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The song is called "Hold Onto Your Quit" I'm wishing you all my best.

It's a new day

Never thought I’d be here saying this So hey there whatta bout you?

Hey you don’t need to be dying They’ll show you what to do.

It don’t happen overnight cause it’s a process not a flash

But its not as bad as you imagine and it doesn’t take no cash

It takes a commitment, and the decision, not to smoke

Can you hear me? I’m sayin that’s all it is, no joke

Start smoking less, think of what you’re gainin

You’ll have good or bad when its sunny or it’s rainin

We’ll teach you the facts and help you keep rolling along

And therein lies the message of this song

Oh, not smoking them cigarettes glad I got ridda that smell

Oh not smoking them ciggies  money in my pocket as well

Oh not smoking them cigarettes improving my future and health

Well hey, don’t know what ur waiting for You could be quitting as well


Don’t dwell on that smoke, just keep saying N.O.P.E

Don’t worry about it ……..Hold onto your quit

If I were just quitting that would be what I would want to know.

Is there anything in the site reads anywhere addressing this subject?

It's no different than a child wanting to know "when are we gonna get there"

I feel the site would be even more useful if any insight were given to this piece of the puzzle


and also, might we replace the "I've slipped up" button with an "I've smoked" button?

just below the live feed is an x to make it full screen if you dare.

too many clouds, not enough light.

two nights ago but not tonight

It said mix with water so I put it in the aquarium.

what do you mean we are going to have to reschedule?

Umless you're drinking too!

just sayin


ECig Users

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jul 18, 2013

Look in the mirror the next time you are getting your fix!


"empty eyes looking for the high"

I'm really sorry about everyone's problems.

I'm sure glad I don't have any.

Well, except for this failed surgery I had two weeks ago. And the other 20 that are too personal to list

I have good and bad news (Good news for those who have quit smoking, bad news for those who haven't)


the smoking cure does not work

yes, she did get home Sunday night. we did skype yesterday. it was conclusive that she was going to have two scars, not one. she looked good.

she's tired from the meds so we didn't converse for long.

it's difficult for her to type with one finger. (she's a really quick typist.)

please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and continue to send flan.

she loves that stuff!

you are going to need to use it to succeed.

you can have all the information in the world on quitting and it means nothing if you leave your brain in park.


So you went out drinking and made it once?

That's no guarantee you won't smoke the next time.

Two more drinks and a mood swing. That's probably all it would take to crumble your quit.

This type of foolishness amazes me

It only takes once.

What good is coming here after you've smoked? You've already let yourself down.

FYI You don't let us down when you smoke, you let yourself down-My quit is my quit- I'm not smoking because you did-You are the one who picked it up, put it in your mouth, lit it and inhaled it-I have no control over that after it's done)

But, if you come here BEFORE you smoke and we can nearly always talk you down.

Being accountable after the fact is important but NOT NEARLY AS IMPORTANT

As being accountable to your quit. YOUR QUIT BEFORE YOU'VE SMOKED

It IsYour promise. Your Decision. BEFORE YOU SMOKE!

ecigs cannot be a successful way to quit unless you have the committment to gradually lessen the nicotine and eventually stop and then, unlearn the hand to mouth to inhale process. most will just remain addicted to the whole smoking process and many will go back to smoking the real thing.

ecigs can't help you unlearn the habit or break the addiction, they actually reenforce it.

you are still pretending to smoke and you are still hooked on the drug.

there is of course an advantage to the manufacturer.

She sounded in real good spirits, very coherent and liked where she was except for the nurses waking her up every 15 minutes.


PS I asked her if anyone was flipping flan for her and she said she hadn't even seen a menu so that was a negatori.

You must decide to let it go!

they texted that she should be home Sunday.

i think someone found her pain meds? lolol

i'll let you know when she calls me


one thing about it, she knows what its like to be on pain meds and she's learned how to function without using that arm these past two weeks so i'm hopeful the learning curve of recovery is shrunkened.

i's not a word but Nancy would like it




But I guess they are slackers LOL. One is too busy smoking.

I know she gave them instructions to call me when she was out of surgery.

Im going out and have no way to post until I get back so I may call Cindy and have her post if I find out anything.


Keep those prayers and flan coming!

and over.

and sometimes, after a great number of attempts over many years, they still haven't quit for any length of time because they are still going in circles.

