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they may be good short term. But long term, maybe not so much.

i call these white knuckle quits.

your dr or dentist tells you to quit (forced)

Or perhaps people close to you are making suggestions to get you to quit. know its bad and think you should quit but until it's your idea, you may begrudge it when times get tough.

If you quit with a chip on your shoulder, your quit isn't worth a chit.

if you continue to look at smoking as something good, quit isn't worth a chit.

oh you may make it 6 months or a year but until you find the joy in not smoking, until you feel the freedom from needing to do it, you wll probably go back to it.

as long as smoking means something to you, your quit isn't worth a chit.

quitting is gaining not losing. find the joy in it.

find the joy in it

what is the habit?

The memories of the reaching for one connected to an emotion of what we were feeling before. (Recreating a moment) and the repetition of the urge to get nicotine.

It all takes place over and over and over again and every single time starting with a thought.

So, when that thought comes... just say, "I don't do that anymore" and say it out loud.
There's power in what you tell yourself and hearing yourself say it.

You'll kick the habit in short order by talking yourself out of smoking,

Don't talk yourself into smoking

Talk yourself out of it

You decide you won't smoke anymore.

You don't keep them around, bum them or buy them

Keep Them Away From Your Face

have you made yourself willing to quit?

willing to learn who you are and what's really going on when you aren't influenced by smoking?

Are you willing to not buy, bum or steal a cigarette?

Are you willing to not drink alcohol to where you succumb to smoking?

Are you willing to put your quit first and not risk it first?

If you are willing to do these things, put on your seat belt.

It takes about a month plus a hundred days to get to the first major plateau where you aren't thinking of smoking daily.

Do not dwell on the thought of smoking or you will talk yourself into it. Instead, when you get a craving say "I don't do that anymore" Say it out loud. This way, you are talking yourself out of smoking and not into smoking.

So I was sitting out in the yard just now waiting for Hoggie to come home from his morning ramble and I reached up to scratch my neck at the line of my t- shirt. As I was there I felt a hair. It seemed quite long so I pulled it.
Well, it was pure white, well over 4 inches and, being so spectacularly long, I wondered if it was my "life-hair" and, if I had just “pulled the plug”
For you who may still be smoking
The conditions in your body can be just right so that one cigarette can trigger a stroke or heart attack.
The one you have between your lips this very second might be your smoke-hair, that hair trigger that sets off a disheartening life changing chain of events.

Is that the way you want to go?
Are you prepared to leave everything behind for that smoke?

Is it blind belief in one person telling you it's gonna be over by the time you finish the book they wrote?

Or does it take time?

Does it take reading it more than once? More than 4 times? More than 100 times until you get what it says and  believe it enough to quit smoking?

Let's hear it!

So you can still eat things and get a buzz. it's what you choose and portion control.

Instead of buying large packages of cookies and chips and eating till you hurl, get the individual packages that are portioned for people who aren't trying to quit smoking. There is no reasonable "quitting smokers size" A family size bag of chips is not acceptable as a "single serving".

A couple of examples:

1 jello cup 15-20 calories and not only a sweet but something you can put your teeth into.

Individually wrapped portions of say 3 cookies.

Portion control is very similar to willingly accepting you don't smoke any more.



If you have not yet quit but are just starting out and you are tracking your smoking and learning about when and why you smoke

Make it a game.

Never push it past the point of uncomfortable.

You just need to begin learning you don't need to smoke every time you want to smoke.

This builds confidence, not FEAR.

If you intend to wean down your smoking before you quit (and I highly suggest it in the way I've described above) you will eventually force yourself into withdrawal. When you start getting down to 5 or less and you feel a little frantic, be prepared to actually stop smoking and begin your quit.

This applies whether you are using an NRT as an aid or not. I did this for the 4 weeks before I quit and there was never a fear, any stress or any negative buildup before I quit. I went from 20 a day to 5 a day and wouldn't have even known except I wasn't going to buy cigarettes every two days and there was money in my wallet. LOL


The physical withdrawal and nicotine leaving your body takes about 3 days. Why prolong it?


This site says most people slip 11 times before they succeed at quitting smoking.

What kind of message does that send?   Why perpetuate this "allowance"?

How can the site imply that your body doesn't know you've been smoking?

You think this is what coaches tell athletes? that they're gonna lose?

The US and Canada womens teams are fighting for the gold medal right this moment.

