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The most important thing is to not create unnecessary anxiety by stressing out about


Do not base this quit on past tries.  If you do  you may fall into the

“I couldn't do it before and I can't do it now” mentality.

You need to start fresh without misconceptions or ghosts in your head.


Quitting is about deciding to quit and honoring that decision nothing more.

You will be uncomfortable for awhile.

You cannot smoke and quit.  It’s one or the other.

Our smoking created things called nicotine receptors in our brains.

When nicotine hits these receptors they trigger the brain to release dopamine

This is like self made heroin. the “runners high” etc.

Every time you smoke after you've quit  you re-awaken the receptors.

That’s the physical part of the addiction.

Now The Hardest Part

The memories and emotions connected with every cigarette you ever smoked are rolling around up there in your subconscious mind. This means you need to relearn living without smoking so that those old memories get replaced and don't  drive your desire  to smoke anymore.

It takes a good 4 months of no smoking to be in a place where you don't think about smoking on any type of regular basis.

That's pretty much the whole process.

It isn't as hard as you think when you understand this and don't let it fluster you.

I didn't even want to quit.

My best friend suggested it. I mulled it around in my mind over the next month and

began  to say, "dale, wait a little longer"  I never deprived myself, I was learning the

power i had over it so when I did quit, I  already had some confidence.

I used the patch for a short time

I started laughing each time I had a crave and that made me catch them  before they

festered into pure temptation. They would dissipate after a few minutes and i would

figure out what memory had triggered the crave.

This is how I beat it. You can substitute your terms for mine but, in the end, we pretty much travel

te same road to succeed.

Don't make this more fearful than it has to be.

You Can Succeed!


5 1/3 years nocotine free!

my friend who quit smoking 5 years ago and started back a month or so back?

the person that provided her the cigarettes and company to win her back as a smoking buddy is having her legs amputated this week. So, the hip surgery the doctors would not perform because my friends friend is a smoker? Well it doesn't much matter because she won't be able to walk with no legs.

it seems those sores on her feet would just never heal because they never got enough oxygen.i explained to my friend that smoking robs the blood of oxygen and replaces it with carbon monoxide.

i wish i would have known this and considered quitting when i severed my right foot and was in a wheelchair and crutches for three full years because, it never did heal right.

in any case

i warned her that if her friend comes back home and continues smoking, the wounds from the amputation will never heal from the inside out like they should, and she can expect her friend to continue to lose her extremities one piece at a time.

her friend has not been able to smoke for a week because she's been in the hospital with pneumonia.

the smart choice would be to never smoke again.

Do you know anyone who is approaching this state and totally oblivious as to what may have caused it? You would do well to let them know what happens next. Don't be bashful if you care about them.

1. what do you believe is the largest cause of divorce?

2. what % of divorces do you believe are caused by the answer to question 1?

3. why do you believe your answers to the first two questions are correct?

You can QUIT looking!

I know where to find it!



Come on now?


One of my favortes is gettng a 9 piece bucket of BFD legs an thghs and eatng them while I drive.

all those morsels fallng all over you and the seat .lost forver...the crumbs that got away...


They still deep fry their apple pies turnovers at BFD.

I'm gonna miss you BFD

Memories and Emotions want to drive you back to smoking but you are stronger.

All you have to do is catch yourself when those urges come and laugh at them.

You will sail on through.

After awhile they will weaken then, just go away.

Believe in yourself!!

sit down at a table with a regular drinking straw and a clock that has a second hand or digital clock that counts seconds.

Now...the only air you may breathe must come through that straw for the next 3 minutes. time yourself

You can't seem to get enough air through the straw can you? It's panic time isn't it?

Yet, you rarely even think about what smoking is doing to your lungs.

Start thinking about it.

This is how smokers end up, with diminished air capacity struggling to breathe.

Save yourselves!

my friend said her friends boyfriend was taking a pack of cigs to the hospital for her.

she is a heavy smoker and has horrible open sores on the bottoms of her feet that will not heal due to poor circulation.

She also had a failed hip surgery and there are three screws that are just floating inside her leg. They will not do the repairative surgery because she smokes.


HOW  Can we smokers be so effing stupid as to choose smoking with its disease and misery

above life?

Learn what you are up against and plan for a more permanent success.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Apr 22, 2012









How many enjoyed this week of not smoking?


How many are still fighting their quit?


What can we do to make it easier for you?

There's all kinds of info here and people who will answer any questions you have.

We have the bond that all are welcome to connect with. (except the vigilant spammer)


we are your proof that it can be done.

Tell us where you are at and let us support you a little extra.

The more people who make it, the happier we are.

There's something wonderful about seeing people who don't think they can do this,


and win.

I've noticed quite a few people with 2 to 31/2 years quit come back to say hi..

It's nice.

They are your proof too.

Let's help all we can.

There's still plenty who need the truth.

Humans are not chimney's

What get's your head out of the rut of day to day life?


Whatever it is? This is the time to do it.

Yep. Take your focus off being uncomfortable.

I'm going to rehearsal today. Music is what I love to do.

I hope to let you all hear some of what we are coming up with in the near future.

i was making a meat loaf sandwich with melted swiss cheese for breakfast this morning.

