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You are flirting with Quit-saster!

The biggest quit killer is drinking. We all have a tipping point.

Yep, you gotta work your quit this labor day weekend.

Ouch Ouch Ouch

Granted, in the beginning it's mainly about not smoking.

You may begin thinking maybe everything in your life isn't as groovy as you thought it to be when you smoked your way through.

no more autopilot.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

Were we so blind we couldn't see clearly because our desire for a cigarette often overshadowed all other thoughts and we didn't even realize it?

NOW is the wakeup call.

Quitting smoking is your chance to to work on making your life what  it could be.

Start turning that thinking about smoking or not smoking into positive thoughts of change and put them into action. Do fun things you liked when you were growing up or something you always wanted to do. Be kind to yourself and the ones around you. 

Make it count

these pics are from today. the ones at the beginning and the end are an unused freeway off ramp i want to use as a set/backdrop for a video of the band doing one of my songs. the ones in the middle are just the beach trip today. enjoy....



it shouldn't be a problem if you

1  don't have any around!

2  do not have saboteour smoking acquaintances

3  do not drink 'till you're drunk

4  you come here and post the word HELP in the title of a blog and wait for responses

The Answer?

We didn't know there was no excuse. If you never choose to quit, how would you know if you could do it or not?

maybe the seeds planted in our heads as children.

As a child. I was told it was difficult to quit smoking by people who weren't even smokers. That "difficulty in quitting thought" possibly became an accepted rule of thumb for generations because of this conveyance of  "empathy/understanding/kindness" by a mother to her children.

Well, we now know better. A lot more study has been done. A lot more progress. A lot more knowledge.

And alot more people having success at quitting because so many others have done it.

We aren't equipped here to handle every other problem individuals may have.

We are here to help you quit smoking.

We know how and we are just passing it on because we appreciate those who went before us.

The only way to remain smoke free is not to smoke. This is not judgement, this is a fact.

You make your own destiny!

We have a working plan.

We are offering you a job.

You work your own hours, set your own pace.

You are literally going to be investing in your future and the future of all those around you.

You will influence some that have not even been born yet!     What a legacy!

People you already know will see you in a whole different light.

You will notice extreme positive changes in the way you feel physically and your self esteem.

So, do you want the job?

Didn't smell a cigarette all day.

Why would you want to?

Life is sweet.

Put your best smell forward

quit smoking!

Get life saving serious. that's what this is about, saving your life.

Learn when and why you smoke each day.

Ask yourself the hard questions.

Then take the plunge and get on the way.

A rope with someone on the other end?


thinking about how much you hate the hole?

In the quiet of the night  when not sleeping is your plight

And you don't like where you're at,  feeling like the beaten path

you can change your course  Put the cigarettes down

choose a different horse Put the cigarettes down

no smoking's a great place to start  to discover both your health and heart


no smoking's a great place to start!

Keep going

learn about the addiction. learn what to do when you get a crave.

There is absolutely no excuse for being overwhelmed if you keep control.

You have that power. You have that choice.

Keep going

"hold it!" "I gotta have one more" does not have to be you!

on a side note

Remember Phil Harris? Jimmy Durante?

We were on the same bill with them at the Frontier Hotel in Vegas late 60's

Phil used to sing that song "smoke smoke  smoke that cigarette" in his set every night.

that was his trademark song. a song about smoking. LOL.

Boy, if we knew then huh?

Just remember, you can't fail if you stick with it!

Keep going!

Give yourself 130 days without a puff!



1. When you do something but don't give it your all,  resulting in whatever your doing turning out poorly.

2. insufficient or haphazard; not fully planned or developed. 

3. incompetent; lacking sufficient ability or knowledge.

4. limited thought or effort given to a task or idea.


I never knew it took 7 times to finally quit smoking.

You know what I see?

This is such a frigging excuse to give up.  "They couldn't do it so how can I"

Well, some of us can teach you how and some can leave a light on for you but until you stop giving up?

Nothing's going to do it for you. It's your choice.

PS It really only takes one time.

it's brackish green and slimy but it should hit your spammy spot

help yourselves but you're on the honor system so only one cup per spammer please!

tomorrow night we'll be offering "grow a heart" cookies with your cough-ee.

Watch for our special on Saturday. We are serving poison spam-getti prior to execution to the first 100 spammers who step forward.

you may step forward now. and receive your reward.


