tommorrow is the 50th reunion trip

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 13, 2012

i started smoking after i joined the Young Americans. stress and peer pressure.

there were about 5-10 people competing for every spot in each upcoming show.

we would rehearse long days and nights and you wouldn't know if you would get chosen or not, very competetive. I would ride over a hundred miles each way to go to rehearsals 3 or more times a week while i was going to high school full time.

there was a smokers porch. well the stars of the movie were certainly in for the E ticket ride and they all smoked. they took me in and that's how it started for me. 40 years of smoking, NONSTOP


anyway, i will be gone all day tomorrow.

i am scheduled  to sing one of my songs for everyone at tomorrow nights get together.

speakin of a jury of your peers...LOL

this is the song i'm doing...Laughing Out Loud

you all have fun tomorrow... i will.

i'll look to see how many are still smokers and report back.