Are You Noticing A Trend Here?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 6, 2013

Do you see what happens that makes people think they need to smoke?

It's called life, living life. It's called missing something and believing it can make negative things AND FEELINGS dissappear.  Do you remember when life was stress free? It isn't. It never will be.

Did you notice I didn't say "what made them smoke"?

Nothing makes anybody smoke. Smoking is a choice.

Are you noticing when these people are smoking? The time in their quits when they give up and choose smoking? yes it is typically in the first 2-4 months.

I'm not being critical, just pointing out the cycle that i've seen here for the past 6 years for you new quitters.

This is the reality. This is why only 6% make it a year.

This could be you.

Until you believe  that smoking does not fix things you will never be a stranger to it.

We can tell you 1000 times but that obviously will not make you believe.

That must be rooted in an unshakeable truth that has to reside in your heart and your gut. It will never be  willpower that keeps you from smoking. Willpower is usually worn thin or worn out in no mans land.

Think long and hard what smoking or not smoking means to you. What it means to any future you have. To the people who will be part of it. Smoking affects everyone involved, not just the smoker.

There are costs