A Crave

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Aug 24, 2012

You can let it take you down


You can laugh and turn it around

this is why we seem to lose our energy in the afternoon near the end of the cycle that begins when we wake.

you can counteract this fatigue by eating half a piece of fruit and 2 bites of protein.

the fruit will lift you immediately and the protein will extend the lift time.

When I respond to your post, give me some latitude.

I'm not attacking you.

I've been here every day for 5 years. When I see people unfocused or focused on minutia instead of what is really important to quit, I am going to let you know.

It's not an attack. If it angers you, maybe I hit close to home?

If it makes you rethink your mental position, that's the intent.

Remember, this is YOUR life I'm trying to save, NOT MINE!

I just received notice that my medical benefits are going to be made retroactive to three months before my hospital stay the end of May forward.

All the past due bills can stop. LOL

You know you can do this!

Anyone can do this!

If you smoke after you've quit?

Don't give up and put off quitting smoking until next time you get the "quit smoking hair."

Get mad at yourself, don't lose your momentum and, move forward.

Don't know what time it is scheduled but today's the day.

Arms Raised, Head Bowed

I hate weaning and counting. You know why?

because you are making a point of taking something away from yourself by so much everyday. That eventually makes smoking a prize you don't want to give up. Start taking the power away from smoking by not thinking about smoking or not smoking all the time.

I cut down, but I didn't count. Counting puts stress on you because if you go up instead of down, you now have a negative in your head like you didn't do something right.

Also, If you don't sit around counting how many cigarettes you have left, you aren't constantly thinking about smoking or not smoking all the time.

  You want to catch yourself just as you think of smoking and say "I'm going to wait awhile longer (and not watch the clock) and figure out something to get your mind busy so you aren't focused on smoking

That's what you're going to have to do when you quit.

In four weeks I was down from a pack a day to 5 a day without ever counting.

Counting stresses you out. Seeing yourself go 3 or 5 hours without a smoke is proving to your psyche that you have some control over smoking.

That's what empowers you to actually begin your quit, seeing yourself in charge.

That's when you know you're ready. It's not so overwhelming when you take control instead of letting it control you.


If you set your mouse pointer towards one side or the other the camera pans right or left.

Mouse pointer up or down? camera pans up and down.

There is also a zoom

What are you doing, taking a smoke break?

Buying stock in big tobacco one pack at a time?

Paying with your life? Gambling on your future? Just plain give up on yourself?

There must have been some reason you wanted to quit?

Might it have had anything to do with not destroying your health?

If so, by not quitting you've done another (how many) years damage?

Why don't you do something good for yourself and get you butts back here and quit?

There are alot of positives to losing the master that controls your life and steals your breath.

Don't give up.

get mad. dig in. get through!

Make sure you wear some flowers in your hair


carry a Top Gun

I'm seeing the phrase "I hope it sticks"

If that's all you got securing your quit, you better find another type of glue

because you are saying something out of your control is controlling you.


Let It Go

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Aug 20, 2012

Forcing yourself to stop smoking for a certain amount of time may keep you quit for that amount of time


If you are not enjoying your progress as you quit and not genuinely noticing the positives in your physical being and mental attitude toward life in general, when your willpower runs out, so may your quit.

This is not about denial with willpower until you can't do it anymore, this is a lifestyle change.

Quitting smoking is not a negative. If all you think about is what you are giving up by not smoking, you may only remain quit for so long.

Smoking sucks! Haven't you noticed?


And if you smoke?

Don't keep smoking. Start your quit again as soon as possible.

Don't unfocus yourself by sitting around thinking what a failure you are. it will weaken your resolve. Again, this quitting and then smoking thing is a bad thing to repeat with much time in between.

Once you start and fail you need to get mad at yourself and start again so you don't have to find the quitting mindset again.

Come On! Lets Go!

i remember going camping in death valley a few times.

there was a square cement hole in the ground and ice cold water was just gushing within it.

imagine that with the temperature hovering between 115 and 120.

seemed like a miracle as a kid.

isn't the main vein of thought that is taught at AA is you are powerless against your addiction?

doesn't this seem like defeated thinking?

and, doesn't it sound like an excuse to fail?

just curious as to other peoples opinions

something to lift your spirits.


have a great smokefree day people.

speaking of spirits

don't drink too much alcohol

it's the biggest quit killer of all

we have all known people who have suffered and died from smoking.

many have been at a smoking loved ones deathbed and gone outside to smoke.

so, what do you think you are going to accomplish here?

your testimony of fear is not needed.

missing life 5 minutes at a time.

can you see what we all gave up?

stick with this quit of yours and you will.

your joy is that you aren't giving it away any longer.

