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bite into a lemon

suck on an ice cube


Rotisserie Chicken Hands "RCH"  does not come easily. Only after MANY YEARS OF SMOKING. and 10  hours daily on this site.


"It's hard to do it with rotisserie chicken hands

but I got through it, with rotisserie, understand"


this is from 5:27pm PST  last night. look at the colors!


PS You can make the live cam fill your whole screen with the button just below the live cam picture on the right.

I did a print screen and printed it and lost most of the quality scanning it to upload and post.. The paper got too wet from all the inks and caused banding and quality loss.

finding shelter when it rains so you can keep it lit?

Hovering in doorways in the freezing cold? (can't hang out and smoke nearly anyplace in california)

Finding a place to smoke where those who come late to church don't see you when they drive up?

Outside the restaurant while the check is being tallied?

Missing your sons home run so you could go out in the parking lot to have one?

Does any of this ring a bell?????


.....................and it's getting harder and harder to find a place

But you aren't giving it away to get a temporary buzz.

You aren't at it's beck and call.

Car accidents happen, disease happens

We can't control anything at all.

Or can we?

Can we find ourselves outside of our smokescreens?

Can we find those buried emotions?

Can we deal with things and then let them go instead of trying to smoke them away?


It's not a smokers world anymore if we do not choose it to be.

Smoking is a choice.


what do you think the duck is thinking about while he's shaking the water off his back?




Divert your thoughts

Shake Them Off!!

We aren't here to lead you astray.

We have watched thousands stumble along until they smoke again.

We know the way out.

Promise yourself at least that much of a commitment.

By then you should not be thinking of smoking or even you as a smoker except rarely.


Laugh Out Loud When You Crave

It Releases "Dopamine"- That "thing" smoking gave you

When that nic that’s robbin your life comes bobbin along, along

Oh you’ll get him cryin if you deny him his old sweet song                                                                                                       

wake up wake up you nico-head think up not down get out chor head

This is your life, yor not dead yet Live love laugh and be smokefree


when my daughter was a few years old we offered her brussel sprouts which she promptly let us know she was not fond of.

i spoke with her gently and explained they were "baby cabbage" (sounds like nicky manage)

she has loved them ever since.

it's where you put your mind as to whether you make it through this and come out as a non smoker.


she's now 25 and still calls them by that name.....roasts them with olive oil and garlic

When I went for my sleep study, I decided I would take surface streets instead of the freeway.
Two lane unlighted winding road for most of the 20 miles.

15 minutes before I was due at the hospital and I did not know where I was.  I was lost.
I was at the mercy of my printed Google map and in the dark.  I wished I had taken the freeway and i was concerned that the anxiety i felt building might delay my ability to participate in the sleep study.

People, this place is your freeway.  Going it alone is the unlit country road.

Guess who took the freeway home in the morning?

Save yourself a lot of fear and aggravation. Take the freeway.  

Stay Here. Learn What You Need To Know.

Too Many Have Tried It On Their Own And Lost Their Way

I just now got back from a sleep study. I did a home test last March that indicated I stopped breathing 24 times an hour. When this happens, your heart is trying to find oxygen to keep your brain alive and working like you were climbing Mt. Everest.

I still have the glue in my hair from the sensors they stuck on my head.  I believe it was 6 actually in my hair but 12 altogether just on my head.

On the 20 mile drive home, I thought about the feelings of panic I felt a few times.

The had me wear a nasal mask to sleep in with an air line to it, sensor on my finger, etc...

The point is, you can't move freely, you are being assisted with your breathing and you cannot open your mouth. It is not what you are used to in any way shape or form. Kinda like going from smoking to not smoking.

The thought in my mind was "you just gotta relax and get through it. if you don't, you're going to have to do it again."

It was 6 hours of the unknown.