The US was ahead most of the game and in the last 2 minutes of regulation play Canada came from behind and tied the game. UPDATE The US just LOST!

You know what the announcer said happened?

"The US team stopped playing to win and was just trying to hold onto their lead."

You better play to win people because it's your life that you're going to lose here no matter what this site says!

2606 days since my last puff. No a cigarette has never been near my lips since that day I quit.

you won't get an answer.

may as well just delete that feature

~your quit gets stronger every day you don't let nic get in the way~

youngatheart and I skype and watch the sun go down on this cam almost every night. it's as if God's painting the sky

now don't put yourself in positions where you can't walk the walk.

It's choices all the way. make the right ones.

"Don't throw it in the water until it's watertight"

they are in charge

The good is, when you let those beliefs go, you've taken away their power.

You never have to smoke again unless you choose to

A willing quitter stands back and looks objectively at what they are up against and their objective.

A willing quitter accepts that there will be some discomfort before they reach their goal.

A willing quitter learns to turn the thought of smoking away and understands there is no enemy just acceptance.


A fighting quitter never lets go of smoking.

A fighting quitter white knuckles their quit.

A fighting quitter eventually gets tired of fighting.

Smoking is an anchor in the ocean of death

Smoking gives you cancer and it steals your breath

Smoking’s is addictive just like  heroin or meth

Smoking is an anchor in the ocean of death

When I was a contractor I would spend 100 hours or more bidding a project, This was unpaid time but, by familiarizing myself with what I could know beforehand, I could more easily sidestep unforseen problems  because the things I had pre-planned were already under control.

This planning kept me ontime and on budget. Jobs that other contractors would drag out for 2 years? I would finish in 9 months.

We want you to be ready before you quit.

Failure is not fun. It drops your confidence and the more you fail the more elusive success becomes,

This is your life. Work your quit before you quit!

It's 74 here today. I took these yesterday.

I just took Hoggie for a ride to the beach in my truck to see how he would handle riding in the truck when he wasn't sick. He did well and I didn't have a vet bill which is typical whenever he goes for a ride.

First time he'd ever seen the ocean. Next time, he gets to run in the sand and get near the water.


Keep your quits or I'm gonna get you!

The odds of you quitting smoking with hope and luck as your allies are probably close to the same odds as winning the lottery.

How many times have you done that? Is your bank account full of lottery winnings?

You need to decide you won't smoke anymore.

Then, make a promise to yourself that you won't smoke anymore. Honor the promise.

You can't smoke if you don't have any around.

When you want to smoke say this out loud "I don't do that anymore"

Say it over and over.

People who fail talk themselves into smoking by saying things like "I really want to smoke" or drink themselves stupid.

This is common sense. Use some.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Feb 12, 2014

Beatles Special is being rebroadcast tonight at 8:30.


And no smoking!

Being willing to quit and willpower to stay quit are two different things in my opinion.

Willingness is acceptance and Willpower connotates fighting to hold onto something.

People get tired of fighting to stay quit and most will not make it.

Accept your decision. Do not be at odds with it.

Flow with the changes. Don't Dam Up The Stream.

I cut my left thumb off at a jobsite above the Rose Bowl in Dec of 1986.

Fortunately there was an excellent hand surgeon across the street from the hospital I was taken to.

It happened about 7:15 in the morning. We were out of material and we were ripping angles off scrap blocks to build each rafter tail to a certain angle. Since it was all scrap material, it was too short to grasp well so there was no way to do it except grab it from the back after you got the saw started in the cut.

Sometimes there is a knot on one side that doesn't show on the other side of a piece of wood due to the way it was milled. The knot just doesn't go all the way through.

Anyway, the saw hit that unseen knot and the saw kicked in my right hand and walked backwards over left hand and took my thumb off. It was barely hanging on by a little bit of the pad on the inside of my hand.

The thing that sets us apart from many animals is our ability to grasp things with our opposing thumb.

Now to the adaption part:

I had to adapt.

I was back at work 2 weeks later with a cast on my left forearm and hand, doing carpentry. I learned to pick up and hold a nail with two fingers instead of my thumb and finger. I learned to hold a drinking glass between my first and second fingers. I had to adapt and relearn everything my left hand used to do.


It is no different when you quit smoking. Life keeps going on whether you smoke or not.

You adapt and deal with it until it is not such a struggle.

I could not play guitar for 2 years because I did not have the strength in my thumb to push against the back of the neck to make chords.