"Absolutely amazing"

"Two Thumbs Up"

You're laughing at me aren't you? You ought to be laughing at yourself!

Laughing sets off a chain of events leading to a dopamine release.

This is the same thing nicotine does. The same thing sex does.

Even if you don't feel it, it will seem so rediculous to hear yourself laughing that it will make you laugh with sincerity and turn your thoughts of smoking around.

Isn't it nice to not fight quitting but to laugh instead?

You'll never know until you try it.

and they aren't too respectful of that sucker.




My buddy Steve and I went to the beach for a few hours.

Smoking became a convenient reaction.

A drug hit to temper the bad feelings and enhance the good ones.

Is it time for a change?

Time for reality? Time to stop running away?

Time to stop "unthinkingly" killing yourself?

There is more than one way to quit


there is one place everyone's head has to be to succeed!

You don't look at quitting as a negative thing or something that is bad. You look at it as the best thing you will ever do for yourself. Sucessfully quitting involves a freedom of spirit and unbelievable boost in your self esteem. You will wonder why you didn't do it before. It will make you realize that most anything is attainable and give you a new outlook on life which will affect everyone around you.

You are missing nothing and gaining everything by quitting.

You must get a positive attitude.

You can do this by reading how others have been successful and by self talking.

Yes you heard me. You talk to yourself and you say, "I can do this" "Nothing can stop me from doing this."

"I will control this" "I will not fail because nothing and no one can make me smoke again"

Laugh when a craving comes. Seriously. Laugh out loud. You can't dwell on the negative feelings if you hear yourself laugh, even if you feel it is forced because, it will shift your thinking immediately. And, it releases dopamine so, LAUGH HARD!

You have to forget about past attempts.

You have to believe you can do it. How do you think this will get accomplished if you don't believe you can do it?  We believe you can do it. You must believe just as hard as we do.

The more time you spend here, the more involved you will be with your quit and the less chance to be overcome by your own thinking and go back to smoking.

You decide. The negative fail. The positive succeed.

have you figured it out yet?

does nothing good

gives nothing good

kills your parents, your grandparents, kills their brothers and sisters. kills your brothers and sisters.

it's a family legacy of death passed from generation to generation

it takes your breath away

it takes your money

enslaves your thoughtlife in such an insidious way that you don't even realize it.

steals time from your family

This one's for Tommy for his speedy healing by the grace of God

Use your speakers if you have some

Prepare yourself.

Many will not get to 30 days.

But, if you do, you will probably be tired of thinking about quitting.

the honeymoon is over.

You worked so hard to let it go.

Now is the time to mentally prepare for unexpected cravings.

They may be few and far between but they knock most peoples quits apart because they don't expect them.

The purpose of this blog?

If you know to expect them they aren't unexpected anymore.

And, don't panic. They aren't any worse than what you've experienced, they are just unexpected.

This is why we have to unlearn it.

And then we have to plan so we don't put ourselves in harms way.

If I went back to the store where I bought my smokes I knew the owner would put two packs on the counter when he saw me come through the door. He doesn't care for my health. If i quit, he doesn't get my money anymore.

So, why would I put myself in that position to rethink my decision to quit?

You have to think ahead and avoid the simplest paths that would take you back to smoking.

Think of the obvious ones and then plan to avoid them.

This isn't rocket science but, you do have to plan ahead somewhat as to how you are going to unlearn smoking or you will be right back to it.

U can't play at this and expect to keep your quit

Until You Sticky To It!

has been through everything you are going through that is actually related to quitting smoking.

the same physical withdrawal miseries: sleeplessness, lightheadeness, cramping, nervousness, constipation, tiredness, anxiety, anger, panic attacks and depression.

the people who went before us and taught us all did too.

the emotional rollercoasters: like finding out you can no longer live with someone after 33 years. losing a parent. having people cheat you in business. being in construction when the economy tanked. serious health concerns. all devastating experiences.

through all the trials you need something to hold onto. that is this place. no one is trying to treat anyone badly.

we aren't asking you to do anything we haven't done. and we certainly aren't asking for ourselves.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Aug 9, 2012

you were a hairy cat (furry is the word)

would you stand still if you saw these coming at you?


what precedes smoking after you've quit?

well, first the thought comes into your head (doesn't matter from where)

then you have to decide whether you will act on it.

does that involve going to the store to buy cigarettes? that takes some time. time in which you could have diverted your thoughts of smoking.

asking somebody for one? it doesn't really matter how you get them either.

you've suffered and sacrificed by choosing life over smoking haven't you?

how long has it been? weeks? months? years?

it's kinda hard to forget you don't smoke after years

so,  what it really comes down to (no matter how long you have not smoked) is, will you give yourself permission?  and if you do will this set a precedent for the future?

nothing and no one makes us smoke.

if you don't smoke, you have avoided setting yourself up for the next time.

is smoking worth going through quitting all over again?

