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copied from another members blog


"I'm not too sure why there is so much animosity on here lately.   I could see if I was posting negative comments on someone else's blog but I don't.   What I write in my blog is just my thoughts.   Not sure why this angers people to the extent of wishing me to fail or telling me to leave the site.  I won't let it get to me since in my eyes it's uncalled for so obviously these people have some issues.  

I have people on here that were chasing me from blog to blog DEMANDING I provide them answer to things.  Not sure why they think they are entitled to anything as I don't owe them anything.  But whatever.  Let them be miserable. 

I'm starting to think that they are threatened by me, at least that's the way they act.  I'm sometimes a smartass, I can be a dick if someone wants to be nasty at me for no good reason and I have a different outlook sometimes but I'm never unnecessarily nasty.  As a matter of fact I have probably done more things for people on a volunteer basis without needing any kind of recognition than these people have ever done so they can suck it. I only bring this up to make the point that they can color me how ever they want but they will never accurately know me.  And that's a good thing."

putz = someone who tells a lie and defends it at the expense of everyone else

I'm not smoking over it