This Sucks

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 4, 2013

Neither Youngatheart nor myself can do anything but sleep on our backs.

man was not made to be unadjustable in sleep.

Can't sit up long since my surgery. She can't use her right arm.

i can't play a guitar because it would lay right against the incision.

we are both so tired of taking the pain pills.

i think i slept 30 minutes all night

im hoping i don't need to take anymore percocet. i felt out of body from it and it stops your digestive system.

and it hurts to laugh, big time, belly laughs no good.

and it seems like Saturday and it doesn't even matter.

what can i do today?  duh???  maybe i'll just lay on my back!

used to feel humor-ass now just  sadder-ass

nancy's black and blue