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You must learn to distract yourself.

The rediculousness of you down on your knees  pushing an orange with your nose ought to stop it in it's tracks.

peel an apple with a spoon.

Put your underwear on backwards.

Anything that distracts you can break that craving.


you have to have some interest in not smoking and build that interest into confidence so you can quit.

so, how do you do that?

you start catching yourself when you want to smoke and you say "I'm gonna wait a little longer.

if you are truly interested in quitting the time between smokes will grow to hours over time and it won't seem like torture, it you will feel like you are gaining control


It shows you that you don't need to smoke every time you want to smoke.

Doesn't that seem more positive than just thinking about quitting and doing nothing?

Isn't that a better way to get started than just doing nothing and thinking you will magically quit?

One part of quitting smoking is the addiction.

The second part is smoking induced from memories,  emotions and the daily repetition.

If you are using the patch, use the time on the patch to soften the edges while you get a handle on the second part.

The patch isn't going to quit for you. Nothing will.

except you.


johnson and johnson is considering an organic lubricant division but t he testees have fallen and they can't get up

then a trip by the beach

i don't know if you all crop your pictures so i cropped all that i thought needed it and adjusted the lighting to my preferences. I left the unedited versions so you can see what I did with the editing.

this is a great hobby if you have a computer and a $100 digital camera. I just use windows office photo to do the cropping, etc...



The best part is there is no film to develop.


Great FREE distraction to keep your mind off smoking

Not Quitting Is The Hard Road.

haven't touched a bass in 12 years but it's sort of like riding a bike, i hope. LOL

not smoking over it in any case

What would you do if you got a seriously past due notice from someone you've never heard of who has never sent you a bill?

I read a story recently of a woman who has great health insurance and pays high premiums to have it.

Turns out she had a surgery and had unexpected pain long past the normal healing time.

Her Dr. ordered a CT scan.

The hospital charged her insurance company $6700 and her portion was $2300.

After doing considerable research because she had the same scan prior to her surgery where her copay was much less, she found out if she had paid cash, the "cash price" would have been around $1000.

What's wrong with this picture?

There is absolutely no rhyme or reason as to what hospitals charge. What they charge is completely unrelated to what the procedure actually cost them to perform.

They charge whatever they think they can without any concern that they charge one person one fee and another a different fee for the same services.

In my career as a self employed general contractor I charged the people in Bel Air the same price as I charged people in Watts. Isn't that the "fair" way to treat people?


Is there any question why?

I intend to call the Dr.s office who sent me the "seriously past due" notice I received over the weekend and ask when they first had my address and suggest whomever sends out the bills ought to be fired. Wouldn't you hate to be them?

But i won't smoke over it

you're gonna feel so good about yourself.

let each days success set up the next days success.

this is a song I'm writing

finish the last thought of the second line 

"Direction Out Of Nowhere    Not a thing I could have planned 

Lost within life’s secrets  Old memories are fanned

New hope is reignited  Once lost but always free   

???  ??? ????   ???  ???? ????  ????   ?????'

a. offer him a drink

b. head for the corner store

c. if you think he wants a cigarette you are seriously mistaken.

d. give him the whole pie and say goodbye

e. give him a bath

f.  walk slowly away and be thankful you still have your backside. (if you do)


AND THIS     V                         V                        V                       V


Don't Drink 'Till You Stink.



Alcohol and it's ability to remove self control is the most common quit killer.

what do you imagine the smoker is going to be thinking about in a short while?

and 5 minutes later?

and 5 minutes after that?

and a minute after that?

and a second after that?



Can you see how smoking disrupts your life?

this is all driven by the nicotine until there is none in your system then, you spend your time unlearning smoking but also , making memories without smoking.

The more memories you build that do not include smoking, the more you grow to think of yourself as a non-smoker. This is the path to disconnection from smoking.

not that there's anything wrong with flounder


Your physical symptoms are gone within a month. The relearning life without thinking of smoking daily takes a few more.

You must find a way to step around, not dwell on smoking thoughts.

I  laughed when they came. Laughing counteracts dwelling.



What? Did you think it was going to all be over in a week?

that was pretty dang fast spam obliteration

Oh Yeah, Right.


The Gamble

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Sep 13, 2012

In the short run:
One Puff Can Cause A Stroke Or Heart Attack

In the long run:
Well just how long do you think you can keep doing this to yourself before your body rebels?

Cancer?  COPD? Arteriosclerosis?

Which will it be?

Is it time to stop?
It is totally within your power to not smoke.
You weren’t born with a lit cigarette in your mouth.
Unchoose Smoking. The sooner, the better.


The following verses are copyright 1998 by Lawrence, Ann, Benjamin, and Katherine Sulky

Do your ears stretch wide? Do they reach from side to side?
Can you use them as a parachute or wings that let you glide?
Can you cast a cooling shadow over most of Colorado?
Do your ears stretch wide?

Are your ears too big? Are they heavy as a pig?
Do they bruise your cerebellum when you dance an Irish jig?
Can they function as the anchors for a fleet of oil tankers?
Are your ears too big?

