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If you don't carry the full force of your decision to quit smoking with you at all times, you may become overwhelmed.

Keep it positive for there is nothing negative about quitting smoking.

Yes it's uncomfortable for awhile but you didn't give up on life the last time you had a bad cold did you?

You didn't think life was over the time you sprained your ankle or broke your arm did you?

The discomfort those first few weeks is no worse that those things.

It's what you let your mind do with that discomfort that makes or breaks a quit.

When you think of smoking, immediately shock your thinking into something else.

It only takes moments to divert your thinking.

Biting into a lemon, skin and all, will shock you out of it. Sticking your head in the freezer and breathing the cold air will do it. Throwing cold water in your face will do it. Laughing at the craves will do it.

Laughing is a great way to retrain your mind. You cannot stay in that place of panic or discombobulation when you hear yourself laugh. Ot makes no difference whether you feel like it or not. Try it! It is a reminder. A reminder of where you are going instead of where you are at. It breaks that negative thought pattern. It also causes a dopamine release. After a week of laughing when you crave, you will be thinking of laughing, not smoking.


This is your life. Be good to yourselves.


It doesn't have to be such a battle.


Stay busy. Plan for when you get a craving.

Stop fighting it so hard! Accept your new destiny.





I got a virus Christmas Eve day that would have been impossible to remove without a second computer and 7 hours of research and work to remove it..

All of you with windows operating system.

See if you have Windows Defender  on your computer and update it. NOW (Windows Defender Is Free)

Also, get a usb flash drive (500mb should be enough) and download windows defender offline (this is a different program and runs from a usb drive) you cannot get to windows defender once the virus is in your pc. Install Windows Defender Offline on that usb drive OR BURN TO A BLANK CD and keep it for the future.

The virus was unable to be removed by Norton, Malwarebytes or Glary Utilities.

The virus was called the FBI Green Dot Moneypack Virus and when  the computer finishes loading the startup programs the virus takes over the entire screen so you can not get out of it. They want $300 to give you the unlock code. Listen, if you are doing something illegal, the FBI isn't going to take a payoff to excuse you. That's what tipped me off. So I got on my netbook and started googling.

You have to boot to safe mode with networking to even attempt removing it.

Another Option

If your computer has system restore and is running well, make a restore point. NOW

I am somewhat computer savvy and this is the worst thing I have ever seen.

Plan ahead like you plan a quit.

If you have any questions about this pm me.


Welcome near future quitters.

This is the time of the year when new years resolutionists show up looking for a new non-smoking life.

Quitting doesn't happen automatically. Statistically,  6% actually make it a full year without going back. If you will get involved in your quit instead of being overcome and failing because you didn't, we can help you be in the 6%

We can guide you but we can't quit for you.

We can tell you what it's going to take to succeed at this but you have to actually do what we ask.

It's your life.

Are you ready to do what it takes?

It isn't as bad as we were all led to believe.

You can make it a positive experience or a negative one.

Yes, it will be what you make it.

Use common sense.

If you are keeping an emergency pack? What for?

Go somewhere else to buy gas or a cup of coffee. Avoid the place where you most often bought your smokes. This will remind you you have quit and keep you on track and out of temptation.

Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol is the biggest quit killer of all because it lowers your resolve by lowering your inhibitions.

Avoid situations that are temptations. Think before you put yourself in a position of temptation.

Ask smoking family members and visiting friends to smoke outside or in the garage.

Circumstances don't make you smoke. We smoked in good and bad times. Tragedy or elation. We smoked and then we smoked some more. We chose to do it.

No one shoves a cigarette in your mouth and lights it and squeezes you like an accordian.

There are no valid excuses to smoke.


Wishing you a successful quit and Happy New Year

The decision to quit smoking.

ok. you're not playing around anymore.

whether you've tried to quit twice or fifty times or more you must finally decide there is a reason to quit smoking that outweighs continuing smoking.

very important that "decision". That means done, decided. there is no try anymore.

first promise

you gotta get through the first 3 days. promise yourself you will go through those first three days.

doing this will strengthen you to do more.

ok, you made it through three days. you never thought you could do it but you did.

