May I Say That You Will Be Discovering Much About Yourself As You Process Your Quit?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 18, 2012

This song is about cleaning out your attic, letting go of the BS and moving forward with a clear head and a happy heart instead of lifelong confusion.

On my 30th birthday something took my thoughts back to every person i had met, what they had been brought into my life to teach me and me them.  it made me realize there is a reason for the people we meet. this standing back and taking a good look brings clarity and a different way of looking at life.

now, how this song came about:

Sometime about 30,  I was standing on a chair in the dining room and my ex wife and future wife were pinning my pants to hem them. (33 years ago)

I reached up to the ceiling fixture (it looked like a big ****) and said, I think I'll wind the house while I'm up here.

That's where the idea for the song and the title originated.

I hope you enjoy the song. It was taped on the beach at malibu a few years ago so the waves are a little noisy.