Not for the timid

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 23, 2014

So I was sitting out in the yard just now waiting for Hoggie to come home from his morning ramble and I reached up to scratch my neck at the line of my t- shirt. As I was there I felt a hair. It seemed quite long so I pulled it.
Well, it was pure white, well over 4 inches and, being so spectacularly long, I wondered if it was my "life-hair" and, if I had just “pulled the plug”
For you who may still be smoking
The conditions in your body can be just right so that one cigarette can trigger a stroke or heart attack.
The one you have between your lips this very second might be your smoke-hair, that hair trigger that sets off a disheartening life changing chain of events.

Is that the way you want to go?
Are you prepared to leave everything behind for that smoke?