For Any Who Think They Can Have "Just One". I Give You "The Nigerian Scam"

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  Dearest One 
i am Kent Hassan, 19 years old and daughter of late Sir Ismall Hassan, a reputable businessman who died in a hospital on 12th, February 2010. 
I lost my mother when I was 4 years old.  
I have all documents of my late father business and some money that is left in the bank. The total fund is Six Million Five Hundrad Thousand United States Dollars. (USD 6, 500,000.00). The money is still in the bank and l am with all the documents. 
Please I need your assistance in he following ways:  
1. To help me get this money out of the bank and invest it in your country.

2. To help me to come over to your country to continue with my education.

3. To stand as my guardian and .business partner until I am out of school to handle any investment.

If you can help me with these three things, 

I am promising you 15% of the total money as soon as you receive the money in any account of your choice. Please you can contact me with my private email becuase i will not have time to reply into the site(

Your suggestions and ideas will be highly valued. I am waiting to hear from you.

Yours truly 

Miss Kent Hassan