2nd Promise

next is getting through three weeks. the end of 3 weeks is the time where the fogginess starts to dissipate, the cravings aren't so bothersome. You know you can do it when you're feeling better.

don't mope in your quit. be happy that you are no longer still killing yourself and paying to do it.

Man! the end of this 4th week. damn! you are feeling sort of on the cocky side now. what else is there, you ask?

Third Promise

the next one hundred days of living without smoking. focus on the positive things of not having to smoke.

be prepared to be blindsided. these hundred days are no mans land. this is the time many people smoke and lose what they worked for. they either start back up smoking again for an indefinite period, even years, or, they can start over.

We know the longer you delay, the greater chance you may choose to keep smoking.

We know the more you fail the harder it is to believe you can do it.

It takes about 4 months and 10 days people until you can feel semi-normal not smoking.

is it too much to ask?

This is where it has progressed  since I wrote december 8

it is now called "Worship Him"


Wishing Each Of You Lifelong Quits And The Happiest Of Holidays....................and don't smoke!

Steve and I thank you Nancy from MD from the bottom of our hearts.

Steve, who lost 20 lbs in the hospital can certainly use the added calories.

I may just have to just study mine. Maybe not.

yep! this one will crimp your earthly holidays indefinitely

I smoked for 40 years and I have some answers for you.

How do you build up the confidence to quit smoking?

You start telling yourself to wait longer for that next smoke.

And how is this supposed to build confidence?

You are proving to yourself that you do not need to smoke every time you want to smoke.

And how does that help?

Think....Most of the cigarettes we smoke in a day are nothing special. Just an automatic response to missing nicotine or a similar memory played out  hundreds of thousands of times before.

We don't consciously remember every cigarette we smoked as enjoyable. We smoke them because we are made uncomfortable when we don't.

And why do we get uncomfortable when we don't smoke?

Because we are addicted to nicotine and when the receptors in our brain start screaming for more, the natural thing to do is smoke to appease them and stop their yelling.

Well, how do I break that cycle?

The nicotine is out of your system in 72 hours from when you stop ingesting it through smoking or nicotine replacement therapy.

So why is quitting so hard?

Because the habit part of smoking has become so automatic. We do it without thinking.

So, what's it going to take for me to not think of smoking once I quit?

It's going to take you avoiding situations that might sway you back to smoking like going out drinking.

It's going to take some time to unlearn what has become so automatic for you.

How much time?

After having spent over 20,000 hours here watching and learning, I believe it takes around 130 days give or take 10 days for most people to get to the point they rarely even think of smoking or themselves as a smoker.

Is it worth it?

It's worth it on so many levels

Do you have more questions?

Just ask. We are here to help you quit the easiest way possible and we can teach the how's to you.

And it fixed EVERYTHING!


Quit kidding yourselves and QUIT KILLING YOURSELVES

that is just plain bad judgement.

this kid was troubled his whole life and it doesn't seem to have been a secret to anyone who knew him.

i guess some parents make excuses for their children in the name of love and don't consider possible repercussions to everyone else.

in some ways it's very similar to our excusing our smoking. we don't consider the repercussions to those around us yet, there may be many as time passes and the results become apparent. will we make those around us suffer by watching us die gasping for breath or coughing up blood?



smoking is not an innocent past time, it's more a cruel master.

"it will never be done with you until you are done with it"

I have read that we need to eat 200 calories less per day as non smokers to maintain our old smoking weight..

First>It has been noted that most quitters should focus on their quits and deal with any weight gained after they have quit. I agree that quitting smoking must be the immediate focus. Don't try to fix everything at once if it is too overwhelming you.

Speeding Up Your Metabolism>Eat 5-6 small (2-3 bites) meals per day to get into and stay in fat burning mode. Most think that starving themselves and skipping meals is logically the way to lose weight but in fact, skipping meals makes your body think it is being starved so it does just the opposite with the food you do eat and stores it as fat. Breakfast gets your metabolism going. Don't skip it!