Just saw a story on the local news about all the people rushing out to buy gas because it's 4 cents more a gallon than it was yesterday.

Gee, if you have a 15 gallon tank that is a savings of 60 cents. Let's say you have to fill up twice a week.

That would be an extra $4.80 a month

Will you also drive 5 miles out of your way to save that 60 cents?

What are we going to do when it's up a quarter more gallon than it is today? not go to work?

Did you ever stop to realize that when you use nicotine, the need to use it again comes from the fact that you used it in the first place?

How do you expect to ever break the cycle and become free?

Oh, ok. You don't care that something controls you, that you are just being used by a substance and don't choose to use it but you must use it.

Not everyone wants their life controlled by their need for nicotine. That's why most of us are here.

Smoking is the nasty part but the nicotine is what keeps you coming back for more.

Vapers are people looking for an easy way out.

Have you ever gotten your head around the idea that quitting not only smoking but also nicotine might be good for you and let that revelation push you forward or did you only focus on the difficulty and the boo hoo?


Those purple ecigs surely are beautiful. I would really like to have them sitting on every available surface in my house. Maybe I could build a shrine? Maybe a bunch of shrines?

you've come to the right place!


There Is Hope

We all like to say we’re fine pretend we have no cares
Then there is the other side that we guard like a bear
Our lives unravel constantly just as each day is long
So if you’ve tried your best and you’re still up against the wall
There is hope    In the smile of  a child
Don’t give up… it gets better in awhile…
Just hang on for a moment more And I’ll throw you a rope
The one thing you can’t give up on is hope
You’re hurting kinda flirting with disaster every day
Your world is falling down you’re not the master anyway
Everything is closing in much tighter than before
Your friends will stand beside you so don’t you slam the door ‘cause
There is hope    In the smile of  a child
Don’t give up… it gets better in awhile…
Just hang on for a moment more And I’ll throw you a rope
The one thing you can’t give up on is hope
Maybe it’s the love you lost get over it today
how much have you let it cost? can you really say?
Broken hearts will heal my friend and hurt again and feel again
Sometimes we gotta float to really know
There is hope    In the smile of  a child
Don’t give up… it gets better in awhile…
Just hang on for a moment more And I’ll throw you a rope
The one thing you can’t give up on is hope
There is hope    In the smile of  a child
Don’t give up… it gets better in awhile…
Just hang on for a moment more And I’ll throw you a rope
The one thing you can’t give up on , The one thing you can’t give up on,
The one thing you can’t give up on is hope

The US or the US?

Obviously you are DOING IT WRONG.

And every time you fail you shoot yourself in the faith yet one more time.

What I see is you have now conditioned yourself to fail.

So do you really want to quit?

You come here and profess your desire and yet you are smoking the next day.

When is something going to change where you actually believe what you say?

That's what it's going to take. Lip service isn't helping you. Get some cajones and stop making excuses.

And if there aren't any around, why do you keep buying them or borrowing them?

This is no way to "quit smoking"

If you've quit and you are still smoking, you are doing it wrong!

Get a plan together.

If you have failed before? Figure out why. Nothing changes unless you approach it differently

It's best to know a little about what you are up against, yes? You wouldn't bungee jump off a bridge without the bungee cord would you?

Quitting doesn't just happen. Make yourself active. Think about what you are doing every step of the way.

When you approach a trigger, don't dwell on it, change your thought. And do it quickly.

You must have a true belief you can do it.

We've already done it, you can too. There were those ahead of us who showed us the way.

We are not any smarter than you but, we have already been there and we can show you how to do this.

He doesn't stray too far.

He got tired of me reaching over him in the desk drawer and started plopping himself on my bill pile so I had to finally make him a spot.

Well, the person with "vaper" as the last portion of her user name came again last night and posted on my message board  to "correct my thinking." I don't know why she only posts on my page. Must be a love hate relationship. LOL

It's my opinion that anyone who wants to pretend they are smoking the rest of their life is never far from a cigarette, nicotine or not.

