All You People Who Are Just Beginning This Journey~~Promise Yourself 4 Months From Your Last Puff

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 31, 2012

I cannot stress enough how important allowing yourself this amount of time relearning life without smoking is.


Timeline Of What You Will Experience

The first 2 weeks are the worst.

Third week gets a little easier and most of the spaciness begins to go away.

At a month, you think you have succeeded.

The next three months are when most people fail.

Did you hear that? This is not bullshit.

Only 7 in 100 make it that whole first year.

You gotta make that first 4 months before you can make a year, yes?

One does not come without the other.

Remember this.

There is nothing more important. Give yourself this much time.

We want you to succeed!