Head In The Right Place?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 13, 2012

There is more than one way to quit


there is one place everyone's head has to be to succeed!

You don't look at quitting as a negative thing or something that is bad. You look at it as the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Sucessfully quitting involves a freedom of spirit and unbelievable boost in your self esteem. You will wonder why you didn't do it before. It will make you realize that most anything is attainable and give you a new outlook on life which will affect everyone around you.

You are missing nothing and gaining everything by quitting.

You must get a positive attitude.

You can do this by reading how others have been successful and by self talking.

Yes you heard me. You talk to yourself and you say, "I can do this" "Nothing can stop me from doing this."

"I will control this" "I will not fail because nothing and no one can make me smoke again"

Laugh when a craving comes. Seriously. Laugh out loud. You can't dwell on the negative feelings if you hear yourself laugh, even if you feel it is forced because, it will shift your thinking immediately. And, it releases dopamine so, LAUGH HARD!

You have to forget about past attempts.

You have to believe you can do it. How do you think this will get accomplished if you don't believe you can do it?  We believe you can do it. You must believe just as hard as we do.

The more time you spend here, the more involved you will be with your quit and the less chance to be overcome by your own thinking and go back to smoking.

You decide. The negative fail. The positive succeed.