This is an adventure

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 14, 2012

both good and bad things will happen on an adventure.

my daughter and her fiance are driving to their future today.

by quitting smoking you are heading to your new future.

i am going to miss my daughter. we have never lived more than 2 hours apart.

and it's a little scary that she's moving 1300 miles away.

It's scary to give up smoking when it's all you've known.

He got an offer from Microsoft that will most likely set them up through retirement.

She just completed her business degree.

Now that's the beginning of an adventure if you ask me! There is no sorrow.


There is no sorrow in quitting smoking either.

this is your chance to be who you were meant to be instead of thinking when you can have that next smoke.

This is your adventure. There is nothing negative about it.

keep this thought in your head. THIS IS MY ADVENTURE!