precede, precedent

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 9, 2012


what precedes smoking after you've quit?

well, first the thought comes into your head (doesn't matter from where)

then you have to decide whether you will act on it.

does that involve going to the store to buy cigarettes? that takes some time. time in which you could have diverted your thoughts of smoking.

asking somebody for one? it doesn't really matter how you get them either.

you've suffered and sacrificed by choosing life over smoking haven't you?

how long has it been? weeks? months? years?

it's kinda hard to forget you don't smoke after years

so,  what it really comes down to (no matter how long you have not smoked) is, will you give yourself permission?  and if you do will this set a precedent for the future?

nothing and no one makes us smoke.

if you don't smoke, you have avoided setting yourself up for the next time.

is smoking worth going through quitting all over again?