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They can detect even the tiniest of lung cancers which are then treatable.


It is suggested for anyone who currently smokes a pack a day for 15 years or those who smoked a pack a day for 30 years or more and quit, even 15 years ago.

There is damage people. Just because it hasn't shown itself or they haven't been able to find it yet doesn't mean years of smoking hasn't taken a toll and weakened or damaged the lungs.

Some will say, "well why quit then?"

Until you are free of smoking, you cannot know how wonderful it is to be out of slavery to it.

It controls your life and you don't even know it.

Think about the times you had to leave an event to smoke and missed something great.

Think about all the times you've avoided going places because they didn't allow smoking.

Think about the times you've had to hunt for a place to get your fix as the no smoking laws have taken over.

Then,  tell me you are not it's slave.

I've had a few panic attacks in my life. For those who don't know what they are , I'm going to describe them

They start when you feel something is unfixable/hopeless/Lost (you may start thinking about smoking and not being able to)

If you start focusing on that you multiply it and magnify it until you get an adrenalin release.

When that happens, you can't turn it off. you are now in fight or flight mode. you are hyperventilating and you can't sit still. You would do anything to make it stop but it won't stop until the adrenalin level goes back to normal. You have imagined a threat and you have made it real to the most extreme measure it could be taken.

Most people will give in and smoke before they ever get the uncontrolled adrenalin release but some will let it get that far.

this is why I'm always warning about not talking yourself into smoking. you will make yourself smoke and this is how it will happen.

so.......... these things we tell you to do to distract yourself? take them seriously and do them if you want to save yourself from starting over.

Happy New Year All You Ex-smokers.

Gotta have a plan for this

Gotta have the tools

you should really read Jim's expose of why.

please see the link in this blog above to the site he created on the subject.

pretty darn clear explanation

thanks Jim

1. Craves typically last a few minutes.

With that in mind, DO NOT TAKE THAT TIME TO GET A CIGARETTE READY TO SMOKE. Instead, say "I don't smoke anymore" out loud until they pass. Positive talk is one of the best ways to stay on track. You have to do it out loud because we tend to remember our thoughts when we hear them out loud

Make the cigarettes hard to get. Do not keep any around for an emergency. THERE IS NO EMERGENCY THAT REQUIRES SMOKING.

2. People quitting smoking tend to give up too early. They don't know what's coming so they build up negative emotions feeling there is no end in sight and then they talk themselves into smoking

Quitting isn't over in a week or a month. Please allow approximately 130 days from your last puff as a solid start. That will get you through no mans land and you will have enough unlearning of the hand to mouth and inhale motion you should not be thinking of smoking but rarely.

3. The first 2-3 weeks are the most difficult. Yes, you may be uncomfortable not smoking. That's all you knew to do but, it isn't painful. No one has ever died from quitting. In all honesty, it's no more miserable than having one of those three week colds we've all had. You can make it seem insurmountable with your thinking but that will lead you back to smoking.

4. If you are going to use an aid, do it with the idea that you don't want to be strapped to it for the rest of your life. When you get past a certain point the dependence becomes psychological as well as physical. You will fear getting off of it and you will drag it out at the expense of moving forward to real freedom.

Learn how to get past the urges and triggers while using it and then, when you feel comfortable, see how you do without it. Believe in yourself instead of the aid. That's why it's called an aid. It's not, a cure all.

5. Once you've quit, come here when you have questions or fear you are going to smoke.

Post the word HELP in the title of your blog BEFORE you go to buy cigarettes or smoke.It doesn't do much good after the horse is out of the barn.

6. There are many steps before you actually inhale that smoke. YOU CAN STOP AT ANY ONE OF THEM.

Smoking has become automatic. You must unlearn it  to successfully keep a quit. That is the purpose of the 130 days. you can't white knuckle a quit and expect to keep it.

Drinking alcohol is the number two quit breaker. We all have a tipping point beyond which all self control goes out the window. Don't go looking for it.

AND Number one quit breaker is saying stuff like, "I really want a smoke" If you say it enough times, you're going to smoke. Talk yourself out of smoking NOT into it.

Most of all, get and keep a positive attitude. We can help you with that if you come here and participate.

Jiggle 'em!

Will you drink yourself to oblivion and lose your quit?

Christmas can be a very negatively emotionally charged time.

Memories are dredged up and interaction can be uncomfortable as a result.

You may be tempted to drink too much.

If you drink too much you will most likely be tempted to smoke.

Where will your quit stand among all this?

You may as well decide right now if you're going to smoke or not.

