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1. You're addicted to nicotine

2. Smoking has been your response to everything in life. It's all you've known for years.


You need to free yourself from nicotine. BUT

If you do use a patch or other nicotine aid, do not think of it as some kind of magic.

Unlearn the mental cues to smoke while you are using it.

I found it much easier to get to the point of not needing the NRT (I used the patch) by using it while unlearning the habit part.  (The memories and emotions connected to the physical act of smoking.)

I didn't try the patch. Trying it would have indicated if it didn't work I would try something else. So, if I tried everything else and none of them worked either, where would that leave me?

Your brain is where you unlearn smoking.

When you want to smoke, you need to catch yourself and say, I don't need to smoke instead of I  need to smoke.

Once you start building your new non smoking habits it becomes easier and easier because it's now become automatic to catch yourself before smoking instead of automatically smoking.

You are going to learn alot about yourself.

You may begin at anytime once you've decided you don't want to be a smoker anymore.

Only you can make that decision.



6.33 years from my last cig

And a little Sunday Humor!

NRT's should have been created to help you make it through until you've learned your tricks for coping with craves and distracting your mind from the thought of smoking when you get a crave to smoke.

Once you've learned that what other reason could there be for using them months longer?

Perhaps the creators of these programs and the drugs that go along with them have found out that people get cravings in months 2-3-4 and structured their programs to last that long?

Have they considered if you already knew how to beat the cravings when they came  the drug is no longer necessary EXCEPT FOR THE FACT they've kept you physically addicted with their program?

just something to ponder


The best thing you're gonna find out about quitting smoking is the freedom from the slavery to nicotine.

Or will you?

Perhaps not if you've chosen to use the ecig.

Have you ever looked in the mirror while you're sucking on that ecig? Do you like what you see?
What message are you putting out there? Will you continue to show everyone around you you're an addict?
Are you inadvertently teaching your grandchildren they need to have nicotine to get by in life?
E-Cigs are going to cost about the same as smoking did, so, you're still going to be throwing your finances away.

It’s a win-lose situation. You stop putting cigarette smoke in your lungs but absolutely nothing else has changed. You still NEED to have your drug every time you would have smoked. You're still throwing your money away. You’ve never unlearned the motions of smoking. (putting it in your mouth and inhaling) so what’s going to keep you from going back to smoking when you realize you got a better feeling (and FASTER) from a real cigarette than you can from the e-cig?

The E-Cig………..What kind of freedom is it?

There is no magic, no luck.

Start changing it up. Start thinking when you want a smoke what exactly is driving that urge.

Start telling yourself to wait before you light up. Never to the point of torture.

You do not want to think of quitting as a negative experience because you will make it a negative experience if you do. We were all brainwashed to think it was impossible to quit. PURE BS!

6 years 4 months since my last cig

UCSD enacts the same ban in Sept.

guess they figured out that nicotine begets nicotine

I was singing on a bluff above the ocean in Carlsbad a couple weeks ago and a pastor came over and introduced himself to Steve and i and invited us to church so we went yesterday.

.....these pictures were taken on the way home

Enjoy Your Sunday!


