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they did the stress test this morning and from what they could tell there could be a 20% blockage of blood flow to the bottom of my heart.

the cardiologist just now showed up. so i had no news to report until i'd spoken with him.

they were going to do an angiogram tommorrow morning with a possible stent but he is concerned because if they do a stent, they are required to put me on blood thinners and that could make the lesions in my esophagus start bleeding again.

so, i'm going home tomorrow, i won't miss the big party, and hoggie will have his papa back.



i had a great time with my friend who stopped by yesterday whom i hadn't seen in 45 years.

my brother Ken came by last night and said that hoggie hasn't stopped crying since i left so, i am very anxious to get home today.

regarding my birthday, Jessie is coming down tomorrow for a day or two. there are 8 of us who have birthdays within a two week period so we will celebrate all of them tomorrow.

am i too old?  yes for some things.

when I went to the dr Tuesday, i had lost 16 pounds in 4 days. i don't recommend the way i did it so i won't explain how.

be good to yourselves. smoking never fixed anything.


ps watch for these new members to lay a spamload.

if someone has not yet successfully quit themselves and is talking about natural cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and chewing tobacco as their methods of quitting?

you should check out their success rather than these "ideas" they are tossing about.


quitting involves quitting.

you don't use tobacco to quit tobacco.

Quits fail because people think there is some "thing" that is going to guarantee or make them quit.

Evidently, I have some internal bleeding and I don't yet know the cause.

It started last Thursday and I thought it might have been something I ate so I decided to give it a day or two and see if it went away.

Then the long weekend came and I cannot get in to see a dr. until tomorrow.

Would a cigarette ease my mind.


The known OR the unknown cannot drive you to smoke.

It is a choice and always will be.






keep your blood sugar up.

quitting is notorious for dropping it.

eat a bite or two of protein and 1/2 piece of fruit 5 or 6 times a day.

it will kick your metabolism into fat burning mode.

and get some kind of exercise if you are able.

What was your killer of choice?

About a year before I quit, my brand was getting scarcer and scarcer

Don't you realize you are being disloyal to the company that was killing you!!

Damn you quitters. LOL

quitting is a unique thing.

we can psych you into the mindset of quitting and we are proof you can do it but maybe you have to say goodbye to it like we would a friend who passed away.

I got a sitemail from someone this morning with a quit of over a year who now has the idea they have to have a smoke whenever they complete a task. They desparately want to stay quit but they are fixating on those ideas even though there is no nicotine in their system.

So what is driving these thoughts?

Does their spouse smoke? Do they think they "deserve" to smoke because their spouse smokes?

Does their spouse reek of smoke when they kiss? Does that make them just say, "well, what's the point"?

The point is, we all have memories of smoking. They will never leave. Just like when I was pushing my younger brother in the stroller while eating ice cream out of a glass bowl and it fell and hit the sidewalk and cut my foot 55 years ago. Our brains are memory banks and even though we only use a small portion of them, they store all this crap like a supercomputer and it's hard to overwrite them.

So how do we "let it go"?

I suggest making a list of all the things you enjoy about not being a smoker and keeping it handy for when you remember "what you think it was like" and what was so positive about it.

The truth is, there is nothing positive about it. You are remembering a connection to something else that was going on that you happened to have a smoke during the course of that emotion.

Maybe some should have a personal ceremony and bury it like you would a friend.

Whatever it takes, you should do because if that smoking spouse suffers and dies from smoking, someone's going to need to be there to pick up the pieces.


Almost every Thursday (sometimes Friday's) I get to go jam with a drummer and a bass player for a few hours. We are working on polishing the songs to a consistency before adding a sax player and a keyboardist.

As we only work on original music, it is a continuous creative progress. (no one else has ever done the music, so we have no point of reference like we would if we were learning someone elses music) I video the rehearsals and edit the start and endings of each song, then convert them to MP3's and email them to them the next morning so we can each hear what we are doing and let our minds work during the coming week on improving what we did. this saves an incredible amount of rehearsal time and will allow us to add other musicians without starting over each time as they will have the videos to learn the music from.


Uncharted waters just like every day of your quit.

Your quit is fresh every day.

Enjoy it. Find the positives in it. Don't dread.

There's nothing negative about not smoking.

In the beginning, there were cravings

     after awhile they went away

In the beginning I was crazy

     that stayed longer by the way

In the beginning there was fear

     fear was exposed as a lie

In the beginning there was day one

     Then One Day At A Time


A Share

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 21, 2012

I was never a down person. never depressed.

About days 52 through 55 of my quit, I got really down.

It was more about the lack of work and the financial situation not improving.


I thought it through and understood it had nothing to do with smoking or quitting,

Someone on the site I joined after I had quit who had experience with depression took

me under their wing and guided me through it.

We are friends to this day.

