On Sandwich But Off Topic

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 19, 2012

i was making a meat loaf sandwich with melted swiss cheese for breakfast this morning.

The mayo looked a little funky on one side so i took a little from the other side and tossed the jar.

well, i got to thinking about how rarely i make a sandwich and the mayo always seems to go bad.

so i'm thinking, "hey, you should get those individual mayo's from a restaurant supply"

so i'm looking local and national and i find boxes of 200 for $8-$13 but with the shipping, either one costs $23.

so i'm talking with a friend today and she says just to ask for them at restaurants and take them home.

i had a vision of me driving into mcd's and ordering 6 burgers with two extra mayos for each on the side

then driving up to the payment window and the cashier looking at me driving with my belly and saying

"is that what did it? the mayonnaise?"

and then driving forward to the pickup window and being denied my mayo.

evidently there was a buzz between payment and pickup and they now knew of my hitting all the mcd's in the area and wiping out their mayonnaise supplies.

don't smoke over this ok?

it was just a condiment nightmare