Gonna Tell You A Coupla Stories About Two People I Love

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 7, 2013

I met both of them on another quit smoking site over 6 years ago, where We quit within a few months of each other.


One helped me through the darkest days of my quit and I fell in love with her from a distance of 2000 miles.


The other had the greatest sense of humor and lived about 30 miles away. We used to get together almost every weekend for 2-3 years


I'm here to tell you they are both back smoking.


You Know Why?


Because they foolishly threw away their quits and the irony is yet to come.


The one far away started dating a smoker about a year and a half after she quit and began smoking again shortly therafter. When that relationship didn't work out she quit again after smoking for six months.


She held her 2nd quit for 2-3 years and then began dating another smoker.  She started up again.

      That lasted a good part of a year and then they split up and she wants to quit again and wants me to help her, so, I tell her, "if you have anything to do with that guy you will be smoking again."

He came back into the picture a couple months ago and after quitting for almost 6 months, she is back smoking again.

Yep, I told her if she hung out with him she would be smoking again. How much clearer could I have been?

So at first he is going outside to smoke when he visits but not for long. What does this tell me? That he could care less about her. Anyone who knew she was quit would not have disrespected her in that way and got her smoking again. Of course, it's her fault. she made the choice to smoke but she also let the temptation of allowing them in close proximity be her downfall.

      The irony is, this guy has diabetes and smoking is horrible for diabetes progression.You start losing limbs! and obviously, he doesn't give a **** about himself or her so I'm waiting for him to lose a leg and realize smoking is serious. And then watch, he'll quit and she won't be able to. That's the f'ing irony!


       Now for my other "friend". She quit about 6 years ago also.

       About 2 years ago, her living conditions were changed abruptly and she had the opportunity to move in with a smoker for whom she had been caregiver for, for 15 years, 10 years prior. So I tell her, you better watch your quit. Rent is cheap but cigarettes aren't.

        The first night she is there, here friend offers her a glass of wine and lays a cigarette down beside it "just like old times" She smoked it, that was two years ago. She is still smoking.

         6 months after she moved in, her friend was taken in to have her leg removed because of the smoking ruining her circulation BUT came home a non smoker. My friend is still smoking 2 years later.


If you hang out with smokers your quit will likely be compromised sooner or later.


     To all you people who live with smokers, I feel sorry for the constant temptation lurking in the background.


All those who are looking for a future companion? DON'T CHOOSE A SMOKER!


SMARTEN UP! People who do the same drug hang out with people who do the same drug and perpetuate each others addiction! What a concept!!!