When you speak it out loud...You give it power

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 9, 2013

you will have negative thoughts, we all do whether we are smokers or non smokers, but,  you don't have to make them stronger by speaking them, let them pass right by.

learn the process of quitting, the ways to break free. use some common sense. there is no need to be fearful

start changing things up. we are such creatures of habit. drink your coffee with the opposite hand. sing on the toilet instead of in the shower. wear the red shirt when it's an obvious blue shirt day. the simplest term to describe this would be behavior modification

you can't change anything until you change your mind. make that your mantra

focus on the goal, not the process.

you will have good and bad days, more good days than bad after the first three weeks

focus on the good days when you have the bad days. this will carry you through those bad days.

we  can help you through. we can tell you pretty much exactly how you are going to feel and when.

we can pull you out of your funks but, your attitude has to be positive and your outlook bright.

don't let negative thinking foil your quit.

let's get you where you need to be to succeed.