"I Never Once Thought I Couldn't Do This"

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 31, 2012

If you don't carry the full force of your decision to quit smoking with you at all times, you may become overwhelmed.

Keep it positive for there is nothing negative about quitting smoking.

Yes it's uncomfortable for awhile but you didn't give up on life the last time you had a bad cold did you?

You didn't think life was over the time you sprained your ankle or broke your arm did you?

The discomfort those first few weeks is no worse that those things.

It's what you let your mind do with that discomfort that makes or breaks a quit.

When you think of smoking, immediately shock your thinking into something else.

It only takes moments to divert your thinking.

Biting into a lemon, skin and all, will shock you out of it. Sticking your head in the freezer and breathing the cold air will do it. Throwing cold water in your face will do it. Laughing at the craves will do it.

Laughing is a great way to retrain your mind. You cannot stay in that place of panic or discombobulation when you hear yourself laugh. Ot makes no difference whether you feel like it or not. Try it! It is a reminder. A reminder of where you are going instead of where you are at. It breaks that negative thought pattern. It also causes a dopamine release. After a week of laughing when you crave, you will be thinking of laughing, not smoking.


This is your life. Be good to yourselves.