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One day you'll realize you forgot to use your patch.

Now, you can panic or you can go without it.

If you go without it you may make it just fine through the day even after you realized you hadn't put it on.

Then a couple days later. It happens again.

Well you might start thinking "gee I did ok again!" and i didn't have my patch on.

Well then, you gotta know if these were flukes or not so you intentionally do not use one.

It's just that simple. There's no real frustration when it happens naturally.

I decided i would keep one in my wallet and I promised myself  if I wanted to smoke again, I would put on that patch on instead of lighting up.

I carried that patch in my wallet for a year.

I hope this helps some of you understand that getting off the patch does not have to be a panic process.

You don't have to fear it. Once you decide and get to that point, there's no need to fear it.

Whats next? Smo-nography?

it's easier for me to watch someone smoking.

maybe it's just because smoking was acceptable for so long and I did it for 40 years.

to me, watching someone with an ecig is like watching a heroin addict shoot up.

I quit the day AFTER new years so it would not be a resolution that got tossed in the ashtray.

I quit on a Tuesday, the day after New Years, 2007.

I hadn't set a quit  date ahead because I didn't even know if i was going to quit.

I bought my last pack the Friday before and I knew in my gut it was my last pack. It was then I decided that a new years resoution spelled doom for me and I decided on the day after.

some new years quitters have probably stayed quit but if they did, it probably wasn't from luck or a New Years Resolution so,  you need to start preparing now.

You need to start changing your thinking about smoking before you quit, or, you will most likely fail.

start stepping back and watching yourself smoke in your minds eye as you see it.

Then, go watch yourself smoking in a mirror.

It will totally change your thinking about your "not thinking" what you are doing to yourself because smoking becomes automatic. we do it because we have to to remain comfortable.

learn what makes your desire to smoke tick.

the more you know the better


thanks for the reminder break


You have to learn how to talk yourself OUT OF SMOKING----  NOT INTO IT when the urge comes.

If so , pin those things down. Those things that actually hept you from smoking.


The rest? Toss it out of your head.

Anything less than positive is negative

This is not what you want to be saying to yourself!


You can talk yourself out of it. Just say  "I don't do that anymore"

Talking yourself out of it is just as powerful as talking yourself into it.

You have the power.

Don't give it away!

It's easy to stay smokefree, just push it out your mind

It's said it takes numerous times to quit smoking.

I say it only takes one time.

Why "practice" those first days and weeks over and over?

Believe in yourself not in tobacco!

No matter where you are at....make this YOUR TIME!

sometimes (Hahahahahahaha) happiness is all in our minds.

what better place for it to reside!

His trach dislodged a week ago last Friday and he thought he was not going to make it.

We spoke yesterday and he sounded very upbeat for someone who's been in the hospital since Halloween day. Thursday was the first day he had real food in all this time. (No wonder he sounded good-a feeding tube just doesn't satisfiy!)

Because where he fell is kind of remote, I took my bike to the beach, parked my truck at one end of town and rode to the other end of town and back instead of taking that remote bike path alone.

These pictures are from the bike ride.

What the heck has happened to us where something so dismal sounding is supposed to be a positive?.

The Friday part sounds good. Let's take the day off work?

I guess it's supposed to be positive because we are spending the retailers out of debt with credit cards?

l'm personally waiting for "BANK Tuesday" when they give money away.

OMG! a TV for $20?

have you seen the 'piss off a frog" app?

have a great day all of you non-smokers and smokers. Life is short.

cleaning isn't the only way to keep your mind off smoking!






and then do this_____________________________________


all it takes is something to quickly distract you. (get your mind out of the gutter. I was thinking a wind sprint  to the end of the block)


just don't smoke



Y'all Have A Great Thanksgiving!

(I don't do that anymore)

Please try to disassociate smoking with celebration.

because most all the rest is what YOUR MIND is coming up with.

It's whatever you believe it to be people.

your fears, your apprehension. they don't have to enter into this. they are what make you panic and give in and you ruin your own quits.

they aren't necessarily real unless you make them real.

if you start thinking about a situation beforehand, and you decide how you are going to feel beforehand.

when you get into the situation you are unable to just let it unfold because of those pre-conceived ideas. you've already colored the direction of the outcome with that thinking.

we've all had a two-three week cold more than once and we know it will be over so we are uncomfortable but we accept it. thats how you need to look at this. there is an end to the initial discomfort.

so lets color the direction of the outcome positively and go into this with the best most open attitudes.

had her email in her user name.

she wants to quit her name is cindy and would you all make her feel welcome by visiting her page and saying hi? read her about me and then give her a little love and a welcome?

voila, cindy


welcome  cindy!!

just thought i'd take my camera and get some lunch and just go i did

I hope you enjoy todays pictures

**just a distraction**

Please be aware this a public site. anyone can join, even non smoking spammers and they love to find personal info so


you can give them privately to people after you trust them.


that is all

show yourselves. let us know how you are doing.

many who show up go back to smoking because they never get involved.







