every one of us who has made it a few years

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 10, 2012

has been through everything you are going through that is actually related to quitting smoking.

the same physical withdrawal miseries: sleeplessness, lightheadeness, cramping, nervousness, constipation, tiredness, anxiety, anger, panic attacks and depression.

the people who went before us and taught us all did too.

the emotional rollercoasters: like finding out you can no longer live with someone after 33 years. losing a parent. having people cheat you in business. being in construction when the economy tanked. serious health concerns. all devastating experiences.

through all the trials you need something to hold onto. that is this place. no one is trying to treat anyone badly.

we aren't asking you to do anything we haven't done. and we certainly aren't asking for ourselves.