Near the end, my nose was getting stuffy and I felt like I wasn't getting the same volume of air (No Mans Land)  the only way I could breathe was through my nose because if I breathed through my mouth it was even more difficult with the air being pushed down my throat by the nose mask. There is no clock so you have no point pf reference. you don't know if you've been sleeping 10 minutes or what portion of the 6 hours of the minimum test time required. Thus more panic

My mouth was very dry at that point. My mind became wide awake.

I asked the technician for a sip of water. she said, "we can end the study if you want."

I was out of No Mans Land


Do Not Give Up!

There is an end in sight where you aren't thinking of smoking.

Dont Give In!


Stick With It! Get through!



A person wrote to me last night saying,  "I understand your teaching deny, deny deny"

What I recommend is delay not deny.

As long as you feel you are giving up something. you are going to feel like you are missing something.

You never delay to the point of torture. Let yourself get slightly uncomfortable, not manic.

You're still addicted to nicotine. Those negative feelings of fear and trepididation arise when you deny.



You don't have to smoke every time you want to smoke.

In the beginning, it may be only 10 minutes after your original thought of lighting up but it will increase as you continue to test yourself.

You won't even be consciously thinking of the actual delay time after awhile. it got to 3-4 hours for me after 4 weeks. I noticed i had cash in my wallet. i was buying 2 packs every eight days instead of every two days by the time i actually chose to quit.

This puts your head in the right place to quit. This empowers your confidence to start.

I went from 20 a day to 5 a day in 4 weeks and never felt any pressure or fear delaying.

It is what you make it folks. Make it yours.

copied from another members blog


"I'm not too sure why there is so much animosity on here lately.   I could see if I was posting negative comments on someone else's blog but I don't.   What I write in my blog is just my thoughts.   Not sure why this angers people to the extent of wishing me to fail or telling me to leave the site.  I won't let it get to me since in my eyes it's uncalled for so obviously these people have some issues.  

I have people on here that were chasing me from blog to blog DEMANDING I provide them answer to things.  Not sure why they think they are entitled to anything as I don't owe them anything.  But whatever.  Let them be miserable. 

I'm starting to think that they are threatened by me, at least that's the way they act.  I'm sometimes a smartass, I can be a dick if someone wants to be nasty at me for no good reason and I have a different outlook sometimes but I'm never unnecessarily nasty.  As a matter of fact I have probably done more things for people on a volunteer basis without needing any kind of recognition than these people have ever done so they can suck it. I only bring this up to make the point that they can color me how ever they want but they will never accurately know me.  And that's a good thing."

putz = someone who tells a lie and defends it at the expense of everyone else

I'm not smoking over it

Look at this and just below the screen on the right, is a fullscreen button. Very Calming.


This is down the coast about 30 miles.

The sunsets start around 4:15. Spectacular.


Get Busy

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jan 13, 2013

what do you like to do?

You gotta get your mind off wandering thoughts.

you need to focus on something when your mind starts wandering.

Beadwork, music, exercise, getting out .

You must start changing things up.

Little things

Drink your coffee with the opposite hand from what you'd normally use.

throw your mind off autopilot

my closest friend suggested I should quit. I smoked for 40 years. Hadn't really thought of it. He said if I quit it might get his older brother to quit.

well my friend is pushy. He knew I had to choose to quit so he insisted on an answer as to whether i would consider it. So after a minute, I said I would consider it.

We didn't talk about it again

I started asking myself to wait when I wanted one. There was absolutely no pressure and no panic. I was just feeling the lay of the land. I had not decided, I was only considering. LOL.

after 4 weeks I was down to 5 a day from 20. Thing is, what I learned in those 4 weeks was I didn't need to smoke every time I wanted to smoke. No panic, no pressure, no quit date.

When you realize that, it's so much easier to think about quitting.

So the last pack I bought was on a Friday afternoon. I knew right then it was my last pack. I hadn't even decided until I handed the guy the money and then I thought, " that's the last time I'll be buying cigarettes"

Monday was new years. It was getting closer to the end of the pack but I wasn't thinking too much about it. i think Sunday, I decided i would quit on the 2nd. I never made a new years resolution so I never kept one either. I saved a cigarette for the morning of my quit.

