Are You Bound Up In The Process Of Quitting But Finding It Difficult To Quit?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 18, 2013

Don't let your mind get bogged down in fear and thinking the worst.

The worst rarely happens.

You are choosing to quit smoking not building a stairway to the moon.

There is a process. It's really quite simple.

There is also general timeline for what you will be going through that all the rest of us have been through or are going through or will be going through.

Learn about these things so you are not caught off guard.

Learn what will distract YOU.

Ask questions.

We can actually give you "gut" answers that are not from some "program" created by people who have never smoked.

We've been there.

We've got every T-shirt for every milestone we've passed


We are here to help you. We will take you right where you are at and give you what to need to succeed.