To You New Years Quitters: How many of your New Years Resolutions have ever lasted?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 27, 2012

I quit the day AFTER new years so it would not be a resolution that got tossed in the ashtray.

I quit on a Tuesday, the day after New Years, 2007.

I hadn't set a quit  date ahead because I didn't even know if i was going to quit.

I bought my last pack the Friday before and I knew in my gut it was my last pack. It was then I decided that a new years resoution spelled doom for me and I decided on the day after.

some new years quitters have probably stayed quit but if they did, it probably wasn't from luck or a New Years Resolution so,  you need to start preparing now.

You need to start changing your thinking about smoking before you quit, or, you will most likely fail.

start stepping back and watching yourself smoke in your minds eye as you see it.

Then, go watch yourself smoking in a mirror.

It will totally change your thinking about your "not thinking" what you are doing to yourself because smoking becomes automatic. we do it because we have to to remain comfortable.

learn what makes your desire to smoke tick.

the more you know the better


thanks for the reminder break