I guess the computer that picks the featured member didn't knowknow

perhaps she will come backback

This song is about cleaning out your attic, letting go of the BS and moving forward with a clear head and a happy heart instead of lifelong confusion.

On my 30th birthday something took my thoughts back to every person i had met, what they had been brought into my life to teach me and me them.  it made me realize there is a reason for the people we meet. this standing back and taking a good look brings clarity and a different way of looking at life.

now, how this song came about:

Sometime about 30,  I was standing on a chair in the dining room and my ex wife and future wife were pinning my pants to hem them. (33 years ago)

I reached up to the ceiling fixture (it looked like a big ****) and said, I think I'll wind the house while I'm up here.

That's where the idea for the song and the title originated.

I hope you enjoy the song. It was taped on the beach at malibu a few years ago so the waves are a little noisy.

why are the things that are bad for us the most desirable?


You know why?

Because they never let go of the idea that smoking gave them something.

A quit cannot last 'till you understand and get past this place.

As long as you put ANY hope in a cigarette, you will always be their slave.

Try chewing gum with your nose!

Yep, you heard me right.

You can't chew gum with your nose and smoke at the same time.

It's easier to quit smoking than to chew gum with your nose.

Don't gum up your quit, gum up your nose.

I just talked with his sister.

He's still in ICU. Has a trach tube. I've been sick and can't get into ICU anyway.

Hey, the helicopter ride was $30,000 to go less than 30 miles.

What has our system come to? How can medicare pay bills like this and remain viable?

Medi-cal states the state of California is required to come after your assets/estate when you die.

Are we to become the ones, individuals who end up paying who knows what amount of overinflated bills after were dead with money that should have gone to our kids for crappy medical care that was delayed to the point of being ineffective?

If that's the case, how can these service providers charge 20 times what it cost to provide the service? Why can't they be forced to charge reasonable amounts. Their high rates are what make this whole system unaffordable. No one can afford the bills so they are turned over to society. Then our kids get ripped off after we're gone.


There was a woman who needed a cat scan after a surgery due to unexpected residual pain.

The hospital charged her insurance company $6800. The insurance company paid an agreed upon amount and told her she had to pay an additional $2300 out of pocket.

After she did some research, she found out she could have paid 10 cents on the dollar ($680) if she had paid cash and not even needed the insurance. Think about all those years of premiums.

Is there something wrong here?

As soon as I'm well enough so I have some energy and am not contagious and Steve is out of ICU. I'm taking my guitar and paying a visit.

she just now texted this picture heading towards mt shasta on their move to microsoft

the only way to get off autopilot is to change it up.

you gotta get to the point that cigarettes are not the first thing that comes to mind.

it's very doable but we smoked a long time.

one week isn't going to cure month isn't going to cure you

promise yourself 130 days from your last puff to find the new you.

smoking can be something you rarely think of, let alone want to do.



both good and bad things will happen on an adventure.

my daughter and her fiance are driving to their future today.

by quitting smoking you are heading to your new future.

i am going to miss my daughter. we have never lived more than 2 hours apart.

and it's a little scary that she's moving 1300 miles away.

It's scary to give up smoking when it's all you've known.

He got an offer from Microsoft that will most likely set them up through retirement.

She just completed her business degree.

Now that's the beginning of an adventure if you ask me! There is no sorrow.


There is no sorrow in quitting smoking either.

this is your chance to be who you were meant to be instead of thinking when you can have that next smoke.

This is your adventure. There is nothing negative about it.

keep this thought in your head. THIS IS MY ADVENTURE!

No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker

well they made a movie. there must be a place?

No freekin out and smoking.

You come here and post "HELP" and you wait for responses.

If you are still feeling it? BLOG "HELP" AGAIN!

and you wait for responses.

If you still want to smoke? DO IT AGAIN and wait for responses

This is called the "THREE POST RULE"

Give us a chance to talk you down!

This is what we do

A young man drank so much celebrating his 21st birthday 2 weeks ago he destroyed his brain and is being taken off life support.

It's sort of like choosing to smoke while knowing it's probably going to kill you slowly.

