"you can wallow in misery" but many, if not most of you, could "step around it"

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 30, 2012

there is a nuts and bolts to quitting.

it is a process.

i know many new people think it has to be an individual "suffering thing"

but we were brainwashed

it doesn't have to be that.

yes there is a letting go. you will miss it because you did it for a long time but

it isn't gonna kill you to stop smoking.  it's gonna kill you to keep going.

ok, show of hands of all those who want to wallow in misery?

ok, now all those who want to step around it?

please go read the link on my page just below the badgefitti called "what to expect in the first 4 months"

it's your roadmap. its the things we all experience in pretty much chronological order.

The only thing you need is the belief you can do it.

can you do it? will you do it?