forced quitting and "they think I should therefore, I think I should" quits

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 28, 2014

they may be good short term. But long term, maybe not so much.

i call these white knuckle quits.

your dr or dentist tells you to quit (forced)

Or perhaps people close to you are making suggestions to get you to quit. know its bad and think you should quit but until it's your idea, you may begrudge it when times get tough.

If you quit with a chip on your shoulder, your quit isn't worth a chit.

if you continue to look at smoking as something good, quit isn't worth a chit.

oh you may make it 6 months or a year but until you find the joy in not smoking, until you feel the freedom from needing to do it, you wll probably go back to it.

as long as smoking means something to you, your quit isn't worth a chit.

quitting is gaining not losing. find the joy in it.

find the joy in it