sure beats taking 40 years to unlearn don't you think?)

Stop thinking of yourself as an addict with little hope of succeeding and start using your head to move ahead.


On Giving In.....On Going Back
Whenever you would consider smoking after you've quit whether 3 days or 20 years...
there needs to be a question you ask yourself.
Call it a safeguard


"Is smoking more important to me than not smoking?"
and then think about your quit journey and what you may be about to do.


Isn't going back to smoking giving up on yourself? Aren't you saying Screw life! Screw living! I Dont Care?


Wouldn't you be willingly putting it back in charge and living with whatever it deals you?


If you smoke again believe me, you will serve it


Stay Free

a short time later

"I only smoke when I'm stressed out"

a short time later

"I only smoke after 2pm"

a short time later

"I only smoke when I wear red"

a short time later

"I wear red alot"

and later

"I only smoke when I'm not hooked up to my oxygen"

Time flies when you are killing yourself.

Excuses will not save you.

Well, golllllllllly!

Who would have thought such a thing?

You go Big Tobacco! You go you ecig pushers!

(there will be neither used in my house)

but don't take my word for it. you still have the choice to run over it.

and some will

they travel in packs

They will sit back while you talk yourself into smoking

They'll Fred A-Stare You Till You Want One!

They may tell you cigars are "different"

They will do any and every dance to seduce you back to smoking

Keep them away from your melons and your lungs!

Once Again, They travel in packs! Don't buy into it!

The Notorious "Lemur Demon!"

Smoking is not CUTE. Smoking is not CUTE!


PBS they may try to hide in plain sight!

What does someone saying you'll never be free do for you?

Are you looking for strength (say from a higher power) to stop doing something that you allow to control you?

In the end, must you not discover the decision and strength have to come from within you?

Isn't it you that must decide and then continue to make the right choices?

Does this thing control you even when you aren't using it?

I would hate to think because I smoked for 40 years it controls anything but the health consequences I may incur. Why should it?

I have no desire to smoke cigarettes because I decided I wouldn't smoke anymore.

How many times does it take? It only needs to take one time.

Who can do it for you?


You can quit smoking any way you want.
We all did it a little differently.

So if you've done it, Bravo!
If you're in the beginning of the journey, Bravo!   Keep Going!

Whether in the beginning and the end, there is one thought that we all must hold in common

"It will be yours 'til you don't want it anymore"

To be free everyone eventually has to experience some discomfort. Everyone has to do some missing of smoking and get past that.

Everyone who is self dosing with the NRT: (Gum, Lozenge, E-Cig. Etc..)

Don't use more than the equivalent to what you were smoking to avoid these basic feelings of quitting.

You will more than likely become not only physically addicted to it but psycologically addicted as well.This means fear of getting off of it because you believe it's what has kept your quit.

If you are using 10 pieces of 4mg gum, that is equal to 2 packs of cigarettes. Did you smoke two packs a day?

You don't want to end up trading one nicotine delivery system for another.

Experience the uncomfortableness. We all had to do it. It will pass.

Experience the "something is missing". We all had to go through this. It will pass.


10 Ways to Boost Your Energy


Staying hydrated is one way to boost energy, but you don't need to reach for caffeine. Here are natural energy boosters, some as simple as drinking a glass of water or sprinting up a flight of stairs.

     By      Beth W. Orenstein  
     Medically reviewed by      Pat F. Bass III, MD, MPH  

Feeling sluggish? Experiencing low energy by midday? Many factors can cause a drain of energy, but there are just as many ways to boost energy levels when you’re feeling foggy and finding it hard to concentrate.

   Boost your energy

These 10 natural energy boosters will keep your engine humming throughout the day:

1. Eat an apple. Apples contain natural sugars, which your body can turn into energy. “An apple will have the same effect as a cup of coffee without the side effect of an energy crash,” says Kathi Casey, wellness coach, author, trainer, and owner of Healthy Boomer Body Center in Otis, Mass. “Any kind of apple will do, and there is a wide variety of apples to choose from, so you can pick the one you like best.”

2. Do five or more push-ups. It may seem counterintuitive to exert energy when you’re already tired, Casey says, “but it’s amazing what a couple of push-ups will do for you if you have low energy.” Push-ups get your blood circulating through your body, she explains. Your blood brings oxygen to your brain and your tissues, making you more alert and energetic.

3. Take a power nap. A power nap will help you feel refreshed, says Jini Cicero, a fitness and nutrition expert based in Los Angeles. Between 15 and 30 minutes is best. “You don’t want to get into deep REM sleep, or you’ll be groggy afterward,” says Cicero. “I believe 20 minutes is ideal — just enough to refresh your body’s systems.”