Here is an example of the simple exercise videos with easy and difficult options provided

And here is an example of  weight loss articles that come in my email

He came home at 830 last night.

The cat scans and mri's were all good news. no blockages. No arteriosclerois.

They are thinking the ambien is what caused temporary amnesia so they are taking him off that.



He's still in the hospital for observation.

they did an MRI in the middle of the night and they are doing some other test today then we should know more as to when they will release him.


thanks for your prayers

thank you


My twin brothers wife is at the hospital and saw my dad and he is not any worse from what she saw. He will be getting a cat scan and blood work. will update as I get info.

thanks for the prayers

they are transferring him to another hospital for observation tonight

This is what CandyLance put on my message board.

what a slogan for this place.


I love it when I see people come back after an extended time like anthony and dave yesterday who got on with their lives as non smokers.

It shows me we did our job.

It shows me they are enjoying life without smoking.

It shows me they have moved on.

They Are FREE!

Always come back occasionally and let us know how you are doing. It inspires the new quitters and keeps our incentive to be here strong.

Here's To Freedom!

Get well soon Cas.

*Happy Holidays*

May no spammer land on your shoulder............:)

Wham! Bam!  DAM!


evidently this site doesn't allow you to set a quit date before its creation and i quit before then but, they keep sending notifications to set a quit date.


Then it won't !

Because you aren't ready to quit.

Do you think because you smoked for 40 years you are "different"?

Plenty of us have smoked 40 years or more and quit.

Take your excuses away and we are no different except we decided to quit and you haven't.

This is life and death. Stop playing at quitting smoking.

If you are smoking you're doing it wrong!



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 12, 2012

Just saw this on the news

A whole new type of anti-depression medicine has been developed.

It's not available yet but is a major breakthrough.

The existing medications take 6-8 weeks to begin working.

This one works on glutamates, not seratonin and takes 2-3 hours to be effective.

she's going to need our help quitting again.

you know, it could have gone either way. it was 50/50. we may have said no right then and never been smokers.

knowing what we know now, would any of us choose smoking if there was no nicotine in cigarettes?

once you learn what is necessary to keep your quit, after the first couple completions of the 4 seasons and all the triggers have been lived through without smoking, i believe you can disconnect completely from smoking and get back to that place before you made your first decision and smoked your first cigarette.


Ladies and gentlemen, in the dead of winter I present




Let's talk about real luck...not this make believe luck I hear about quitting smoking.

I have been having a heck of a time with my health group. They don't seem to communicate with each other.

heck, you'd think when you left the specialists office your group would be notified what tests or procedures had been ordered. But...Nooooooooooo. you'd think there were no computers, no internet when 11 days later , the day before your ultrasound appointment you find out your request has only just been sent in for approval that very day and your untrasound has been cancelled.

So I had regular lab place fall through but  was told to go to a special place when i wanted. So i chose today in my head. This was about last thursday

So i'm stumbiling around the internet last saturday and I find this lab place. I'm perusing and i see there is a place to make appointments. so i go there and lo and behold, there is only one open appointment in the next two weeks and it is at 9:45 today. I clicked the button

that was the real lucky moment. had i known, i would have acted like I won the lottery.

I went in there this morning. every chair (15) in the place was taken, people were still coming in the door and it was 5 minutes until my appointment.

Darn if they didn't let me do what they have you do in the cup right at the stroke of 9:45.

and 5 minutes later, took four vials of blood.

am I a lucky guy or what?

had i not clicked saturday i would have been there two more hours.


just wrote this... I need to shorten it.

it's not about sleighs or snowbells, more about comfort and promises

well then, you better not cut them all up for cigarette substitutes!

I've been collecting the things i need to begin recordIng my latest music for the past couple months. some of the older equipment was damaged or left behind over the years. 

the last time i sat down and recorded was over 20+ years ago.

everything has gone digital since then.

i decided a fairly compact  setup would be nice.

i will put it all together like in the drawing starting this Monday.

