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If you care to look back you can read about last Sunday morning when my coffee went down the wrong way and the exhuberant coughing caused my chair to back up just far enough for me to miss it coming down and fall on my ribs on one of the metal legs.

I have been in pain all week. I thought I was getting a little better each day.

I hadn't been out all week because I was nursing the pain.

Yesterday, my dad asked me if I wanted to go for a drive along the beach and I took him up on it.

On the drive home, he said he wanted to stop someplace for bananas and I thought I might as well go in a get a few things.

I picked up a few things in the produce section and just as I was moving into the meats section, my foot hit the only wet spot in the whole store and my right leg went racing ahead of my body leaving me doing the splits on the polished concrete floor.

A huge goose egg immediately sprung out of my shin which had slammed into the rail across the bottom of the cart.

So, I thought. ok, **** happens. I got a free goose egg and I didn't knock my teeth out.

Last night the pain from trying to catch myself as I was going down with that bad shoulder? Well it "flared up" and I could hardly sleep.

And the plan is..............not smoking

Stuff happens and smoking won't fix it. Once you internalize that, you're good. Smoking is never my choice.

Don't let smoking be your "go to". There's nobody home.

There is some good: I got up real early and burned a dvd of three of my songs to submit to "The Voice."

Made a label. Printed up my musical history and got it mailed. It wasn't perfect but anyone in the business will look beyond the technical shortcomings and hear the voice. (I hope. LOL)

What's a 65 year old man going to be doing on a TV show? Singing I hope.

would make me feel much better" (ha ha ha)

so i googled "nicotine cake" to see what would show up and there is a cake ejuice out there.

i'm thinking of buying a couple cases pouring it in the vanilla ice cream flavored punch and, throwing a party.

but i think , instead, i'll just lay here and watch omar the goat eat everything in sight.

did you know one drop of nicotine will kill you?

I was up early and online, having my first cup of coffee when it went down the wrong way and i couldn't catch my breath. It wasn't helping to sit at my chair so I stood up and leaned against the door to catch my breath. when I thought i was capable i tried to sit back down.

I wasn't 100% and was still coughing and my chair spun away from me. I went down and landed hard on one of the metal legs just outside my left breast area.

I can breathe but i think I cracked or bruised a rib. I don't think there is anything they could do for it.

Hoggie doesn't understand why I can't take him outside this morning.

It hurts to cough so I'm glad I don't need a nicotine fix anymore.

I have a Dr. appointment for lab work in the morning.


when you don't smell like an ashtray

Happy Happy! Joy Joy!

Happy Birthday Nancy!

I went to the store for my favorite bacon (on sale)  last week and regular was all gone. I didn't want the maple flavored or the Cherry Koolaid flavor so I chose the thick sliced.

Isn't it funny that for some strange reason 1. thicker slice means more bacon and further, along that line of thinking, 2. might mean more bacon in the package. (We all know they aren't going to give you any more bacon by weight.)

What does this have to do with quitting smoking?

When you put your quit in risky situations that twisted logic may begin wooing you from the wings.

Don't let your mind go to number 2. (There is no more bacon in the package).

Use your common sense. Get up  and get out of the situation before you smoke.

Just walk away for 5 minutes. It will remind you that you are quit and that you want to protect it.

Common sense. It makes sense.

You are NOT going to be able to get down to zero before you go into withdrawl.

If your body is used to 20 a day, how many do you think you can get down to before your receptors rebel?

The answer is approximately 5 . That's FIVE.

Don't discourage yourself from quitting by staying in withdrawl for weeks.

Nicotine is out of your body 72 hours after you stop using it.

So, when you get down to 5, either stop smoking and go through the 72 hours or stop smoking and use an NRT if that's your choice..

Why is it that some people tend to connect their quit to any and every health problem they experience when quitting?

Smokers get sick. Non smokers get sick. Ex-smokers get sick. Sick happens!

Anything that is cured with antibiotics is most likely not caused from quitting smoking.

Using an illness, virus, infection  or sore toe as an invitation to "get healthy by smoking again" is bad logic..

I would call that letting smoking control your life.

Aren't you here to stop letting smoking control your life?

If you think your life's focus has to be smoking or not smoking forever, you will be pretty darn wound up or pretty darn boring.

Life goes on without smoking and without focusing on smoking.

You unlearn smoking by living without smoking and making new, non smoking memories to replace the smoking ones.

Once you've DECIDED to not smoke and never go back, Shift your focus to living.