Smoking leads to more smoking

~~~~1947 Chrysler Town And Country Convertible 10,980 Miles~~~~

These Are The Lyrics To A Song I Wrote In The Late 70's About Finding Yourself

If you are trying to cut down a certain amount per day before you quit, all you are going to be focused on all day is how many you have left.


It's much less stressful to learn to delay than deny, that way, the cutting down can happen naturally.

Here's how you do it:

When you want to smoke you just say to yourself, "I'm going to wait a little longer."

Once you start realizing you don't have to smoke every time you want to smoke it becomes empowering, even exciting. You begin to understand you really can take control. It get's your mind in a much better place to begin. After a few weeks you can be down to 25% of what you started without stressing at all.

When you get down to around 5, you need to start your quit. Otherwise you will be in continual withdrawal.  You want to avoid doing that.

i cut down from a pack a day to 5 a day over a four week period and the only reason i knew was smoking less was because i wasn't buying cigarettes as often.  I went into my quit with no built up stress about quitting. You can too!

The third day I quit, a crave came along and it dawned on me that smoking was only a choice. It was a revelation to me and I laughed out loud. Laughing out loud made the crave go away. From then on when I got a crave I laughed. You cannot stay down when you laugh, even if you don't feel it. Your brain chemistry changes and hearing yourself laugh triggers it.

i was reading the following article "7 good reasons to smile" a few minutes ago which reenforces this concept.

Smiling happens without much thought. When you watch a friend do something silly or embarrassing, you smirk. When a police officer lets you off without a ticket, you grin. And when you are recognized for your top performance in academics or at work, you beam. Smiling is a very natural response that shares our happiness with others.

But did you know that smiling also triggers activity in your brain? Yep, there's a serious mind-body connection there, in your left frontal cortex to be exact, which is—not surprisingly—the area of your brain that registers happiness.

1. Smiling can make you happy (even when you're not).
Remember that mind-body connection we were just talking about? Well, it turns out that the simple act of smiling sends a message to your brain that you're happy. And when you're happy, your body pumps out all kinds of feel-good endorphins. This reaction has been studied since the 1980s and has been proven a number of times. In 1984, an article in the journal Science showed that when people mimic different emotional expressions, their bodies produce physiological changes that reflect the emotion, too, such as changes in heart and breathing rate. Another German study found that people felt happy just by holding a small pen clenched in their teeth, imitating a smile.

Just remember that the research goes both ways. When the people in the first study frowned, they felt less happy, and in the German study, people who held a pen in their protruding lips, imitating a pout, felt unhappy. So the next time you feel sad or upset, try smiling. It just might make your body—and therefore you—feel better.


7 good reasons to smile

I only have a few from my 40 years smoking but of those, here's my favorite.

(LeRoy Is On The Left, Me On The Right-We Were In Frankenmuth, MI)

This shot was not a publicity shot but we were on a publicity shoot

Most criminals careers start young. they want something they can't have so they take it. they didn't earn it but hey, they didn't get caught and it didn't cost them anything so they do it again and again.  reality sets in when they're caught.

this is the problem with slipping. if you just ignore it and don't reset your clock, you may be more tempted in the future to do it again. after all, there was no punishment, it's just you you are answering to, right?

when you come here, the major reason is support but part of support has to be accountability to others rather than just yourself. believe me, this accountability is one of the most important functions of this site when it comes to breaking the "addict" thinking.

so if you slip, adjust your quit date from when you last smoked. it's what we do to be accountable. it's the payment that makes you remember to not do it again simply because you don't want to start over again.

it isn't fair to everyone else here who never slipped or those who slipped but were accountable and payed the price and learned a lesson by paying the price that you count the days quit from before you slipped as part of your total days quit.

once again, admitting you slipped is simply not as powerful as admitting you slipped and paying a penalty so you aren't tempted to do it again.

just my thoughts on honesty in quitting


Your blog was an excuse for those who want to quit smoking not to. Shame on you.

We aren't here to give up!

You took the easy way out!  You never quit.

You're still going through the motions of smoking and using nicotine

I doubt if you've ever sincerely tried to quit. You certainly didn't do it here. You've posted 3 times here since October including today. Never spent time or been involved here that I can see. Just gave up and decided to remain an addict who has to have their fix.

We teach people to quit smoking and break free of nicotine. You've done neither.

For all those who "can't" or won't quit and who don't mind looking like an addict everytime they need their fix and also don't mind spending/wasting  the same amount of money they wasted on cigarettes forever?,  just follow Barbara's example

(BTW, using an ecig looks pathetic Barbara, go look in the mirror the next time you need your fix and tell me it doesn't. You're teachin your grandkids to be addicts, or will they find it in your purse and try it themselves?)


ps you can keep deleting the comments off your page from people who disagree but, you will never be right.