I'm not smoking over it! but getting very excited

the first picture is what i used to record on BACK IN THE 70'S. this is what the beatles recorded their first alnums on and was 4 channels.

the new recorder ia all digital and between it and my computer and new software i bought, I should be able to to what i want if i don't die first.


Then I Bit It Again!


Has anyone else experienced this?

do you know why?

I'm not too understanding of people who call themselves addicts.

To me that's saying you have no control over yourself.

What good does it do to say something is in control of you when you aren't even using it?

I smoked for 40 years and I don't consider myself an addict.

I choose to not smoke. what could be simpler?

I believe this "addict"  thinking is part of the whole brainwashing that it is so difficult to quit smoking or anything that triggers a dopamine release or dulls reality.

I believe you can overcome many negative limitations if you take control of your negative thinking and just kick it out of your head.

Quit defeating yourself.

if you are going to do this don't smoke another week. it could turn into another 10 years.

If your quit day is Monday and your pet dies Sunday, will you be smoking Monday? I believe you will.        People will use every excuse in the book to give themselves more time. And, just what good is more time doing the wrong thing giving you?

get right back on it.

we will help you get on track but please, stop playing at this.

it gets harder to quit every time you fail.

we will guide you.

we will lift you.

we will get you through

but you have to spend some time here to listen and learn.


you can keep going in circles

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."~ George Bernard Shaw

When we start smoking, we take on our first adult responsibilty. we now have an addiction / habit that isn't going to go away and we have to assume the responsibility for maintaining it. In thinking this way we have become adults and we give up some of or childish ways.  Have you ever stopped to think of what value to your psyche some of those childish ways were?

I contend, if you start looking at life with a playful eye and maybe loling a bit more, your quit can become easier and your lives more full.

Playfulness means being able to explore and to do things, for the sheer delight of doing them. It means relaxing, being spontaneous, and allowing a situation to carry you where it will. When we have a playful attitude, learning and discovery are fun, and even hard work can fly by.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that playfulness actually accomplishes things! When children play, they become smarter because new neuron connections are formed in their brains. Play has been described as the work of childhood, the place where the greatest learning occurs. Great scientists and spiritual leaders often are similarly playful.

Playfulness reduces stress, and brightens the atmosphere. It engages people to do things that make them more connected with other people. It makes people happy.

i never promised you a rose garden

You might have a long wait.

Then again, a tornado may assist you.

i'm not a gastroenterologist so i'm unable to interpret the results.

the anesthesia is still wearing off.

i'm not smoking over it.

i have pictures.kinda gross though. LOL

No One Puts A Gun To Our Head Do They?

(That makes it our choice to smoke or to not smoke)

he is shoeless again....why?

he said he had to hide the shoes or he would be killed by someone else for them


where does a homeless person hide anything?


of what use will those shoes be to someone whose feet have to be removed because they weren't wearing shoes in a New York winter?

evidently he wants a piece of the pie for being featured on the news and the internet.

how's about some cheap uggs?

Stop speaking negative thoughts

It's one thing to think something and another thing to say it out loud.

We can't control every thought but we don't have to speak them and head down the wrong road.

Stop saying "I'm afraid"

Stop saying "I can't do it"


Start saying  "I Can Do It"

You will be pleasantly surprised at what WILL happen if you quit sabotaging yourself.

you can do it


When you get old you start falling apart.

Wouldn't it be comforting to know you didn't cause it?

Did you know that smoking irritates the esophagus?

So, what do you think 40 years of smoking might do to it?

I was diagnosed with Barrett's Esophagus the end of May.

This is a precancerous condition caused by acid reflux and contributed to by smoking.

I also hooked up with diabetes and now stage 3 chronic kidney disease. (CKD)

I am going for "procedures" tomorrow. I lost 40% of my blood supply the end of May due to internal bleeding of my esophagus. Now, they must monitor the esophagus and create a baseline in case cancer has begun. Esophageal cancer is one of the quickest and deadliest there is.

Keep me in you thoughts tommorrow. They will be doing and endoscopy with biopsies and an esophageal ultrasound to create a baseline.

And a word to the wise about smoking.


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