Make the right choice when you feel you want to smoke.

Don't Smoke!

They got him off the ventilator and feeding tube.

The pneumonia is better but now he has MRSA


Please keep him in your prayers.

I haven't been able to go see him because he's been in ICU and I just got a cold today.





I know some of you new quitters or yet to quit smokers want to say that. It's probably the most feared aspect of quitting.

But is isn't true!

you learn how.

we have ways to help you...lessons to learn

all you will miss is the option to choke

No One Buys Them, Opens The Pack,  Pulls One Out, Puts It In Your Mouth, Lights It,

And Squeezes You Like An Accordian.

Your Quits Longevity Is In Your Hands!

Stay Busy!

Step Around!

Post HELP When You Need It!

has anyone run milk through a coffeemaker before?

and just think about that pot of gold you're saving by not smoking!


I took the train and the bus to a new Dr. about 35 miles away yesterday to save the $40-$50 it would have cost for gas if i had driiven my truck.

When I got out of the Dr's, it was raining through the sunshine.

Here are some pictures I took during my travels. They show last first since photobucket won't have it any other way.

Using the coffeemaker without any water.

(it didn't work)

It's like starting a quit with a pack in your purse and a cigarette in your mouth!

thank you very much!


chill've been reported

I just spoke with his sister.

The worst has now happened. He has pneumonia.

This was how he got COPD.

He had three strokes years ago in Washington state that took a toll on his health and then, due to the damp weather up there, got pneumonia 17 times. He moved down here because the weather is more hospitable for his health.

He and I were riding for me to get general exercise and for him to strengthen his lungs so they didn't get worse.

thanks for you prayers

spammer off the page

spammer off the page


one more blog'll push the spammer off the page


so lets all wave goodbye!

I'm here to say they are making it up at the grocery store.

How did 64 ounces become 59 ounces?

How did a half gallon become 3 pints?



I just visited a restaurant who's motto is certainly  "if they can see the cheese, you've put too much on."

I must get about 6 a day now. Unless I know who it is, I don't even pick up anymore.

then you have to look them up on google to see if its some dr's office you've never heard of who you've been waiting to contact you.

it didn't used to be like this

There's a hill at each end and, you must pick up enough speed to get up the other side or you risk causing an accident by having to get off your bike and walk it up..

Just look at what they provided to fall on. Rocks and cement slurry making those rocks ungiving.


I saw numerous other bicycle parts strewn among the rocks, Gee, what does that tell me?

I was on with 911 and they would not let me get off the phone until the EMT's arrived so I could not take pictures the day it happened.

I'm going down to see him at the hospital late this morning

he's still in the hospital from the accident on Wednesday.

i tried to call him all day yesterday and could not reach him.

i found out last night that he had a "respiratory event". evidently he choked yesteday and could not breathe.

imagine that happening with 8 broken ribs and copd.

he never smoked but he was so ill a few years ago and he lost considerable lung function from 17 bouts with pneomonia.

he is in icu

please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

there is a benefit on the weather channel. a lot of musicians raising money for those who lost everything.

take the cost of two packs of smokes and get it to them. we can all make a difference no matter how small.

they take paypal and credit cards

as always, I would not ask you to do anything i wouldn't.

help them out if you can.

or we could all order gucci bags and cancel after they've been shipped. At least he'd be out the postage from China even if the bags were worthless knockoffs!

My doctor took me off my diabetes medication Friday so at this time i have nothing to help me control my glucose levels.

The medication i've been on since the onset of my diabetes in november 2007 is damaging my kidneys as shown by overly high levels of creatinine in my blood work these past couple weeks.


So now, i have to control it with diet alone and check my blood 3-4 times a day.

The reason I tell you this?

Because this will be as big a life change as quitting smoking.

I depended on these drugs like a smoker depends on their cigarettes and uncontrolled diabetes will kill your organs and their function faster than smoking nearly every time.

Life is full of changes and sometimes you don't get to choose.

You can choose to quit smoking!


after that it becomes easier.

for those next few months the majority of days are easier than hard. Yes, you may have some days or even a random week or two where you think strongly about smoking. It's all part of the process


perhaps there is a point for you like there was for me where instead of fighting it anymore you just absolutely know you will never smoke again. Perhaps it's the realization that you are truly happier as a non smoker than you were smoking. Perhaps it's reaching for that ghost pack, realizing you don't smoke anymore and laughing because you know you are free.

for me it was day 126,

Do you know the day the realization hit you?

please be aware as you approach 130 days and let us know?

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