They haven't managed to learn that smoking does not reverse negative things.

Remember, only 6% manage to quit for a year.

Will you keep going in a circle or will you change your thinking and sucessfully quit?

I keep telling her a reverse shoulder replacement just means they do it upside down but she's nervous.

Propofol is what I suggest!

If it was good enough for MJ and me...well, anesthesia ain't like it used to be...

Everyone please lift your eyes to the shoulder goddess and keep good thoughts pouring out for our friend Nancy.

Prayers and flan appreciated.

There is no going back or waffleing if It's a "done deal".

Make your decision a "done deal" and stop playing games with yourself

ACCEPT that you decided to NOT smoke then it's not a fight.

Tarzan Didn't Waffle!!

Why do cats not come with both the tongue and brush attachments?

Hoggie only came with one!

It seems to me God could've included both the tongue and the brush attachments.without a lot of extra hassle.


You're going to realize how much smoking has held you back as your quit progresses and the repetetiveness of the smokers doldrums begins to fade.

The lack of smokescreen may most likely spark a whole new way of seeing things.

Some things may not be so rosy-put on the rose colored glasses and push on through it for now. Not every change happens instantly. Put your quit first and you can work on the other changes gradually.

Appreciate each day as you seek your new normal and find this new self esteem

Why are some people counting their quit from before they "slipped" while the rest of us count it from when we last had a cigarette in our mouth? Where is the justification? Why even keep track?

How else will you change those thinking patterns and kick yourself free?

Smoking or Not Smoking is ALWAYS a choice.

It's a choice every time it crosses your mind whether your first day quit, 6 months quit or 10 years quit

How can you forget you don't smoke?


watch these musicians just sit in the groove

they make it look easy

that's what you need to do is get in a groove with your quit, flow with it  and don't let anything undermine it.

If you do that, it will work itself out in due time.

anything less is pissing against the wind

I met both of them on another quit smoking site over 6 years ago, where We quit within a few months of each other.


One helped me through the darkest days of my quit and I fell in love with her from a distance of 2000 miles.


The other had the greatest sense of humor and lived about 30 miles away. We used to get together almost every weekend for 2-3 years


I'm here to tell you they are both back smoking.


You Know Why?


Because they foolishly threw away their quits and the irony is yet to come.


The one far away started dating a smoker about a year and a half after she quit and began smoking again shortly therafter. When that relationship didn't work out she quit again after smoking for six months.


She held her 2nd quit for 2-3 years and then began dating another smoker.  She started up again.

      That lasted a good part of a year and then they split up and she wants to quit again and wants me to help her, so, I tell her, "if you have anything to do with that guy you will be smoking again."

He came back into the picture a couple months ago and after quitting for almost 6 months, she is back smoking again.

Yep, I told her if she hung out with him she would be smoking again. How much clearer could I have been?

So at first he is going outside to smoke when he visits but not for long. What does this tell me? That he could care less about her. Anyone who knew she was quit would not have disrespected her in that way and got her smoking again. Of course, it's her fault. she made the choice to smoke but she also let the temptation of allowing them in close proximity be her downfall.

      The irony is, this guy has diabetes and smoking is horrible for diabetes progression.You start losing limbs! and obviously, he doesn't give a **** about himself or her so I'm waiting for him to lose a leg and realize smoking is serious. And then watch, he'll quit and she won't be able to. That's the f'ing irony!


       Now for my other "friend". She quit about 6 years ago also.

       About 2 years ago, her living conditions were changed abruptly and she had the opportunity to move in with a smoker for whom she had been caregiver for, for 15 years, 10 years prior. So I tell her, you better watch your quit. Rent is cheap but cigarettes aren't.

        The first night she is there, here friend offers her a glass of wine and lays a cigarette down beside it "just like old times" She smoked it, that was two years ago. She is still smoking.

         6 months after she moved in, her friend was taken in to have her leg removed because of the smoking ruining her circulation BUT came home a non smoker. My friend is still smoking 2 years later.


If you hang out with smokers your quit will likely be compromised sooner or later.


     To all you people who live with smokers, I feel sorry for the constant temptation lurking in the background.


All those who are looking for a future companion? DON'T CHOOSE A SMOKER!


SMARTEN UP! People who do the same drug hang out with people who do the same drug and perpetuate each others addiction! What a concept!!!

