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1. Taxes

I lost two hard drives in 2009 with all my business information. One in March and the second the end of October 2009. All my business information was in Quicken on those hard drives.

I've moved 4 times since the beginning in March 2009. Any physical records got moved to one of three places. I haven't had control of what was stored but one of these places since then and I don't even have all the physical information due to this

I got a demand from the state to file a return for 2009 a few months ago.

So, I've been going between the physical receipts and infoo that I do have and the downloaded bank statements over the past 4 weeks with a deadline of this next Monday to mail a return. Of course, the bank stopped sending out the physical checks with the statements years ago so even with the statements, I can see the checks written but there is no information as to who it was to or what it was for. I am reconstructing that year without all the information and it is very time consuming.

2. Every two years you have to get your vehicle smogged in California.

I have never had any trouble in the past so a week ago last tuesday I started having it checked out.

I have spent 4 days so far and over $600 trying to get it to pass.

It's due today.

3. I have a bad toothache

I'm not smoking over any of it!

try going to google and search images for the picture topic you're looking for. I chose "Giant Flower"


right click on the picture and choose either open in another window or tab. Go to that window or tab and double left click on it. Then look up in the address bar for the link.

then come here and either respond with a picture in someone elses blog or write your own.

see the little symbols above the box where you would type a response?

The one on the right is the one for pictures.

hold your left mouse button down and drag it over the link in the address bar of the page the picture is on.

it will turn blue. Right click on that and choose copy.

open  up the little symbol and paste it into the top space and click save.

FOR MESSAGE BOARDS YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN HTML CODE. IT HAS AN <A AT THE BEGINNING AND AND A> AT THE END OF THE CODE. this is where a photobucket account is advantageous. they provide an html code for all the pictures

Why even bother keeping track?



This goes hand in hand with erasing blogs or people's comments on your blog. Who do you think you're fooling, Judge Judy?

Not From What I've Seen Here In 6 1/2 Years.

Luck has nothing to do with quitting smoking.

I wish you "chickens crossing the road"

You are fighting yourself continually when you do that.

If you really want to quit why would you want to fight yourself the whole way?

It's unnecessary and counterproductive.

People who try to grit their teeth and bear it aren't going to be the ones who make it.

Quitting smoking doesn't take a week or a month. It takes at least 4 months and based upon recent studies, smokers who quit often have stronger craves in months 2, 3 and 4 than in the first month. Most people give up and smoke during this time period because they get tired of fighting themselves. So, do you think you can fight off smoking for over 4 months?

Yes, you will be uncomfortable the first 2-3 weeks. BUT, no worse than a bad head cold in misery level.

It's where you take it with your head during and after that time that counts.

Don't magnify urges or negative feelings. Think of that head cold misery level. it doesn't have to go beyond that unless you start building it up. Catch yourself before you build it up. Stop yourself. TAKE CONTROL!

If you really want to quit, learn what you need to know then, break it down and make a plan and practice doing things differently before your quit date.

There are timelines of what you can expect to experience during your quit. There is all the information in the world on this site.

It's going to be what you make it.

Learn to step around when you get a crave and you can rise out of the ashes forever!

California lawmakers are passing a bill that makes it illegal to use an E-CIG anywhere you can't smoke.

I'm not fond of e-cigs to help people quit smoking. I'm not fond of people remaining addicted to nicotine.

and I think it looks pathetic when people use them in public,



doesn't that start to get into personal rights?

This sphere is a solid piece of stone.

Think of it as your quit,

This particular sphere is about 3 feet in diameter and must weigh 1000 pounds.

Look at the little bit of water breaking the friction and bearing the sphere: spinning it to boot!

Your mindset can be the water people. If you get your head in the right place you can float your quit just like that 1000 pound sphere.


PS If anyone comes back and says they lost their quit because they were drinking this weekend?

I Keeeeel U! You've been warned.





Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 18, 2013

Stop fighting yourself when you want to smoke!

When you feel like you want to smoke,  say "I dont smoke" out loud

If you still feel like you want to smoke?

say "I don't smoke" LOUDER!

Eventually you'll get the message.

I grew up close to the avocado capital of the world (well, it used to be anyway),_California

We used to get them right by the road 20/$1. This was one of my favorite things to make with them.

1/2 Large Ripe Haas Avocado (gives slightly to the touch like a ripe peach)

1/8 Lemon

Two Pieces Of Your Favorite Toasting Bread (this was 12 grain)

Melted Butter  For Toast (you can skip this if you are watching fat and calories)

Salt and Pepper

Halve The Avocado Lengthwise. Hit the seed with the edge of your knife and twist it out and discard. Toast Your Bread.

Ladle On The Melted Butter, (you can skip this step if you are watching calorie and fat intake)

Scoop one half of an avocado half out of the shell with a spoon and lay it on the toast.

Spread with knife, or slice as necessary right on the toast and then spread.

Sprinkle with lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste.

Eat It!

This is for two pieces. If you want more, MAKE MORE! LOL

As a smoker, we did whatever was necessary to have that smoke. That meant missing many important moments we can never get back

This is your time to rediscover  the "times of your life moments" that tobacco steals from you.

It takes around 130 days from your last puff and learning to live without smoking to understand you didn't give up something good.

Actually, in quitting smoking, you've gained a life of freedom that isn't going drag you to a parking lot to smoke while your daughter is winning her swimming race or your son is hitting a home run, or you are too antsy to sit through church, OR OR OR...

Stick with your quit and you will find this freedom to live life to the fullest!


The ship is made to transport hovercraft. The hovercraft in the video below is transporting a 68 ton tank.

these hovercraft can carry 75 tons


....and he thought he was so cool!



happy mothers day

not much bigger than a nickel my laptop and a buttload of dopamine.

i certainly won't be smoking over it!

130 days is the time period within which most new quitters give in and smoke.

They forget that they have had the power to say no after fighting quitting for a month or so and they give in.

If you are serious about quitting, set this as the next goal for yourself after that first month free.

You smoked a long time. It isn't over in a week or a month.

There are studies that back up the fact that people have harder craves in the 3 months after the first month quit than in the first month. Personally, I don't believe they're harder just totally unexpected.We are not talking 130 difficult days here. We are talking  2-3 days here and there during those three months after the first.

Promise yourself 130 days from your last puff and honor that promise.

Use the tools we teach you to distract your mind and you can get through


go to a place that sells many flavors of salt water taffy and have them make you up a pound with all the flavors.

put them in a bowl or bag and if you get a crave reach in and grab one without looking at what you are choosing. put it in your mouth and try to figure out what flavor it is and write down what it tastes like to you.

these aren't labeled so it will keep you guessing and definitely break your crave before it dissolves in your mouth.

do they make sugar free you are asking?  yes they do.

have i tried the sugar free?


1. you "try" and fail and keep smoking for who knows how long?

2. you plan and "try" again and you smoke but you figure out what happened and try again.

3. you trade smoking for a different kind of nicotine addiction and never get off the nrt's.

4. you plan, you get your head in a "believing you can do it" place where there is no choice to smoke and you quit.

which one will it be?

You can go from number two to number 4 or YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO NUMBER 4

think about the times you've quit and then broken down and gone back to smoking.

didn't you talk yourself into smoking?

didn't you have a dialog that you got going with yourself? you know, to the point where your thinking overwhelmed your quit.

compare it to a panic attack. if you keep going in the negative direction there is no turning back. you can build up some discomfort to the point of total fear and fall into what feels like an emotional abyss.

it happened to me after my surgery not long ago.  I was in a bed in pain, afraid to move after surgery. i got claustrophobic because i had not moved for 12 hours. I had IV's, monitoring equipment and a foley catheter tying me to that hospital bed so i could not get up and move.