Take the 130 day challenge. That's an approximate time frame it takes to unlearn smoking to the point you break free of  "smokers autopilot".

Grow your quit each day! Be actively appreciative of where you are heading.

Quitting didn't just happen!

You started it!    You chose It!       DO IT!

Don't get stuck in some rut and fall flat. This takes some work!  It will get better!


talking yourself out of smoking and tricking yourself out of smoking until you know you've done it.

promise yourself 130 days from your last puff.

you deserve your freedom. Smoking is not it!

It's caused by letting tobacco control us for years.

This is the time you will see how much power it had over you.

These cravings are just a different facet of being controlled just like all the times you denied yourself going places because they didn't allow smoking..  It's all part of being controlled by tobacco

This is your wake up call to either be free or go back to being a to-zombie.

Will you let it win? We are here to tell you you can do it.

It's us or IT!


i'm over here. stop making paper airplanes and do my surgery. lol

In the past, I've said that there will come a time where you know you are out of no mans land.

Now, no mans land as described in the blog on my page is a time period.

It is not an exact time period.

What it is is the point of time where you start feeling confident, maybe somewhat over confident.

For most, it seems about a month.

You've fought hard, you are tired of thinking about smoking all the time and you may get a little complacent and let your guard down.

There is a an approximate end time of no mans land but again, no exact date.

I read a medical study back when I quit that said if you can get through 16 weeks, you are fairly safe from relapsing.

Some people don't feel like they are out of it for six months and I believe that people who "dwell on the thought of smoking" the entire length of their quit may never feel free. It is what you make it.

For me, I knew I was free on day 126 when I was driving up to a jobside I had been a smoker on and I reached for the ghost pack on the seat of my truck.

It wasn't there and I started laughing because it no longer made a difference and I knew I was free.

So for Candy it was day 132 when a movie that had alot of smoking it it caused her to realize she was disconnected.

A Request: If and when you recognize the day it hit you, keep track. I may start a group just to record when it happened for each of us, perhaps a study will eventually be done on this.

Also, see the link to the study Thomas posted about the cues to smoke being stronger in the 2-3 months after the first month quit. It's on my page.

It's just a decision.

Keep Making The Right One

that's what this all boils down to

It is the hardest initial time. Emotions all over the map, constipation, insomnia, anger, frustration, missing, grieving, emptiness, anxiety. Nothing is off limits these first 2-3 weeks

Make yourself get through! Find something that distracts you. Music engages your whole brain. Listen to music.

You will be in control of your life perhaps for the very first time since you first started smoking at a young age.

You have to get through this time to move on

You are going to do it, not try. Trying suggests a lack of commitment.

You must commit to do this!

It takes time. More than a week or a month but, you get to a place where you get ahead of the urge to smoke before it takes hold. It actually becomes automatic to not smoke.


There Are Only Two Choices: Smoking or Not Smoking


Until you understand and internalize this you will be a smoker.

One Constant = Quit Comes First,


over there on the left.


I severed my right foot in 2000 and had to have surgery right then.

I never quit smoking.

2 months after they put it all back together I went to the surgeon and they took an x-ray.

There was a half inch gap between by legbone and my ankle bone.

There was just a minimal gap right after the surgery and the bones would probably have knit the connection back together if I hadn't stolen the healing oxygen from my body by smoking.

So, that choice dictated another surgery in which they fused my ankle and thus eliminated all motion in the joint.

I was a contractor at the time and all of a sudden I can't walk on uneven surfaces or up a roof anymore.

I have to walk up hills with that foot sideways because it doesn't work right anymore.

I was never able to work in the same capacity as a carpenter and a contractor again which cut my income in half.

I kept smoking 6 more years after that accident. I never connected my healing (lack of) to smoking.

It's one of the main reasons I am so passionate about helping people quit.


I wish I would have

The simplest way to prepare for your quit and then keep it is to change your daily routine..

If you wanted to break a heroin addicts habit, you don't leave heroin and a spoon, and a syringe in front of them do you?

Don't keep any around for an emergency.

The store where you bought your cigarettes? Don't go back there if you can avoid it.

Find another place to buy your gas if you bought them at your gas station.

Don't put yourself in risky situations. You aren't tough enough until you get some time under your belt.

"If you've quit smoking and you are still smoking, you're doing it wrong."

Odor receptors in the lungs and blood and heart

Your nose isn't the only thing that senses cigarette smoke -- researchers have found that odor receptors exist in your lungs, too.