I wanted to have my last cigarette after I got up rather than my body craving it from a night without.

I smoked it at 7:15am and then when I felt my first craving I went down and bought a box of patches

I had my last smoke on tuesday jan 2, 2007 and never looked back

I didn't demonize them. I never thought of the damage they could be doing.

Someone mentioned a test quit or trial quit. I suppose the purpose of that would be to lessen the anxiety of quitting.

I believe taking a reasonable amount of time like I did, made it  easier for me than a "decide and quit the next day" type quit.

I had already proven to myself i didn't need to smoke 20 a day without even breaking a sweat.

On the third day, I caught myself laughing when I would feel the urge to have a smoke. That became my way to defeat the craves.

Laughing works. Where do you think James T.H.Q. got the idea?


It changes your whole demeanor. It causes a dopamine release.

I was so fortunate to discover this first hand my third day.

I forgot to wear the patch one day. I didn't panic. I knew they were at home 3 miles away.

after 2 weeks and a few times of forgetting, I knew I didn't need them anymore.

I looked online and found a website and was there often my first year. That was where i learned about No Mans Land and that was where I went through it.

I carried a patch in my wallet like a condom my first year. I swore if i wanted to smoke i would put the patch on and wait.

Common sense things

I never kept any around

I never went to the store where i bought my cigarettes again because i knew when i walked in the door he would put two packs on the counter.

I cut down on the drinking of alcohol so i would not be tempted.

I didn't hang around smokers any more than necessary.

You can never feel the same way about smoking again.

Even if you fall....Knowing you made it for however long gives you faith that it isn't impossible.

Yes, there may be some who go into denial and continue smoking for months, even years because it is easier to get their fix than deal with life......


When we finally realize that smoking fixes nothing, we have taken it's power away.


Take it's power away.

Stay quit.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jan 11, 2013

Ok . You've gone too far.

Now you're telling people to follow your example and say whatever they want whether it's true or not just to be different?

You are not a lawyer, but something that sounds mighty close.

You claimed you were blowing smoke out of your lungs 8 days after you quit smoking and I told you I didnt think it was possible and asked you to prove it and all you could do was attack me, call me names and slander me because I wrote a Christmas song?

Name calling/lip flapping. This is exactly what I said you would do.

I even suggested a way you could prove what you said.

You proved everything I said and nothing you said.

Anyone with any logic at all would question the possibility of your claim. That's all I did.

Then a couple blogs later you write the following?

"(This should go without saying but if you are going to post a negative response on my blog because you have some personal issue with me, keep it to yourself or I will happily delete it.  I've been courteous and holding back but I won't do it any longer.  Consider this your only warning)"

Slandering somebody is courteous and holding back?

Calling people names does not make something TRUE.

I wrote Dr. Hurt recognized expert for the mayo clinic and asked him if what you claimed was possible

This was his reply of 2 days ago.

Not sure how much smoke is in question but it is physiologically highly improbable of smoke sequestration even a few minutes after smoking. I know of no biologically plausible reason for exhaling smoke a few days after last smoking.


I had/have nothing personal against you.  I never attacked your character. But for you to tell people to say whatever they want without backing up their claim just because you think you can get away with it? That's strike two.

If you claim something regarding the process of quitting smoking in the future that seems impossible, you will be asked to prove it.

Slander does not make something true.


Now go learn how to drive a truck and take a pee test.

It is evident from your writing you are (a) self absorbed (starts with a p ends with a z, 4 letter word) and not interested in helping anyone else quit smoking. .

BTW, If you put anything in the way of a negative response on my blog?   "I will happily delete it"



There's gotta be a boss?

There's a boss on every job.

If You Want This?


We can push you and prod you and love on you too

but You Gotta Get Through

We can give you a map and put up with your crap

but You Gotta Get Through

dr said all went well.

I wanted to be there. The anesthesia always scares me.

turned out he had a spinal block so I wasn't so worried.