It took a real turning of my thoughts to not totally freak out but i turned my thoughts real fast and didn't go over the edge.

If you start thinking and talking to yourself about how you want to smoke you will take yourself to the point of smoking. Stop the dialong before it gets started!

Don't Go There When You Get A Craving! You honestly can control it and keep your quit.

Believe in yourself not the old lies that held you all these years.

it can help if it's used right but you can't pump it in your system every time you get a crave and ever break free.

Nicotine binds us to smoking. Without nicotine we would probably not have remained smokers. That feeling it gives us is what keeps us coming back.

there is a physical bond to nicotine but there is a psychogical bond that grows stronger the longer we build up fear of letting it go.

If you turn to nicotine everytime you hit a rough patch in your quit after that first month you may be doing harm to your quit. I'm speaking more to the use of the self controlled dosing types of NRT.

It wasn't meant to be used willy nilly as in 3 days one week and one day the next then not use it for three weeks and then start back using it again.

When you use it incorrectly you are reenforcing your body's need for it. Use it to unlearn the physical act of smoking and then have some faith in yourself and get off of it.  If you find you got off of it too soon, go back but DON'T BE A YO-YO with it. Those cravings will keep coming as long as you are addicted to it.

Do you think the addict part of you that "needs" the drug will ever let it go If you never plant the seed in your mind that you want to be free of it?

Use it to soften the physical cravings while you unlearn your triggers just don't let it use you. Freedom from smoking means being free of the physical addiction too.


I saw a drummer use one of these yesterday.

They start at around $125 and go up to around $250 or whatever you want to spend but what fun!!!

the one pictured is purchased through national geographic bypassing 3 distribution points and the lions share supposedly goes to the actual maker of the instrument.


if you're handy, you can probably make one yourself (with 1/2" plywood) for under $50

what will you be spending the money on that you're saving by not smoking?

You unlearn being a smoker by finding other things to do when you get a craving.

There are lists of things on Aztec's and Youngatheart's pages..

Get a hobby you can turn to that involves both your hands and your brain when you get a crave.


Bite into a lemon
stick your head in a freezer and breathe the cold air
Run in place,
Splash water on your face
Put a rubber band on your wrist and snap it as a reminder. (not too hard, it's just to sting a little)

Let an ice cube melt in your mouth
Laugh out loud


Go outside, day or night and close your eyes. Feel the sun on your face. Feel the breeze on your face.

Cravings come but they typically last no more than 3 minutes.

Keep Your Quit! You Deserve Your Freedom!

butterflies were not originally beautiful and able to fly. how could we ever guess something so beautiful could come from a caterpillar metamorphosing in a mysteriously misshapen shell?

we can't expect the memories of something we did so many times a day and depended on for years to not surface. giving up smoking is like losing your best friend, a family member or a pet.

it's all we knew and time is the only healer. time and the realization of how smoking dictated our life by controlling our time and emotions. the fact is, we simply can't see it while we are smokers. Call it "unrealized denial."


time and the understanding that the dopamine was what was relaxing, not the physical act of smoking. yes we had to stop what we were doing to "relax" and smoke so maybe that is why we were fooled. perhaps the simple act of stopping what we were doing to smoke may have made it feel like we were relaxing but in fact, we did it for the dopamine release the nicotine triggered in our brain.

quitting is a process not an event.

"you've got to do some cocooning to be a butterfly"

we are here as proof it can be done

smoking causes a dopamine release in your brain.

eating causes a dopamine release in your brain.

if you substitute eating something each time you would have smoked, you are going to gain weight.

Some Solutions:

if you want to maintain your weight you must either eat 200 less calories per day than normal or do the appropriate / equivalent amount of exercise.

there are other ways to release dopamine than eating.






keep the quit!

First colonoscopy, EVER!

Did you know smokers have a higher rate of colon cancer?



Not smoking over it!

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