The odor receptors in the lungs are called pulmonary neuroendocrine cells, and were discovered by researchers from Washington University in St. Louis, the Washington University School of Medicine and the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

These cells are in the membranes of the neuroendocrine cells of the lungs. That means that when the lungs detect the smell of cigarette smoke, it prompts hormones to be released that then lead to constriction of the airways.

Researchers noted that these particular cells could help explain why people with respiratory diseases are so sensitive to things like perfumes and traffic fumes.

The findings were published earlier last year in the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology, but were publicized only recently.

Last year, a study presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society showed that odor sensors exist also in the blood and heart, as well as the lungs, LiveScience reported.

Many people approach quitting as a huge hardship and fear it before they begin.

They will quit and then they sit back and wait for cravings, build negative feelings and talk themselves into smoking.

How does that serve attaining your goal? Don't let negative thoughts control your quit from the get go.

Begin by saying I don't smoke anymore before the negative mindset kicks in. Say it  out loud often, even if you don't feel any negative feelings.

Remember, this is you you are battling. No one and nothing requires that you smoke.

The tsunami won't come unless you create it in your head. We can talk ourselves into anything. Only you can make a choice to fail.

Stay busy but most of all, find something you love to occupy your mind.

Even if you only have one hour a day to enjoy it, you will have something to look forward to.

Quitting really is what you make it!

Many of us never learned to cope with our feelings before we started smoking. That made smoking our way to cope. That's one big reason people find it difficult to quit.

It's interesting to approach a group of smokers on their smoke break (outside of course) and  say, "I did that for 40 years" (or however long you smoked)

You know what they are going to ask don't you?

"How did you quit?"

See, everyone knows smoking isn't good for them but, they just can't imagine ever being able to quit.

here's the kicker!

studies show that filters make no diifference!

i always thought they helped filter out some of the crap from going into your lungs didn't you?


soon, you will be able to recognize a California smoker by their tarry, tarry lips

they have not allowed smoking on the beaches for years but that doesn't keep the rain from washing them through the sewer system and right into ocean.

Soak some toothpicks of your choice in cinnamon water with the sweetener of your choice and then bake them on a baking sheet unti they are dry.

(Honey might remain too sticky. LOL)

I went in and read alot of posts.

All I could find was posts encouraging vaping. Nothing about reducing or getting off nicotine.

That's the point of vaping sites.  It's a bunch of addicts excusing their addiction.

You know what? They are thriving. The addicts are thriving. Vaping has become their way of life.

It controls everything they do. They give their lives to it just like they did to cigarettes.

And they say they've quit? And their thoughts turn to nicotine how many times a day?

If you carry on a conversation with them and they need their fix, do you think they are hearing you?

They are still in their "nicotine reality" and it's certainly not freedom.

Well, how motivated are you at working toward quitting and not just thinking it's going to happen if you set a date?

If you start changing your actions before you quit you will know it is time and be ready to jump in and do it more than the person who has set a date but done nothing to change their routine before the quit date.

Many people get more and more fearful as the date approaches and set themselves up to fail once again.

Start working on changing things up BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY QUIT!

It helps to take the fear away

You know, the ones in packs.
The ones that are trying to jump in your pocket or purse? Give them an inch and they take your life.

Of course you haven’t. It doesn’t happen.

Cigarettes do not pursue you, you pursue them

That said, there is nothing that can make you smoke except you.

There are no good reasons to smoke, no acceptable excuses

If you believe otherwise you are BS’ing yourself

Why is quitting so damn uncomfortable you ask?

Because you’ve never had what you are seeking and thus you don’t even know what you are looking for.

Most of us started smoking in our early to mid teens. We weren’t even formed yet.

We didn’t have any real responsibility until we smoked that first pack.

All of a sudden we are debtors to freedom. We have to worry about who sees us smoking. Making sure you can keep getting cigarettes is a big deal when you are young and don’t even have a job. Ever notice during all these years of smoking that you made sure you never ran out, NO MATTER WHAT?

Smoking OWNED US.

Don't kid yourself.


So........... you are looking for something you’ve never had and you don’t know where to look. That's why it seems hard but you can take this realization and run with it.

It’s your way out

The above thinking does not work with quitting smoking.

If you want your quit DON'T let it go. Hold onto it. It isn't going to come back to you on it's own.





"Quit's don't stick unless you stick to them"

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Change it up.

