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keep a lightness in the steps your mind takes

If i had been here 2 days and there were 5 people reading who were hanging on by their fingernails looking for any excuse to smoke, any excuse at all....and say all five of them went out and bought an ecig...and 4 of them to go back to smoking within a week because they had stopped unlearning smoking and gone back to what was familiar....and the other person managed to hang on with the ecig but couldn't put it down....

does my right as an individual to say what i want supercede the good of everyone else?

there's such a thing as gullibility people.

think about the whole.

all this name calling did not prove this persons intention either way. the guy and his coworker did not prove they were not here to push the ecig. all they did was f this place up and perhaps ruin a number of quits.

and i'm not saying he was an ecig salesperson, i am not accusing him.  there have been plenty here who have tried however so, how do we know who is who? isn't the damage already done by the time many of you figure it out?

i never attacked this guy. go look at his message board. go look at my message board.

and you and you and you let it happen.

you and you and you and you. think about the whole.


won't I?

your decision has to hold water, be final

your not gonna flake when the corn starts poppin

there is no emergency pack stashed for the great flood

there are no ashtray altars.

clear your heads because quitting is initially like a bad 3 week head cold.

you need to get all that "can i do it? crap thinking out of there

you're gonna be foggy, cry at the drop of a hat. maybe even want to hurt somebody. things will suck, smoking won't make them better

its three weeks people. jump in. get it over with.

three weeks and a few months in no mans land.

we will help you through

the dog ate the cat and got way too fat?


what's your excuse?

Use it on chicken...use it in stuffing

But, don't take it off to see how long you can go without it.

This is timed release.

Don't Smoke For 130 Days!!


It will improve....if you quit

Who wants to smell

Like a butt from hell?

just don't get overwhelmed. only you can let you get overwhelmed.

when you feel the urge coming on, step back, take a look. there's no one standing over you with an axe.

most of us make it much worse than it needs to be by building it up in our heads and not letting go.

you aren't fighting anyone. it's a drug.

you are giving up dependence on a drug and learning that you don't need it.

we've covered up for so long with smoking, we don't know ourselves anymore.

we've lost who we wanted to be by letting smoking be our savior.

take it back. be that person you were meant to be. it's never too late.

i see it all over on people's pages.

advice from people saying, "i know you can do it. you are strong!"

blanket advice from people in the same boat as you (and i mean people who are at the same stage as you and just as succeptible as you? and they smoke the next day?)

support is telling people what they need to know and what they need to hear and preparing them for what they are going to experience. just how much do you think someone with the same limited experience is going to be able to do?

the smartest thing you new quitters can do is ask questions.

some of us actually have the right answers and know where your head has to be to quit.

come on in to your new world

"you have to really want to quit! "

people get really wrapped up in this idea (and if they choose to smoke after they've quit they say they really didn't want it bad enough when really, they decided to smoke again)


Quitting smoking is a choice just like running a red light or walking your dog!

(clean up after your dog!)

Stop It!

Stop turning to cigarettes as your way out of every situation.

You've done it enough.

I was fortunate enough to hide the fact I smoked from my daughter for 15 years.

If I had smoked openly, would she have become a smoker?

She could have said "dad does it" when her mother or friends suggested she quit.

We were all brainwashed into thinking quitting was next to impossible. By whom? Why those smokers who came before us and influenced us of course.

Have we passed that brainwashing along to our kids and made it more difficult for them to quit?

Quitting is all about the mind and changing it.

Anyone can quit.

Decide, prepare, and don't believe the bullshit!  Believe in yourself instead.

Give yourself 130 days from your last puff to relearn life without smoking!

I want to be the one that makes them smile/laugh holds a special place in my heart.

Not smoking is an entirely new thought process.

there may be very difficult questions you begin to ask yourselves.

reaiity is what it is


we can work to make it what we want with some open conversation, give and take with a strong undercurrent of love and forgiveness.with realistic expectations.

Reach down deep people. This is where we must go when we aren't hiding behind cigarettes

You are just kidding yourself if you think it does.

Think of all the time you've wasted to get your fix.

The things you've let go right over your head because you had to have one.

Your childs home run, key mnutes you missed of the dance recital or school play.. the conversation you should have finished instead of walking away and smoking. irretrievabe, irrepaceable moments of life.

And, all the time you wasted thinking about that next cigarette.

We wasted so much life to be smokers.....

First Entry

"You're Upside Down Cake"

Recipe Forthcoming

It never did and I know it!

I learned a few months back that I have considerable loss of kidney function.

It was determined I had a blockage and my bladder was not ever able to empty fully. I finally saw a urologist last wednesday after waitng 3 months to get an appointment.

Ever had a catheter? It was totally unexpected. If you can avoid it, DO.

It's uncomfortable to sit or stand so I have spent the last week in the prone position with some occasioimal fire-poker/pass you out pain.

Do I even think about smoking a cigarette?


It's hale getting old.


Realize there will be changes being made. This is natural when we give up a daily addiction ..

Promise yourself that you will not smoke.

Do not keep an emergency pack. (what the hell is the emergency that is going to "make you" smoke?)

Learn as you go. There is no need to be fearful. Take control. If you won't, who's going to?

Find something else to do when you get a craving.

Let an ice,cube melt slowly in your mouth, bite into a lemon, laugh out loud. (GUARANTEED CRAVE BUSTERS)

You're going to be on a rollercoaster of emotions for 2-3 weeks. (Think of it as a bad cold on disorienting drugs)

Other "Dopamine Relief" comes in many forms. Laughing/Food/Sex/Chocolate/Exercise/Music smoking

At a month you're going to feel like you've "made it."

And you have. You've made it a month! WOO HOO!!

Now comes the part they don't highlight or barely mention on other sites.


they get cocky and think they can have "just one."

130 Days

Promise yourself you will live 130 days from your last puff and just see if your head is not in a much better place than you imagined.

Positive side effects?

More when you need it.

Decreasement (new word) in slow suicide by tobacco assisted death.

The blinders come off. You see things for what they are.

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