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Ok . You've gone too far.

Now you're telling people to follow your example and say whatever they want whether it's true or not just to be different?

You are not a lawyer, but something that sounds mighty close.

You claimed you were blowing smoke out of your lungs 8 days after you quit smoking and I told you I didnt think it was possible and asked you to prove it and all you could do was attack me, call me names and slander me because I wrote a Christmas song?

Name calling/lip flapping. This is exactly what I said you would do.

I even suggested a way you could prove what you said.

You proved everything I said and nothing you said.

Anyone with any logic at all would question the possibility of your claim. That's all I did.

Then a couple blogs later you write the following?

"(This should go without saying but if you are going to post a negative response on my blog because you have some personal issue with me, keep it to yourself or I will happily delete it.  I've been courteous and holding back but I won't do it any longer.  Consider this your only warning)"

Slandering somebody is courteous and holding back?

Calling people names does not make something TRUE.

I wrote Dr. Hurt recognized expert for the mayo clinic and asked him if what you claimed was possible

This was his reply of 2 days ago.

Not sure how much smoke is in question but it is physiologically highly improbable of smoke sequestration even a few minutes after smoking. I know of no biologically plausible reason for exhaling smoke a few days after last smoking.


I had/have nothing personal against you.  I never attacked your character. But for you to tell people to say whatever they want without backing up their claim just because you think you can get away with it? That's strike two.

If you claim something regarding the process of quitting smoking in the future that seems impossible, you will be asked to prove it.

Slander does not make something true.


Now go learn how to drive a truck and take a pee test.

It is evident from your writing you are (a) self absorbed (starts with a p ends with a z, 4 letter word) and not interested in helping anyone else quit smoking. .

BTW, If you put anything in the way of a negative response on my blog?   "I will happily delete it"