I just got back from playing at the party

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 29, 2012

had a great time... the party was mainly outside because there were alot of people. not over 150 or 200,  i don't think.

It was all musicians and their wives and girlfriends and kids.

there were 4 bands on ahead of us.

the host asked for the name of the group to announce us and i told him to introduce us as "Wrecked Right Foot"

i gotta tell you, climbing the 2 block hill that was straight up with all my gear afterwards pretty much wrecked it for the night. I have no right ankle or motion in my right foot so climbing up a hill is about the worst torture you can imagine


our music was so different from all the other music being played there that everyone actually stopped to listen.

It was a hoot.

lots of smokers, self designated to the street. so, no temptation whatsoever.

lots of beer and food. No visible drugs or hard liquor.

Two cop cars were sitting down the hill in sight, waiting to serve a $700 ticket if it got too loud.

our sound man had his own sound level pressure meter going so they couldn't legally fine us or shut us down.


what a blast!