you quitters who smoked and still intend to quit. DON'T PUT IT OFF. YOU'VE DELAYED IT LONG ENOUGH!

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 5, 2012

if you are going to do this don't smoke another week. it could turn into another 10 years.

If your quit day is Monday and your pet dies Sunday, will you be smoking Monday? I believe you will.        People will use every excuse in the book to give themselves more time. And, just what good is more time doing the wrong thing giving you?

get right back on it.

we will help you get on track but please, stop playing at this.

it gets harder to quit every time you fail.

we will guide you.

we will lift you.

we will get you through

but you have to spend some time here to listen and learn.


you can keep going in circles