Decision And Promises

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 25, 2012

The decision to quit smoking.

ok. you're not playing around anymore.

whether you've tried to quit twice or fifty times or more you must finally decide there is a reason to quit smoking that outweighs continuing smoking.

very important that "decision". That means done, decided. there is no try anymore.

first promise

you gotta get through the first 3 days. promise yourself you will go through those first three days.

doing this will strengthen you to do more.

ok, you made it through three days. you never thought you could do it but you did.

2nd Promise

next is getting through three weeks. the end of 3 weeks is the time where the fogginess starts to dissipate, the cravings aren't so bothersome. You know you can do it when you're feeling better.

don't mope in your quit. be happy that you are no longer still killing yourself and paying to do it.

Man! the end of this 4th week. damn! you are feeling sort of on the cocky side now. what else is there, you ask?

Third Promise

the next one hundred days of living without smoking. focus on the positive things of not having to smoke.

be prepared to be blindsided. these hundred days are no mans land. this is the time many people smoke and lose what they worked for. they either start back up smoking again for an indefinite period, even years, or, they can start over.

We know the longer you delay, the greater chance you may choose to keep smoking.

We know the more you fail the harder it is to believe you can do it.

It takes about 4 months and 10 days people until you can feel semi-normal not smoking.

is it too much to ask?