Some of you would have us believe that we you have absolutely no control over smoking or not smoking.

How do you think the people who have quit for a year or more got around this predicament?

We changed our thinking is how.

We realized that there is no third party that we can blame smoking on.

We took responsibility and realized there is no nicodemon. He/She is us!

So what's it going to be? Will you keep telling yourself lies to keep smoking or are you ready to take responsibility for your actions?

Digestive system is moving again.

Post op this morning at 10am 45 miles away.

Life is good as a non smoker!

put down that Fifth!!!

and I don't mean drink it down!

Neither Youngatheart nor myself can do anything but sleep on our backs.

man was not made to be unadjustable in sleep.

Can't sit up long since my surgery. She can't use her right arm.

i can't play a guitar because it would lay right against the incision.

we are both so tired of taking the pain pills.

i think i slept 30 minutes all night

im hoping i don't need to take anymore percocet. i felt out of body from it and it stops your digestive system.

and it hurts to laugh, big time, belly laughs no good.

and it seems like Saturday and it doesn't even matter.

what can i do today?  duh???  maybe i'll just lay on my back!

used to feel humor-ass now just  sadder-ass

nancy's black and blue

i went through them last night and condensed it to 6 lines.


don't get too bogged down in the amount of information.

you only need to know a few things to quit.

1. you have to decide you won't smoke.

2. you have to use common sense and NOT keep them around or get into situations

 (always be prepared to turn and walk away for a few minutes)

3. it's a process, not an event. (it generally takes about 4 1/2 months to not think about smoking but rarely.

    you have to unlearn those "smoke with everything" memories and make new ones without smoking

   you have unlearn the hand to mouth to inhale habit part.

4. craves only last a few minutes unless you start making them one big one in your mind

  if you feel one coming on just say out loud "i'm not going there" that will cut if off hearing yourself say it. be forceful. Say it until it goes away....and when the next one comes say "i'm not going there" that will cut that one off. your quit will build on itself if you do this whenever a crave comes. i laughed when i got a crave. you must break the crave thoughts and out loud works best.

5. if you can talk yourself into it, you can talk yourself out of it.

you don't even have to know the above if you KEEP THEM AWAY FROM YOUR FACE!

Great to wake up to your spam every day Jane. NOT!

I'd buy a can

She's probably going to need a shoulder replacement. She's still at the hospital.

I'm recommending a bionic arm!


I'm home from surgery. (umbilical hernia) I'll probably rest the remainder of the day.

Please, no navel destroyer jokes. LOLOL


There is no such thing as a slip. Nothing or no one can make you smoke except you.

Smoking is a choice. Get over the excuses.

Hopefully I'll be home in 6 hours or less.

I'm not smoking over it, or having anything to eat or drink after midnight

All you quitters have a great smoke-free day!

Not everyone is cut out to quit cold turkey.

Living without the nicotine and fighting the urges can be too much for many.

I honestly, don't feel I could've quit successfully the first time without using the patch.

You see, when you quit you are trying to unlearn reaching for that cigarette every 10 minutes and fight the lack of nicotine at the same time. And often you are reaching for it more often because now you aren't getting the nicotine when you reach for it.

If someone had tied me down for a week,  I might have been able to do it cold turkey but there was no one around to untie me and guard my quit when I was using the bathroom.

After over 6 1/2 years of being nicotine free and being on this board and another for the first year + of my quit I've seen alot of quits come and go and in doing so I would recommend using the patch if you are going to use an nrt.

First, you aren't controlling the dosage. Who in their right mind would give an addict the key to the dispensary?

2nd, Wearing the patch has absolutely no similarities to smoking and you don't pop some nicotine gum or a lozenge every time you get a crave and become dependent on that.

I forgot to put it on the 4th day but it was home about 10 minutes away and I knew I could make it home if I needed it. The end of my second week, I forgot to wear it two days in a row and I knew I didn't need it any more.

One more thing, I kept a patch in my wallet for my entire first year quit because if I wanted to smoke too badly, I had promised myself I would put on that patch and wait an hour rather than smoke a cigarette.

It was my security blanket. The knowledge that plan was in place kept me free from ever going back.

I'm sure many of you are expecting me to say something like

1. "Don't Smoke!"


2. "Don't Drink And Lose Your Quit!"

Butt, I really came to warn you about sitting on the fireworks!

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