things change. be prepared.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 3, 2014

seems so simple....things stay the same and once we know how to deal with it, it's easy

well, as we all know, life isn't like that.

I never particularly thought of myself as clumsy or accident prone.

I worked in construction as a carpenter then general contractor/carpenter for over 30 years.

In that length of time, you are bound to have a couple of accidents.

my first major one was cutting off my left thumb in dec of 1986.

my second was severing my right foot in march of 2000.

my thinking is changing, just like yours must change to quit smoking. you can't get to perfection or the happy ending right away.

why is it changing?

because i've fallen twice in the past week and a third time today.

the first time i choked on my coffee and lost my balance when i went to sit on my chair it rolled away from me and I landed ribs first on a steel leg. the second time last Thursday, my right foot found the ONLY wet spot (it was exactly the size of the part of my foot that made contact with the polished concrete floor) in the middle of a supermarket and skidded 5 feet, slamming my shin into the back crossbar of the shopping cart giving me a free goose egg on my shin and leaving me doing the splits.

today, i went to get my hair cut and the only barber was working at the back chair. my barber who usually has the front chair was not in today. so i walked beyond the first chair to speak with the one in the rear. when he gave me that information, i turned around and started out. guess where i landed? on the floor with my phone and glasses out in front of me and some nice gouges in my other shin.

it seems the foot support was overlooked when i turned to my right instead of my left.


I'm not seeing my happy ending.

now, will someone please come tie me up?