After my first 6-8 weeks of PT for my thumb, the first joint was still unable to straighten. It just sat there cocked. I knew it would be difficult to move around the guitar if I ever wanted to play again so I asked the surgeon if he could fix it. He went back in and got it working right.

It's not 100% but it's 90% and I have no real limitations in using it.

So, yes, you might have to try again with a different plan but for your sake, don't play at quitting.

One time is enough and if you listen and understand, it should only take this last time.

Believe In Yourselves

We Got Your Back

Learn To Adapt

Smoking Was Our Whole Life.

Smoking Was Our Pacifier Or Reward For All Feelings

Quitting Is Eye Opening

Quitting Can Be Shocking

You Cannot Quit For Someone Else. You Cannot Make A Deal With Another Addict, Only Yourself

Once Your Eyes Are Opened You May Be On A Collision Course With Problems You've Denied.

You Can Handle ANYTHING without smoking that you did with smoking.

Why Are You Quitting? Is It Worth It? Are You Worth It?

You Might Ask Yourself These Questions To The Best Of Your Ability Before You Jump Off.


Life Is Nothing But Change.

We Cannot Control Life Or Many Of These Changes Whether We Are Smokers Or Not.

Smoking Is Denial.

Smoking Is Acceptance.

Smoking Is Relinquishing Your Ability To Change.

Smoking Is Being Stuck.

I Am Convinced The Reason Many Go Back To Smoking Isn't Motivated Only By The Drug But Just As Much Because They Simply Cannot Handle Change. SMOKING PREVENTS CHANGE.

The Real Truth Is Nicotine Is A Cruel Master And Smoking Will Kill You.

Will you be sitting back smoking your cigarette, never knowing what could have been?

Are You Ready?

My Rap On The Topic

Wher'd My Money Go?

Gettin' close to a grand and I'd like it im my hand

'swhat I saved from no butt's, nowa havta make a fuss.

It's not here it's not there, I don't see it anywhere

where did my, money go?  Well I guess I'll never know

Where's my money, this ain't funny

and I really want that grand.

Want it now,

gimmee gimmee

put it right here in my hand

Doesn't seem like a lot but it makes me really hot

cause my gadget reminds,  of something I can't finz

Maybe I should forget    go refund my nicorette

But I only have 6,   Dey won't take 'em back I bet

Where's my money, this ain't funny

and I really want that grand.

Want it now

gimmee gimmee

put it right here in my hand


Today we will be discussing the latest in quit smoking technology The “E-MOUSE”
The E-Mouse contains no Nicotine
That dangerous substance has been replaced with our own formula, which We call In-test-ine

You can make a tea, or you can twirl the tail, it's all in your head, just ask aka Dale

“Some will call this cheating but they’re very good for eating”

You don't feel alone and without direction.

Some of us have seen it all: Over and over and over and over. (Thousands of times)

We are not here to bust your chops but to get you on the right path and keep you there.

(Oh, almost forgot. To also keep you from taking someone else the wrong direction. LOL)

are deluding themselves

Nothing is going to quit for you.

Don't get addicted to your cure.

Freedom is the goal,

Not anxiety over being without some chemical you need every hour.

Keep Them Away From Your Face

if you've quit smoking but still smoking

you're doing it wrong!

there is no in between

Long term smoking weakens the muscular ring that keeps the (backflow preventer) valve closed between your stomach and your esophagus.

Almost 2 years ago, I had an esophageal bleed out on a 4 day weekend and could have died. It was from years of untreated reflux cause by smoking.

It was determined in May of 2012 that I had Barrett's Esophagus which is where the cells in your esophagus turn into columnar cells (like your intestine)  instead of flat smooth ones and, along with high grade displasia, you are well on your way to esophageal cancer.

I was told that watching and waiting was the standard procedure although, I was ordered to have an esophageal ultrasound to determine what was below the inner surface of the esophagus back in May 2012..

So they've had me come in for an endoscopy a number of times since May 2012. They knock you out and take a look and do biopsies.

Finally, in Dec of 2013, I had the esophageal ultrasound and now they've changed their tune and decided it would be better to burn out the lining of the esophagus in about 4 treatments 4 months apart.

Since it is 50 miles each way and they have all the records and actual video of the ultrasound, I couldn't see why I would have to meet with another Dr. for 10 minutes since nothing would be accomplished by doing so.