and like everyone's telling you, i don't care if YOU use the ecig. BUT don't come here telling everyone it's a great alternative. It's smoking with a battery.

There are alot of steps involved in smoking that have become automatic. Or so we thought.

Break it down and beat your cravings!

Here are some ways to slow you down and help you regain your quitting senses.

First: Don't keep cigarettes around if you don't live with smokers.


1. Put your shoes in one place (tuck them behind the toilet)

2. Put your keys in another place (highest shelf in the kitchen cabinet)

3. Put your money in another place (under your computer so you come here before you leave)

Doing this gives you ways to slow the urge and make it dissipate.

The "automatic" steps it takes to smoke. See? It's really not so automatic.  Again, break it down. You can stop the process at any time except the last step.

1 Locating the pack and the lighter

2. Picking out a cig.

3. putting it in your mouth.

4. ~DANGER WILL ROBINSON~ lighting up and inhaling.

ONCE AGAIN>>>You can stop the process at any but the last step.

Smarten UP!

Use some common sense!

Don't make it easy to smoke!

(I never went to the store i bought my smokes ever again. Had i walked through the door, I know the owner would have slapped two packs on the counter. Why tempt fate people??)

If you are just toughing it out on willpower and thinking that it will all just go away,

well it might but, probably not.

chances are that as long as your focus is on not smoking instead of learning living without smoking the chances of your success decrease dramatically.

In other words, turn it around. stop thinking you are missing out on something by not smoking.

By quitting you are lessening your chances of future smoking related illness, pulmonary failure and all the trappings that go with not being able to breathe on your own.

Smarten Up!

the "real secret to my quit" has been these  "Carp Crystals"

(not to be confused with "missmonalove@yahoo.dom")

PEOPLE these are the real thing. (shuddup coca cola)

You will be salivating when you see these and

I'll be witholding the link until I see how much interest there is but

take a gander at these beauties's!


these crystals truly are absolutely! positively! the beginning of the end when it comes to quitting smoking.

Do you notice how they look like little sails. You know what that's for don't you?

Smooth sailing during your quit of course!

and...they melt in your mouth, don't stain your hands.   it's a win win sitchiation!!

"Carps Crystals"

This Is It!    Keep The Quit!

i never went back to the store where i bought cigarettes after i bought my last pack.

it was the closest store to my home but i chose to go to another store after i quit so i didn't find myself in the place of confusion.

what will you do to break your patterns and reminders?

that's what you gotta do to win ya know?

Smoking cigarettes when we knew it was bad for us. know how kids don't like their your vegetables?

i figures a way to get my 3 year old  daughter to eat the brussel sprouts by calling them baby "cabbage"

(sounds like nicki minaj)

she loves them to this day!!!

turn your thinking around with little twists when you get a crave....

stare at your feet.....look through a peephole.. eat baby cabbage, and just watch that crave leave you

suck on an ice cube....      bite into a lemon ....go outside at night and stare at the heavens

and if someone offered me a cigarette i would say, "no thanks, i did that for 40 years."

then, they would be asking me how i quit.

honestly, if i thought i had to worry about smoking again, i would feel like it still had some power over me.

I wouldn't even consider it, so, there is no fear, no contemplation. it hasn't had any place in my thought life since i decided to quit. and yes, i went through everything you all are.

if you honor the decision you made and not harbor the possibility of smoking you refused when you made it, once you've got a couple years quit, this becomes about living life not about constantly looking over your shoulder.

be hopeful be free

Not an ad...

just saw they were offering rides at 150per this weekend

you are limited to flying 33 feet of hose from the ski that powers the water thrusters

Start thinking of it as a positive thing.

Get excited!

Put a lilt in your never thought you could do this

but you CAN


this is the beginning!

I can tell you what a great feeling it is to see the changes in people after they quit.

It may begin as the fear of bad health but it can become the joy of doing something good for yourself.

It starts a chain reaction. The things you couldn't do? now you can do them, You've taken a mental weight off of your shoulders and you've removed a major limiter of your action. (your old inaction)

this is what can fuel a good quit. so you gotta keep the joy.

How do you do that?

well, we tend to replace one thing with another but  the "another" doesn't have to be a negative thing.

choose good things to replace the time you spent smoking. make them things you enjoy.

you want a feeling of satisfaction and you can get it from a lot of things other than smoking.


invest yourself in something. art, music, running, walking, sewing, needlepoint, kayaking, skydiving, helping people...this whole feeling of loss will go away in time.

Hey! you may as well enjoy it!

if you respond to this user you are probably brain dead



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everyone's got a baseball bat right?

buy one of those 3-5 pound bags of inexpensive apples.

when you feel crave coming on find the bad apple in that bag,

then, smash the poop out of it with the baseball bat.

don't worry there will be more bad apples appearing in the bag if you leave it in a warm place.

One Hour Photo has decided they are tired of making your prints quickly so as of today, they will be changing their name to Eight Hour Photo and raising their prices accordingly.

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