It's how you approach it

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 11, 2013

If you approach it defeated, you will be defeated.

Hoggie needed a pill last night. The last time I gave him one, I cut a straw in half and was able to gently blow it into the back of his mouth.

I have been trying to pill him for the past two days without success.

So I tried again last night and he clawed the crap out of me.

I yelled at him and he went out to "his place" for a timeout.

He came in and came up to me wanting to make up. I said "I'm not talking to you. You clawed the crap out of me"

So he went back out to his place.

I went to my desk and he came in a few minutes later and got in my desk drawer (His place when I'm at the desk)

By now, the capsule was beginning to show signs of disintegration and becoming misshapen from about 6 prior attempts. (failed attempts) 

So, he had some wet food on a plate on the desk and I stood that pill up in plain view right in the top of his food, drew his attention to it and, explained to him that I couldn't help him with his misery if he didn't take the pill.

I went back to what I was doing. Five minutes later I looked over and it was gone.

All I needed to explain was that he was the one that would be helped by taking it.

Isn't that what we try to do here?

We are not here primarily for us. We are here for you.

We want you to have what we have. It is as attainable for you at it was for us.

So please listen.

It's nearly as frustrating for us to see you go in circles as it is for you.