4. Have a cup of green tea. One of the reasons people feel as though they have low energy is that they’re really dehydrated, Cicero says. Staying hydrated is a natural energy booster. “I recommend replenishing your fluids by sipping a cup of green tea or white tea, which is the younger plant of green tea.” Green tea has a small amount of caffeine and white tea even less, but it’s the fluid that will perk you up. Even drinking water can help, Cicero says.

5. Step outside. Sunshine gives you energy because you’re getting vitamin D, and vitamin D can help boost your mood and mental performance. However, keep your face out of the sun and don’t bake — always protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Take just 10 to 15 minutes to step outside for some fresh air and sunshine and you’ll go back to work feeling refreshed, Cicero says.

6. Phone a friend. Social connections are another natural energy booster, Cicero says. Studies have shown that people gain enormous amounts of energy from having friends, helping others, and giving of themselves. If you’re feeling down or have low energy, take a few minutes to call someone whose voice will perk you up. Even better, make plans to do something positive for someone else, such as volunteer at a shelter or help an elderly neighbor.

7. Meditate. A mini-meditation break of 5 to 10 minutes can be a great natural energy booster. “There is a lot of clinical evidence that people who meditate are less stressed and have higher energy levels,” says KC Craichy, nutrition and fitness expert in Tampa, Fla., and author of SuperHealth: 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality. Find a quiet place where you can get comfortable. Sit down and concentrate on your breathing. Clear your head and forget about your work or whatever was on your mind. After meditating, get up, stretch, and go back to whatever you were doing, feeling refreshed and more energized.

8. Eat high-energy foods. We’re not talking power bars or energy drinks. While they can provide quick energy, they also can cause you to crash when they wear off, Craichy says. Instead, choose high-energy foods that have essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B1, B2, and B6 in particular help your body convert carbohydrates into energy. Foods rich in B vitamins that will work as pick-me-up snacks include yogurt, whole grains, and sunflower seeds. Minerals in nuts, whole grains, and dairy products also enhance energy by assisting metabolism.

9. Take the stairs. Like doing push-ups, a quick flight up the stairs in your office building will provide aerobic exercise and help you feel more energetic, Casey says. Exercise not only helps your body function better, it also increases the amount of oxygen in your blood and causes your heart to beat faster, which increases blood flow to your muscles and back to your lungs. Exercise also releases endorphins, hormone-like substances that promote an increased sense of well-being.

10. Stop multitasking. “People are really doing themselves a disservice by trying to do too much at once,” Casey says. “You’re causing way too much stress on yourself and you’re not able to focus as well as you could were you to give each task your undivided attention.” If you do your day’s activities one at a time, you can devote more energy to each one. It will make you feel as though you have more energy overall.

Most of these natural energy boosters are easy to work into your day. They take 10 to 15 minutes at most, and the benefits can last for hours.

Got home an hour ago

I made some loose mashed potatoes yesterday for when I got home today so I warmed some up  and then stirred in half a can of deviled ham for some ooomph!

The Dr. did some resections and took some targeted biopsies and said the 5 Barrett's experts would go over the biopsies so we can decide if and how to eradicate it.

thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.

(did they really drive a vw down my throat? feels like it)

You manage your quit not the other way around.

Don't let the addiction and the "old ways" manage you back into smoking.

You do have the power to do it.

All you've got to do is catch yourself when you think of smoking and remember you've quit.

It's that simple.

Don't give in.

it's 4am in California. At 10:15 I will be leaving for Thornton Hospital in LaJolla to have the precancerous cells removed from my esophagus by burning them from the inside out. this will be the first of numerous procedures.

smoking weakens the valve that keeps your stomach acid in your stomach.

I will not  have eaten for over 16 hours  by the time I get home this afternoon. I will be enjoying no solid food for the next week.

you can quit smoking any time.

will you?

The "three minute" cravings can come in waves. You must break up these waves or you may be overcome.

I've come up with some ways to shock yourself out of a craving that actually work.

1. Stick your head in the freezer and breathe the cold air. Visualizing yourself doing this should stop the crave long enough to get it out of your mind.

2. Bite into a lemon, skin and all. The sourness will get your attention immediately. The bitterness of the rind is something we don't normally experience. Trust me, you will remember this the next time you get a craving too.

3. Fill your mouth with ice cubes. Your mind can't help but focus on avoiding brain freeze with a mouth full of ice cubes.

4. Learn to laugh out loud. It releases dopamine and when you "HEAR" yourself, it throws your brain into a different gear.

5. The danger in focusing on a crave is talking yourself into smoking. You can talk yourself out of smoking by saying "I don't do that anymore" as soon as a smoking thought comes.

It's your quit and your life. Reading will not cut the mustard. You have to do these things or they don't work.


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