Ask the questions and then follow the advice.

Which will give you your forever quit?

Do you want to leave smoking behind or do you want to think about it forever?

they don't know what happened until their kids are hospitalized.

this isn't alot different than a loaded gun in a childs hands.

you salt it before you taste it?


it's one of the same reasons we smoked.

a pattern, the known, the comfortable

so do you think you could catch yourself before you reach for the salt?

that's what it takes to unlearn smoking

That's you talking yourself into it.

Dismiss those thoughts immediately

How you ask?

Start saying, "I don't smoke anymore". Say it out loud.

Hearing it registers better

When my daughter was 3, We were trying to get her to learn to eat vegetables.

(Greatest task for mankind in some homes)

Well....Brussel sprouts sort of "stinkwhenyoucookem"

she wasn't too thrilled when we put them on her plate. She connected the smell in the house to what was on her plate and was  reluctant to eat them.

I was fast on my feet and told her ther were baby cabbage (pronounced like Nicky Minaj)

She downed them and has loved them to this day.

The moral of the story:

It's what you are thinking that is real to you. so instead of saying It's harder than I thought" say instead, "It will be better tomorrow if I get through today."

Keep that thought in mind every day and you will get through

There's even money in it! WOO HOO!

You can reclaim your ashtray as your mobile bank today!

It happens every January. We see "the entertainers" with no length to their quits leave more often than stay.

Please, put your effort into your quit instead of trying to be entertaining. It will serve you better in the end.

so don't plant them

Smoking was our autopilot.

You must take yourself off autopilot to make the changes that enable you to get out of the smoking trap.

That means thinking differently when those smoking thoughts come. Don't let them start rolling around until they have taken control and you are overwhelmed.

Quitting smoking is change. You can't quit smoking if you can't change.

Wake Up!  Be Willing!  Welcome the changes!

If you want to be able to say that one day you must "Keep Them Away From Your Face"

My story

I smoked a minimum of a pack a day for over 40 years

A friend asked me if I would quit to be an example to his older brother.

I'd never really thought about quitting.

He pressed me for an answer. I was balking, not humorous at the time. LOL

He pressed again but this time, he only asked if I would consider it. I told him I would consider it.

During the next 4 weeks  when I wanted a smoke, I just said "wait a little longer" to myself.

In 4 weeks I was down to 5 a day.

I never really counted how many I was smoking a day until the 4th week. (But my wallet had money in it)

I never denied myself a smoke. When you deny yourself, the thoughts of quitting become a negative thing.

On the Friday before I quit, I went to buy cigarettes.

Right then at the counter, I knew it was my last pack. See, I had already proven I did not need to smoke every time I wanted to smoke so I had not built up any fear about quitting.

On that next Tuesday (the day after New Years) I smoked my last one at 7:15 am.

About 2 hours later, I went and bought a box of patches.

I played guitar 10 hours a day at a friends house the next two weeks.

The fourth day, I forgot to put on the patch. I didn't freak out because I knew I could go home and get one. The next morning, I felt shaky so I put one on. (I was listening to my body)

The end of the second week I forgot two days in a row.

That was it. I used 10 patches. I listened to my body not to the results from a study funded by the manufacturers to line their pockets.

I joined my first quit smoking site.

You do not have to want to quit BUT You do have to decide to quit and honor your decision.

Don't keep any around when you quit or you will probably fail. Keep Busy. Watch your blood sugar. Don't substitute food for cigarettes.

Life's ups and downs affect everybody but, smoking is not required.

Shock Treatments To Get Rid Of A Crave

1 Bite into a lemon skin and all

2 Stick your head in the freezer and breathe the cold air for 15-20 seconds.

3 Put 3 ice cubes in your mouth at the same time and see if you can focus on smoking. LOL. (worrying about brain freeze can be your friend)

4 Laugh out loud. (I discovered this my third day. I realized smoking was only a decision and I laughed) It releases dopamine. You can't help but be distracted when you hear yourself laugh out loud. Try it. It works

5 Exercise releases dopamine as does music, chocolate and sex.

Never say things like "I want a smoke" or you will turn it into reality.

Instead, say, "I don't do that anymore" and SAY IT OUT LOUD.

Much love to all you quitters.


it's because luck has nothing to do with it.

this is not vegas

it's a decision

if you've quit and you're keeping smokes aren't serious

if you've quit and you're still smoking?

you aren't doing it right.

all you have to do is keep them away from your face.

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