Are your ears real small? Barely visible at all?
Do they look just like two peanuts stuck onto a bowling ball?
Can you store them in a thimble when you're feeling rather nimble?
Are your ears real small?

Are your ears quite clean? Do they have a lovely sheen?
Did you harvest all the vegetables that grow down in between?
Did you wash out all the soil after all your farming toil?
Are your ears quite clean?

Are your ears so thin? Do the breezes make 'em spin?
Can you shine a light right through them like the finest onionskin?
Can you wrap up a salami? Do they fold like origami?
Are your ears so thin?

You Need To Believe You Can Do It AND Put That Knowledge Into Practice For It To Be Of Value

Tobacco/Nicotine is never done with you until you're done with it.

you've made it difficult by

throwing them in a weighted box at the bottom of a lake with a dragon guarding it!!!


you could just decide you aren't going to smoke and don't allow yourself easy access to cigarettes or tobacco or over consume alcohol

That's what it takes.

Are You?

She's having some rejection problems with the new lung they gave her.


my good friend who gave up a 5 year quit when she moved back in with a dear friend and was offered a smoke with their nightly glass of wine (a prior tradition)

well 4 months ago her dear friend had to have a leg amputated above the knee (due to smoking complications) and has been away from home recovering in no smoking facilities for the past 4 months, in effect, her quitting was forced. So? How strong do I think the quit of a person who never decided to quit is going to be? She asked my friend once if she was still smoking during a visit in the four months and my friend said yes and her friend said gimmee one.  So now that they are both back together, how long, I'm wondering before she asks again?

I've been telling my friend for these past 4 months that she needed to quit so when her friend got home she wasn't the enabler like her friend was for her.

My friend has floundered over and over these past 4 months and is unable to quit. Her friend moved back home this past Monday.

How long will it be before her friend is going to ask my friend if she is still smoking and asks for one again and it's going to start all over once again and she can start working on losing the other leg? Once she starts back she will just ask her bf to buy them for her.


that's my story.  no elves. no dwarves. just another true tale of NICOTINE ADDICTION and how it's propagated by FRIENDS

Finding a fan at this time of year.

The one that brings in air beside my bed crapped out yesterday and I layed there

perspiring all night. I pity the hog with all that fur.

Speaking of Hoggie,

I took some pictures of him on my desk last night and made a slideshow of stills.

It's funny when his tail moves from photo to photo.

Take a look if you dare.


Task #2

I've been going through my friends list of people I have not seen for a long time and asking where they are and if they are still quit on their message boards. Some have been gone for years with no word. I guess you know by now only 5-7% of people who try to quit make it a year. Take some time and reach out to those you haven't heard from in awhile. Ask them what's up with their quit and invite them back.

I still can't get this

To Look Like this!

This CAN NOT happen if:


You haven't hidden cigarettes in your shoes.

Your dog doesn't have cigarettes in his shoes.



smoking shoes aren't good for the sole


can I get an AMEN?

Quitting is a good thing. It's not always gonna be fun.

There will be times when you may get just plain tired of quitting, especially during your first month.

Yes it's work because it's unnatural to try and undo such a pervasive part of your life, something that actually ran our lives.

You never thought of the feelings your little leaguer had when they hit that triple and looked for your face in the stands for recognition but you were out in the parking lot lighting up.

How about the person you were talking with who's conversation was lost because all you could think about was having a smoke.

That was our mindset.

That was our master.

So remember you are doing something spectacular for yourself.

Freedom isn't fun. You may have to take it moment by moment in some days.

Dig in. Dig Deep Never back down.

I just saw it on the local news

One night after performing in Tokyo our promotors road crew and a few of us went to a small bar for a couple beers and some food.

i ordered a beer and a sandwich and as my sandwich was being delivered, a small japanese gentleman asked me a question.

"One Bite?"

I nodded and he proceeded to eat my sandwich in one bite.

but there's no traffic!

and you have us leading the way!

I am nearly in my mid 60's I am noticing certain friends my age going from relationship to relationship.

It's funny because it's the ones who were never married.

I believe they are so desparate from never having been in a long term committed relationship that they see the near future when they aren't  as healthy as the time they will lose their ability to socialize and they will be alone.

So they chose to be alone their whole lives and now they think they are going to magically find someone to commit to a relationship with them?

Well they just might. After all, there are plenty of people who have been married and have been divorced for a long time who are looking for companionship.

so, with that in mind, please to join "slipshodmingle" where you can desparately seek Susan or Sally or Billy or Willy in Tucson Or Cali Or Vegas Or Philly

Did you see that until Sheryl posted this morning, the entire blog page was covered in nothing but spam.

I hate waking up to it and it surely it doesn't present the best picture of this site to anyone who came here last night looking for help.

Will it ever change? Not until the site cares about the purpose we are here for more than they care bombarding us with advertising to the point the site slows to a crawl and people leave out of frustration.


A loss

Your wife

Your boss

A death

A birth

what could it hurt???


Your lungs

your heart

your clothes

your car

not smokin's better off by far but, we all knew that din't we?

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