They will do a rollback into smoking

~When they realize the ecig just doesn't deliver the goods as well as the real thing.

~Because they never let smoking go.

I commented back but she erased my comments. Go figure.

PS I'll keep you informed if she ever convinces me otherwise.


we gotta get over it!

smoking tobacco will never be done with you

until you are done with it.

Never once thought about a cigarette.

They had it at a restaurant in the marina.

It was really noisy and I think they had 200 people in a room designed to hold 50.

The smokers self delegated themselves to the outside.

Pretty soon the seagull union will picket and there won't be anyplace to smoke.

Are you ready for that? I am

($8 a drink. Wow. I Wasn't Ready For That)


You really do get to a place where you don't think of smoking when you drink but, it takes some time.

Eventually most even outgrow drinking to excess. LOL.

no THING puts a cigarette in your mouth and makes you smoke it.

only you can do that.

(Someone just asked me how to do this is why I am posting how)

You do it by going through the "my quit plan" tab near the top of your page on the right.

jonescarp is taken.


Sandy Haboob isn't.



those of you who read his blogs are hopeless.   LOL

your heads are definitely in the wrong place to quit smoking. LOL

it's going to take alot of EXtra work to even get you back into the neighborhood?


never give up!



This person if they are a real person still has to pretend she is smoking? How often? she didn't say.

There's always a bunch of "vapers" on Ex's facebook page trying to push their method and sell their products.

That must be the reason she came here and posted directly on my page.

I believe most "vapers" are still hooked on nicotine, can't give it up, and don't even realize they aren't choosing to use it but must use it because they are addicts


Why would I want to be a non smoker like her? I don't want to pretend I'm smoking every 20 minutes.

We aren't here only to help you stop smoking. That's 1/2 of it. The other half is to get you free from nicotine so you don't go back to it.

Nicotine controls you as long as you use it. It's what you think about.

Don't you have better things to do with your time than to think about getting your next fix?

Well, you don't until you are free of it!

I used the patch for the first two weeks so I could unlearn the habit part and know what to expect when I couldn't smoke.

once I had experienced those urges and got my head around the fact i wasn't dying,  I knew i could deal without the patch.

its really about how much you are going to limit yourself or look for excuses.

I didn't have the roadmap I am giving you when I quit. No site that I know of watches and keeps track of what people experience during their quit and when. I use general terms to describe the emotional things we experience because they can vary but, I am more concerned with giving you a timeline because that's what I wish I would have had.

once you have the roadmap and a couple weeks under your belt, it all becomes clearer and not so fearful.

After those first two weeks on the patch (5 years and 8 months ago), I joined a website.

I learned everything i could. I asked questions. I watched peoples successes and failures.

I feel the most important thing about this roadmap is knowing about the unexpected craving in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th months. This is the time most people give up and their unpreparedness for these unexpected attacks is why. I watched it over and over and over.

Starting with the patch may work for you or you may have your own plan, or, you can stumble around defeating yourself until you get tired of that.

Whatever you choose, please, think about logically guiding your quit instead of taking the "whatever happens, happens" approach.

Yes, you will experience some strange things physically and emotionally.

Nicotine is a powerful drug and generates changes in the body. These have to be undone.

But, if you get your head around this and ask and listen, we've watchedt for years and we can help you through the easiest way.

    "to vacillate irresolutely between choices"
    "to fluctuate in opinion, or direction"
   "to weave or sway unsteadily to and fro"
   "to hesitate as if about to give way"

Distract Yourself Immediately

Bite a lemon skin and all

Put a large ice cube in your mouth and let it melt completely

Open the freezer door and breathe deep

Put your right shoe on your left foot

or your underwear on backwards (your choice here-LOL)

Throw water on your face

Kiss your mate. You never know where it will lead

Don't make this impossible. Distractions are the secret to get you through.

I cannot stress enough how important allowing yourself this amount of time relearning life without smoking is.


Timeline Of What You Will Experience

The first 2 weeks are the worst.

Third week gets a little easier and most of the spaciness begins to go away.

At a month, you think you have succeeded.

The next three months are when most people fail.

Did you hear that? This is not bullshit.

Only 7 in 100 make it that whole first year.

You gotta make that first 4 months before you can make a year, yes?

One does not come without the other.

Remember this.

There is nothing more important. Give yourself this much time.

We want you to succeed!

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