Well, I got my way. LOL


I have to have a separate office visit with the anesthesiologist before the procedure. (50 miles each way and 4 hours for a 10 minute visit) I've been anesthetized for 4 procedures and NEVER had to meet with the anesthesiologist beforehand.


You may as well quit smoking.

If it doesn't get you, the system will.

A wonderful link for distracting a crave.

make it full screen, turn up the sound.
it's great, it's free, and it'll calm you right down.

Most of us say we loved smoking.  Have you seen that for what it is yet?

Why does it take quitting smoking before we can see smokings control over us?

I think you know the answer.

1,  It's a miserable way to live.


2.  It's a miserable way to die.

We know all the excuses. It's easy to spot them. We've made them ourselves.

Everyone enjoys a good "tale" but we've all seen the results of continuing to smoke

If you smoked, you smoked. We know there is no reason to smoke. Only excuses.

seems so simple....things stay the same and once we know how to deal with it, it's easy

well, as we all know, life isn't like that.

I never particularly thought of myself as clumsy or accident prone.

I worked in construction as a carpenter then general contractor/carpenter for over 30 years.

In that length of time, you are bound to have a couple of accidents.

my first major one was cutting off my left thumb in dec of 1986.

my second was severing my right foot in march of 2000.

my thinking is changing, just like yours must change to quit smoking. you can't get to perfection or the happy ending right away.

why is it changing?

because i've fallen twice in the past week and a third time today.

the first time i choked on my coffee and lost my balance when i went to sit on my chair it rolled away from me and I landed ribs first on a steel leg. the second time last Thursday, my right foot found the ONLY wet spot (it was exactly the size of the part of my foot that made contact with the polished concrete floor) in the middle of a supermarket and skidded 5 feet, slamming my shin into the back crossbar of the shopping cart giving me a free goose egg on my shin and leaving me doing the splits.

today, i went to get my hair cut and the only barber was working at the back chair. my barber who usually has the front chair was not in today. so i walked beyond the first chair to speak with the one in the rear. when he gave me that information, i turned around and started out. guess where i landed? on the floor with my phone and glasses out in front of me and some nice gouges in my other shin.

it seems the foot support was overlooked when i turned to my right instead of my left.


I'm not seeing my happy ending.

now, will someone please come tie me up?

"There is a beauty in the pain, because of what you stand to gain"

We're right up ahead!

Have you heard of the pleasure receptors in our brains? They are little column shaped boogers that signal a release of dopamine, the feel good drug our body makes. When we smoke it takes about 5 seconds for the nicotine to go from our lungs through our blood to our brains where they reside.

Nicotine gloms onto them and turns them into "nicotine only" receptors.
That means they signal a dopamine release when they get nicotine and not much else.

People who never smoked have never sensitized their pleasure receptors to nicotine.
When we quit smoking, it takes some time for them to stop screaming.

This is probably one of the greatest reasons people keep going back..
They are not getting their dopamine release and it makes them unhappy.
The primitive part of us seeks pleasure over discomfort every time
Thankfully, these receptors die off and are replaced by new ones over time. These new ones have never known nicotine and never will unless you choose to introduce it to them.

The key word here is time.
Our brain keeps telling us it is unhappy and our memories keep telling us smoking made us feel better.

Add to that the habit part of smoking and it becomes even more of a task.
If we smoked a pack a day, we have reinforced our physical need for nicotine with a repetition of motion that has consumed every waking hour to the tune of 7300 times a year.

Smoking has become our life.

The secret to breaking this repetition is unlearning it by replacing it with something else.
This means doing something else instead of smoking until smoking is not our go to.

We are here to help you understand that this can be done. We are your proof.
We are here promising that it does get better. We are here saying you can be free.
We are here to lead you through but, it takes time.

You have to be willing to be uncomfortable. You have to be willing to change.
Most of all, you have to be willing to accept that this takes time.

The good news is it can be done. The good news is our experience is your road map.
Our victories can be your victories.

So, are you willing to give it the time it takes to unlearn something that has taken over your life?

Many people feel anger when they quit smoking. When we were smokers we would go light up when we were angry. It gave us our shot of dopamine which became our coping mechanism.

Why am I posting this?

Because YOU MUST learn other ways to deal with stress and it's accumulation.

This is part of becoming a different person. I know "different person" sounds sort of foreign.

This is part of growing yourself and your quit.

Being cognisant of this build up is important.

Smoking did not make you angry, you just can't cover it up with smoking anymore

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