Who's got the red slippers locked up today? (Can't let those suckers out anymore!!)

Here's some pictures I took this morning on my way back and last Friday on the train trip to the Dr's

"Pair Of Pelicans" comes to mind. LOL

There's nothing better on a cold winter day than _______________ and____________________


I'm gonna say that meatloaf and mashed potatoes is going to ching my rhyme today.

what is your guilty pleasure?

Do you see what happens that makes people think they need to smoke?

It's called life, living life. It's called missing something and believing it can make negative things AND FEELINGS dissappear.  Do you remember when life was stress free? It isn't. It never will be.

Did you notice I didn't say "what made them smoke"?

Nothing makes anybody smoke. Smoking is a choice.

Are you noticing when these people are smoking? The time in their quits when they give up and choose smoking? yes it is typically in the first 2-4 months.

I'm not being critical, just pointing out the cycle that i've seen here for the past 6 years for you new quitters.

This is the reality. This is why only 6% make it a year.

This could be you.

Until you believe  that smoking does not fix things you will never be a stranger to it.

We can tell you 1000 times but that obviously will not make you believe.

That must be rooted in an unshakeable truth that has to reside in your heart and your gut. It will never be  willpower that keeps you from smoking. Willpower is usually worn thin or worn out in no mans land.

Think long and hard what smoking or not smoking means to you. What it means to any future you have. To the people who will be part of it. Smoking affects everyone involved, not just the smoker.

There are costs

The one my mom used most often was

"you're cruisin for a bruisin"

Any others?

I'm sure there are some staring at the worm in the bottle who are going to disagree.

If You Have It, You Know It!

that we cannot tell where your head is at from what you write?

this is the most frustrating time of year for those of us who have been quit for a few years.

you know why? because we come here in the morning to see blogs of failure.

did you know only 6% of people who quit make it one year?

this is why we get right to the truth. It's not that we are trying to be harsh.

those of you who believe it takes multiple "tries" to quit successfully have bought into the brainwashing that quitting is impossible and you make that your excuse to fail. it only takes one time to "do" it.

each time you fail you buy into the brainwashing one more time and put a hole in your armor for the next "try"

so when we see you write about wishing you luck and hoping it works (whatever "it" is?) we already know your head is not where it needs to be to succeed at quitting. And my concern is the other two or three responders who write responses to your blog and have the same "maybe I'll get lucky this time" attitude.

we'll try to turn you around and help you get to the place you need to be to succeed but it can't work if you are not ready to listen.

they make it to resemble a cigarette

you hold it like a cigarette

you inhale like a cigarette

you get nicotine like a cigarette.


How can you possibly unlearn smoking if you are still pretending to smoke?

We were all little kids once.  I'm certain every one of us asked "when are we going to get there?" on every car trip we ever took.

It's our natural inclination to want to know what to expect.

I'm going to give you the information that I wished would have been available when I quit six years ago and what I have learned in over 20,000 hours of time spent watching listening and helping here and on another site that allows me to give the information to you now.

Quitting smoking is a process.
Most people fail at quitting during months 2, 3 and 4 when they get hit with unexpected craves and give up, tired of quitting and feeling hopeless.

Once again, quitting smoking is a process. I believe 130 days from our last puff (10 days one way or the other) is what we have to strive for to be at the place where we aren't thinking of smoking but perhaps once a week.

it's on my page

"what to expect the first 4 months"

and the blog about "no mans land".

please go read those links my page. it explains what every one of us went through. What you will be going through. There is a timeline to this.

Knowing what to expect and having a timeline is the biggest gift I could've had and I am giving this knowledge to all of you with the promise that we will be with you every step of the way. 

We care.

Onward into my seventh year.

Be blessed.




Have Faith In Yourselves~~~Keep Busy~~~Enjoy NOT smoking~~~In Time You Will Sincerely Believe It's Much Better Than Smoking.


ps... the things that look like nests in the trees are actually mistletoe

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