Why wait until you are too drunk to care?

Don't Listen To YOURSELF when you want to smoke.

You are the one who talks yourself into it.

You are the one who ALLOWS it

Is this rocket science? NO

too drunk to smoke

too drunk to drive

probably flushed their lighter

barely alive




Because nicotine hardens your arteries even nicotine from an e-cigarette

for how long?

we get a glut of new years days quitters here every year.

most just dissappear.

new years day isn't a magical quit day that i can see.


Why would i put myself in second place to someone else's addiction?

Someone whose life is controlled by some tobacco wrapped in paper?

It always comes first.


If you're young (I'm not) and still looking for someone, there's many more people to choose from if you aren't a smoker.*

*much better for job, health and life insurance applications too!

Dashing through the poop…In the middle of the night
Kitty had an accident…something wasn’t right
Something squishy goes Right between my toes
Now I need to wash my feet and try to hold my nose. (OH!)

Gee that smells Gee that smells Get it off the floor!
If you have the energy, take it out the door (Hey!)
Litter box only rocks, when it being used
Man that was a crappy dream I was so confused

We used to have 120+ people over to our house or my aunts house every Christmas Eve. My mom had 9 brothers and sisters and my dad had 7 so with all us children, we had huge get togethers. Participants came from as far away as Canada. My brothers and I would get out our instruments and lead Christmas Carols and my dad would play his harmonica. We had about 50 Atlantic Richfield carol books. Everyone brought a dish to share, savory or sweet. We had a white elephant gift exchange. It was a wonderful family sharing time and everyone looked forward to it.

Well, my mom and most of my aunts and uncles are now gone. Their kids have kids. My dad and his wife are just too tired to host as is my aunt so I don't know if we will have much of a get together this year. My twin has 6 grandchildren so his core family alone is 12 people.

My daughter Jessie got to experience these wonderful get togethers but moved to Seattle a year ago Thanksgiving but, stays close with my cousin who is 10 years older. Eventually, I believe they will start the tradition up again. It will probably be when I'm dead and gone. Those 6 grandchildren of my twin will surely participate. Life goes on.

I accept there is no way to stop it. Change will happen.

Accept that you cannot help but change when you quit smoking.

(AUTHOR UNKNOWN For The following-References to nicotine added by myself)

That Empty Feeling


At the very core of life, emptiness is what IS.

Emptiness is at the center of all human experience.


We smoke and drink and spend money we don't have and pine for things and people and days gone by and worship our idols to escape from it, but it's always there.



Nothing left to do or say. "What now?" we ask. "How do I replace what's lost?" we wonder.


We quit smoking because it was killing us but we hate the empty feeling we have without it.


We leave abusive people and return to them, or someone just like them, for the same reason.


We don't like prisons such as depression, guilt, our addiction to nicotine, alcohol, sex or our low self esteem but it's the only reality we know.


To deal with emptiness is to confront our demons and see them for what they really are. Nothing at all!


Emptiness is just the flow of life and reality as it really is.


Times change. Relationships end. Jobs are lost. Loved ones die. Old lifestyles change. Our children grow up. Addictions are broken.


We move on. We have to.


To not accept the emptiness is to stagnate. To look back is to turn to salt like Lot's wife.


We cry for awhile and time passes and things improve. We look back after a few years at what's lost, and though we still feel a pang of grief, we see that we did manage to move on despite ourselves.


Life is dynamic! Like a river it constantly moves on. We can sit at the river's edge and watch it flow while we cry, or get a canoe and jump in it for the ride.


Imagine what all you'll see on the journey! "What's next?" we ask now with eager anticipation...

It's a pretty simple concept. You have to decide you won't smoke anymore.


You have to Keep Them Away From Your Face.

This isn't something you can do with a half assed committment.  This is all or nothing..

You are either smoking or you are not.

Don't put yourself in risky situations.

Come here and blog HELP! BEFORE you've got one in your hand.

after you have proven you don't have to smoke for a month or more, that smoking will never seem so "wonderful" again

a time when quitting will mean more than smoking to you

we know it's not easy and we care about each of your quits

even if you fall, you will still know that smoking is not what you want any longer

so don't give up.and don't leave. focus on your quit and get through the holidays as a non smoker and you will have accomplished a huge goal towards your final quit.


you can't get to the rainbow without a beginning and a middle as part of your journey

the only way out is through!

Did any of you East Coaster's watch it tonight?

It just started here

What did you think?

I just try to get through until he stops biting me and pulls in his claws.

I'll never figure it out



but I'm not smoking over it

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