So, don't feel alone. Reach out to a friend if you get down.

Get some phone numbers and/or emails for the next time.

You can count on the people here for help even when you can't count on the site.

We talk about the money we’re saving and the fact that we don’t stink anymore
Let’s talk about how selfish smoking is

Do you have the right to leave  your family in a restaurant so you can go out and smoke?

Do you have the right to carry on a conversation with someone when all that’s on your mind is a cigarette?

Do you want to respond one day when your son says “hey dad ! did you see me hit that home run?"
with: “gee no son, I was out in the parking lot smoking. See I’m an addict. I choose this over you.
I can’t help it son.”

Is this what you want people to remember you for? Smoking? There are people in my family that are only remembered as always smoking and killing themselves with it. Will that be your legacy?

Is it your right to prevent these special memories from happening because you are off someplace getting your fix?

Is it ok to make everyone around you bend to your addiction? What kind of memories and possible resentment is that buiilding?

What are you teaching the younger people around you who are too young to smoke yet?

Take a good frigging look at the control smoking has over you .

Do you really want to let this go on?  and on?   and on?   and on?

You know how we knew smoking was bad for us all this time and yet we didn't focus on that because we wanted to smoke?

I think we need to take that same stupid tact of "ignorance is bliss" and just live our lives.

By quitting we know we are doing/did something positive for ourselves.

I have to trust in that. Otherwise, I'd worry myself to a pizzle.

This is not to say if you have actual symptoms not to have them checked out only

that we shouldn't worry about nothing.






going back to smoking after that is up to you.

how do you think you got into this in the first place?

the smoking fairy didn't put them under your pillow

Will it be you who gets cancer?

Which one in that last pack you buy will be "the one" to stroke you out?

How many years will you tote around your very own oxygen everywhere you go?


You should be asking yourself these questions because smoking can initiate and does contribute to all of the above.



The jalapeno to quit method

now in convenient 20 packs.

you don't even need to light them and you're smokin!

BTW, where is the key to the chest with the jalapeno whistles for those who almost smoked?



look for the pigeon feces and you'll find this old bird.  As soon as you taste this swill, it will be obvious that its makers cut every corner possible in its production to make it cheap.  Self-proclaimed as "The American Classic,"  Disguised like Night Train,  If your taste buds are shot, and you need to get trashed with a quickness, then this is the drink for you.  Or, if you like to smell your hand after pumping gas, look no further.  As you drink on, the bird soars higher while you sink lower.  The undisputed leader of the five in foulness of flavor, we highly discourage drinking this ghastly mixture of unknown chemicals unless you really are a bum.  Avialiable in 750 mL and a devastating 50 oz jug.

was installed in the coffee room of a computer laboratory in Cambridge, England, enabling engineers in other parts of the building to see if and when a fresh pot was being brewed.


leave it to a bunch of caffeine addicts. LOL

Unwrap one of those small hostess crumb cakes and put it in a short glass.

Cover with half and half and then see if you have the patience to let the 2 milks soak in

before you scarf it down.

She was havng a tough time but I had to get out as I had been housebound since Thursday morning and missed her sitemail message.

Moral of this story:

Get peoples phone numbers. I would've been able to help if she had called but when I am not at my computer,  I get no alert if an email comes in..

And Stop Worrying About Tomorrow

The initiation fee is $25,000 and the membership dues are ONLY $10,000 a month!


$27,500 corporate membership plus $10,000 annual dues

$10,000 individual membership plus $3,500 annual dues


What the heck do they serve there? Mickey's ears?

Please don't go in circles. Learn from each misstep and keep going.

You do yourself a disservice if you let yourself slide all the way back.

There's no point in putting it off.

Start from where you fell and move forward.

Do it right away.


Lost Cat

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 2, 2012

Bend and stretch Reach for the stars

Here comes Jupiter, there goes mars

Bend and stretch, reach for the sky

Stand on Tippy Toes  Oh so high

Evidently, the school nurse noticed a rash along with the burn and the daughter said she went "tanning" with mommy. Of course mom is denying it.

Hows about this hottie over here?



Went to her for tooth pain a few days after.


She put him under and removed every tooth in his head.

I guess she couldn't find the one that was causing the pain? LOL

That's some costly revenge!

and let me tell you friends

you will have a much better chance of success if you let the crap roll off your back during your quit.

don't automatically react as you did before when you smoked, or go off on someone using the "I quit smoking" "I could kill you" excuse.

Your thinking is going to open up if you let it. LET IT!

This will be the biggest change in who you are and who you will become if you let it.





Observe yourself from a 2nd party point of view and see how you act when you crave.Go look in the mirror and watch yourself jonesin' for a cigarette at the beginning of your quit and you will surely stop this addiction.

It's not pretty.  we all have to go through it.


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