The easiest way I knew to quit

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 12, 2013

my closest friend suggested I should quit. I smoked for 40 years. Hadn't really thought of it. He said if I quit it might get his older brother to quit.

well my friend is pushy. He knew I had to choose to quit so he insisted on an answer as to whether i would consider it. So after a minute, I said I would consider it.

We didn't talk about it again

I started asking myself to wait when I wanted one. There was absolutely no pressure and no panic. I was just feeling the lay of the land. I had not decided, I was only considering. LOL.

after 4 weeks I was down to 5 a day from 20. Thing is, what I learned in those 4 weeks was I didn't need to smoke every time I wanted to smoke. No panic, no pressure, no quit date.

When you realize that, it's so much easier to think about quitting.

So the last pack I bought was on a Friday afternoon. I knew right then it was my last pack. I hadn't even decided until I handed the guy the money and then I thought, " that's the last time I'll be buying cigarettes"

Monday was new years. It was getting closer to the end of the pack but I wasn't thinking too much about it. i think Sunday, I decided i would quit on the 2nd. I never made a new years resolution so I never kept one either. I saved a cigarette for the morning of my quit.

I wanted to have my last cigarette after I got up rather than my body craving it from a night without.

I smoked it at 7:15am and then when I felt my first craving I went down and bought a box of patches

I had my last smoke on tuesday jan 2, 2007 and never looked back

I didn't demonize them. I never thought of the damage they could be doing.

Someone mentioned a test quit or trial quit. I suppose the purpose of that would be to lessen the anxiety of quitting.

I believe taking a reasonable amount of time like I did, made it  easier for me than a "decide and quit the next day" type quit.

I had already proven to myself i didn't need to smoke 20 a day without even breaking a sweat.

On the third day, I caught myself laughing when I would feel the urge to have a smoke. That became my way to defeat the craves.

Laughing works. Where do you think James T.H.Q. got the idea?


It changes your whole demeanor. It causes a dopamine release.

I was so fortunate to discover this first hand my third day.

I forgot to wear the patch one day. I didn't panic. I knew they were at home 3 miles away.

after 2 weeks and a few times of forgetting, I knew I didn't need them anymore.

I looked online and found a website and was there often my first year. That was where i learned about No Mans Land and that was where I went through it.

I carried a patch in my wallet like a condom my first year. I swore if i wanted to smoke i would put the patch on and wait.

Common sense things

I never kept any around

I never went to the store where i bought my cigarettes again because i knew when i walked in the door he would put two packs on the counter.

I cut down on the drinking of alcohol so i would not be tempted.

I didn't hang around smokers any more than necessary.