Keep Going! Don't Short Yourself! You Can Quit Smoking!

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 25, 2012

Keep going

learn about the addiction. learn what to do when you get a crave.

There is absolutely no excuse for being overwhelmed if you keep control.

You have that power. You have that choice.

Keep going

"hold it!" "I gotta have one more" does not have to be you!

on a side note

Remember Phil Harris? Jimmy Durante?

We were on the same bill with them at the Frontier Hotel in Vegas late 60's

Phil used to sing that song "smoke smoke  smoke that cigarette" in his set every night.

that was his trademark song. a song about smoking. LOL.

Boy, if we knew then huh?

Just remember, you can't fail if you stick with it!

Keep going!

Give yourself 130 days without a puff!