The Realization

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 2, 2013

I didn't know there were quit smoking websites when i quit.

I bought the patch about 3 hours after my last cigarette. Yes i was getting physically antsy. lol

Here's the kicker

The third day of my quit, i realized smoking was only a decision and I didn't have to choose it.

It was such a simple realization, I laughed out loud.

when I laughed out loud, i felt better. From then on, when I got a craving, I laughed

I used the patch over the first two weeks of my quit and during that time I learned my triggers.

i forgot to wear a patch my 4th day. I knew I could go home and get one so i didn't panic.

the next day my body told me i needed wear one.

the last couple days of my first two weeks quit i forgot to wear the patch again and i had a little mind and body pow wow and knew i didn't need the patch anymore.

I found a quit smoking website at the end of my first rwo weeks and spent my first year there, learning everything I could from the elders.

listen to your mind and body when you quit, not the addict.

be determined.

it's only a decision to smoke.

unchoose it!

I'm wishing each of you success in your quit