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(you are the bunny, remember?)

and stay away from them deviled-egg li-kours!

and when you do that, you can take it in stride.

success won't evade like it has in the past

and if you stay true you won't feel like an ~~~


add a stanza if you feel the urge

with the money you're saving you can treat yourself, splurge

but keep that in check, don't trade one for another

addiction is fine choose a good one my brother


If you eat like you smoked 20 times in a day

just what in the world do you think you might weigh?

find that something that gives you your dopamine rush

and keep life in check so your quit won't get flushed.

I'm so glad I don't smoke!


How about you?


Why not just stand back and look at it before building it up to where it becomes unmanageable?

Most cravings only last a few minutes tops.

a crave won't kill you.



Laugh Out Loud!

It doesn't cost a cent, It will break a quit instantly, and it causes a dopamine release.

But You Got To Keep On Workin' That Quit!

Only You Can Do It!

*no monkeys were harmed in the making of this video

It was easy to cut down from 20 to 5 a day because I wasn't focusing on missing anything. I was just telling myself to wait a little longer. Not keeping time. Not counting cigarettes.

then when I was at the store on that 4th Friday, I knew I was buying my last pack.

If you can stop focusing on what you think is bad about quitting and turn it into a plus on the ledger,  it can be your last pack!

do not forgit!

I took a trip to the bathroom WOWGOLD. the sun was out over the mustard out was beautiful WOWGOLD


then I played my guitar ...WOWGOLD


In reference to the conundrum regarding the insidiousness of bananas in the bathroom and the sciences that pertain to cleavages of wombats...WOWGOLD

cold on the feet but neat neat neat

this is how you can tell it's winter in so cal...the lofeguard towers huddle together to keep warm

......and some mermaid left her hair on the cliff to dry!

The Pelicans Fly Into The Sun

19.1 miles from Oceanside To Cardiff



doesn't happen often but i live close to Camp Pendleton which i believe is the biggest amphibious assault craft base in the world.

we grow Marines here. they practice here

sometimes in tanks, sometimes in helicopters, sometimes in huge hovercraft out over the ocean.

what i've noticed

when i used to go downtown as a kid, i vaguely remember nearly every marine as a smoker.

i hardly see anyone smoking in the downtown area anymore.

BOOM!       BOOM!!     BOOM!


Smarten Up!

Drinking Lowers Your Inhibitions And Your Common Sense!

Drinking Alcohol = #1 Quit Killer

you can skip the commercials after 5 seconds

Excessive Cleaning does not guarantee a quit! plus every time you take a break, what are you thinking of?

Many of you would scrub the porcelain off the fixtures to stay busy.

There are things alot more fun than cleaning to stay busy yet feel rewarded..

I was just skyping a friend who quit years ago and started up again but quit 70 days ago.

She turned to painting and is learning all the techniques and making great strides in dimensions and depth and now into water colors and is so content as a quitter because she took up this hobby.

I played guitar at a friends 10 hours a day my first two weeks I quit.


Don't let your mind get bogged down in fear and thinking the worst.

The worst rarely happens.

You are choosing to quit smoking not building a stairway to the moon.

There is a process. It's really quite simple.

There is also general timeline for what you will be going through that all the rest of us have been through or are going through or will be going through.

Learn about these things so you are not caught off guard.

Learn what will distract YOU.

Ask questions.

We can actually give you "gut" answers that are not from some "program" created by people who have never smoked.

We've been there.

We've got every T-shirt for every milestone we've passed


We are here to help you. We will take you right where you are at and give you what to need to succeed.

you are going to find out alot about what is good and what is not so good in your life.

perhaps you are carrying 80 percent in your relationships. perhaps you just didn't want to face unhappiness or discomfort. it was just easier to light up and hide those feelings away. to keep the status quo at any cost.

be prepared for some big surprises.

finding the truth instead of smoking your life away is life changing and goes beyond your smoking or not smoking.

it's gonna take some time to make some changes for the better and those around you may not  understand where this is coming from.

be gentle on them. be gentle on yourself. every change takes some time but it's worth it.

when you figure that out...You're on your way!

Please share what's making your quit easier for you and also how we might help you?


The Qwave

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 17, 2013

The Qrave ride the ends....there is no place for it to just peters out and ends!

Qraves Don't Have Any Power If You Don't Give Them A Place To Grow

Step Back..... Watch Them..... Learn This To Be True

Well, eat something salty and make it an "Ocean Spray"....

I'm real tired of it taking over the page where you have to literally close out the entire page to get rid of it.

Ocean Spray


If you can't drink it off your shirt.....

don't drink it!!!

"alcohol = biggest quit killer of all"

         ~~~Happy St. Patricks Day!~~~

eyes forward

don't look back





you will have negative thoughts, we all do whether we are smokers or non smokers, but,  you don't have to make them stronger by speaking them, let them pass right by.

learn the process of quitting, the ways to break free. use some common sense. there is no need to be fearful

start changing things up. we are such creatures of habit. drink your coffee with the opposite hand. sing on the toilet instead of in the shower. wear the red shirt when it's an obvious blue shirt day. the simplest term to describe this would be behavior modification

you can't change anything until you change your mind. make that your mantra

focus on the goal, not the process.

you will have good and bad days, more good days than bad after the first three weeks

focus on the good days when you have the bad days. this will carry you through those bad days.

we  can help you through. we can tell you pretty much exactly how you are going to feel and when.

we can pull you out of your funks but, your attitude has to be positive and your outlook bright.

don't let negative thinking foil your quit.

let's get you where you need to be to succeed.


just below the right bottom corner of the picture you can make the picture full screen.

wouldn't it be nice to have a goal to shoot for? something that is realistic, not impossible?

wouldn't it take the weight of quitting off your shoulders if you knew this hard work ends?

wouldn't you feel like you could enjoy life while you quit if you knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel?  an end to the worst?

there is.

promise yourself you will learn to relive life without smoking 130 days from your last puff and you can be over the hump.

you can break free

this will get that dopamine flowing

for a full crave, use the other half. (you did save the other half, didn't you?)

I had surgery yesterday morning and was put in a bed in pain, unable to move. I lay in one position for 13 hours tied to the leg compression device, IV's and, a catheter.


The 14th hour I woke up and felt trapped. My back was sweating and itching from a lack of blood from being so long in the same position.


I wanted out of that bed. I wanted to find a stairwell where I could get some real air. (think of this as the crave...the desire to smoke at any cost)


I knew if I called the nurses, they would not be able to react in time to help me. Could i even explain  the level of panic I had reached?


That scared me even more. I was trapped. Nothing could get me out of the mind funk I was in.


Liken this as the worst crave you could ever experience people. FULL BLOWN PANIC.


I tried to think of something to break the focus on the negative and you know what I came up with?


I put on my glasses...

I had not had them on all day and everything had been out of focus. Putting them on cleared my mind and calmed me down. I was then able to call the nurses to explain that I had not moved for 14 hours and I was itching to the point of going crazy. One nurse got me on my side but the itching persisted. Another nurse came in, saw my back and asked me if i had been scratching? My back was bloody from my fingernails. She washed my back and put on some powder. In 20 minutes the itching had subsided. when I got home today, I felt the scratches burning on my back and buttocks and those reminded me of the bad place I had been and prompted this comparison to a crave.


So....all this talk of distracting your focus....


Biting into a lemon, letting an ice cube melt in your mouth, laughing out loud, sticking your head in the freezer for 20 seconds and breathing the cold air ands, couting backwards from 20, etc... this is how you do it,


Changing your perspective for just that moment is all it takes...then, you are still going forward instead of backwards.


ps I never once thought of a cigarette!

chocolate, music, exercise, tension release, food, laughing


this is why we smoked.

your brain is going to be craving it when you quit.


Smoking will kill you. these things in moderation will not.

Use these tools

the simplest things can throw off the thoughts of smoking.

make a point of doing things differently.

drink water or whatever with the opposite hand from what you would normally use.

all you have to do is show your mind things are different for a few moments to get through


laugh out loud when you crave

put vicks under your nose when you have to be around smokers

bite into a lemon skin and all

let an ice cube melt in your mouth

stick your head in the freezer door for 15 seconds and breathe deeply

go outside and close your eyes and feel nature on your face

breathe deeply

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