The mayo looked a little funky on one side so i took a little from the other side and tossed the jar.

well, i got to thinking about how rarely i make a sandwich and the mayo always seems to go bad.

so i'm thinking, "hey, you should get those individual mayo's from a restaurant supply"

so i'm looking local and national and i find boxes of 200 for $8-$13 but with the shipping, either one costs $23.

so i'm talking with a friend today and she says just to ask for them at restaurants and take them home.

i had a vision of me driving into mcd's and ordering 6 burgers with two extra mayos for each on the side

then driving up to the payment window and the cashier looking at me driving with my belly and saying

"is that what did it? the mayonnaise?"

and then driving forward to the pickup window and being denied my mayo.

evidently there was a buzz between payment and pickup and they now knew of my hitting all the mcd's in the area and wiping out their mayonnaise supplies.

don't smoke over this ok?

it was just a condiment nightmare

Well I haven't had one puff slnce I quit 5 years, 3 months , and 18 days ago

So that would be NO

Success requires involvement in your quit. If quits just happened, you would've quit a long time ago.

Pour yourselves into this then protect what you've won!

Put your black ice and banana peels away.

They have nothng to do with quittng smoking.

Smoking is a choice whether you've been quit a week or 10 years.

You don't slip into COPD, Hardened Arteries Or Cancer. You earn it one smoke at a time.

So, will you still be earning it? or will you be unlearning it?

This how I quit. It may not be like your quit.

It is not the only way to quit but, I believe it has some good points as to a good place your head should be to not falter in your quit and help you succeed.

This is my only quit.  I smoked for 40 years so something worked correctly.

Where your head is and how much you put into your quit mean everything

(my more complete quit story is on my page)

The idea for me was to use the aid


I used 10 patches over the first 14 days

Yes I had to go through the same crap as everyone else but I was in control of my quit from day 1.

By day three I had come up with this hypothesis.

"Smoking is just a choice"

That made me laugh because it was so simple. Laughing made me feel good.

From then on, I laughed whenever I got a crave.

Laughing releases dopamine which is the same chemical nicotine triggers.

And if you used to smoke 20 a day, imagine laughing instead and times that times 7 days and within a week, you will think about laughing instead of smoking.

This is self-fulfilling and completely in your control.

There were days I know I would have smoked without the patch
There were days I didn't wear the patch and just did not allow myself get to worked up or negative about it. I knew I could make it home in 15 minutes if I really needed a patch.

I stopped using the patch completely after 14 days. My mind and body had a powwow and decided I did not need it any more.

Listen to your body, not the addiction. You know your body better than anyone. Get in touch with it for this journey. 

See, the best part is , the discomfort and "missing" go away in time, and I mean, typically within a month the hardest phase is over.

The next three months are critical because the memories and emotions can and will sneak up on you from out of nowhere. But, it isn't as difficult or constant a fight as the first month was.

You set the parameters you don't let your addiction set them and you don't let the NRT set them. You have to get involved to make this work. Wearing the patch for the duration isn't going to do anything except keep paying the tobacco companies their profits untill you have your head in the right place.

You make it a matter of fact that you will not smoke,

Know it gets better.

We are your proof.

i started smoking after i joined the Young Americans. stress and peer pressure.

there were about 5-10 people competing for every spot in each upcoming show.

we would rehearse long days and nights and you wouldn't know if you would get chosen or not, very competetive. I would ride over a hundred miles each way to go to rehearsals 3 or more times a week while i was going to high school full time.

there was a smokers porch. well the stars of the movie were certainly in for the E ticket ride and they all smoked. they took me in and that's how it started for me. 40 years of smoking, NONSTOP


anyway, i will be gone all day tomorrow.

i am scheduled  to sing one of my songs for everyone at tomorrow nights get together.

speakin of a jury of your peers...LOL

this is the song i'm doing...Laughing Out Loud

you all have fun tomorrow... i will.

i'll look to see how many are still smokers and report back.

make friends here. if you need support, you can lean on us and on each other. plus, it's a good idea to have people to call if the site is down

To See Who Is Onsite When You Are

you can right click on the members tab near the top of any page and choose open in another tab and then left click on active and choose open to see who of your friends is logged in. And your original window can remain open.

this way you can message them if you want to talk or ask a question and most likely get a response in closer to real time.

you can also see who's responding to what blogs over on the left about 1/3 of the way down. that also lets you see that a new blog has been started.

we are all here to help you.

remember, we are here because we choose to be. many of us will also respond to texts and phone calls. just pm any of us or write on our page if you need extra help.

i saw a texting club had been set up. we don't have a chat room here.

the first site i was on they had one but,                                    it moved so fast

it was hard to step in or out of it without feeling uncomfortable. plus, it was topic non specific and I never heard mention of smoking or not smoking there. lol


no speckles?

Quitters Logic "I Quit!"

when you smile or laugh, there is a distribution of feel good chemicals to your brain.

I learned my third day that laughing out loud totally took the craves away.

there is something wonderful about catching those old patterns, realizing you did, and not having to follow through and smoke.

This site is about relearning life without tobacco and the addiction to it.

When I am talking about the first 4 months, I am not speaking only of a length of time, I am talking about what you experience in those 4 months.

It's fairly easy to unlearn the daily habit after a month. It seems like hard work and it is if you only focus on quitting.

You are advised to get some distractions and release options going during the beginning of your quit. I used music, others use exercise. Main thing? CHANGE IT UP

OK, Now to the point of this blog;

day to day quitting isn't the same as something devastating like a death in the family, losing your job, etc. etc

Typically, a quitter will experience one thing catastrophic in the first 4 months that would have "forced" them to smoke.  The proof in the pudding is when you get through a couple of these events with a clean quit because you've undone your own belief there were just some things that required smoking. Things you just couldn't get through without a cigarette.


Non smokers do it every day

this is not a game.

you can do it over and over or you can just do it

we want to help you do it this time,

we are your proof it can be done and your help

the rest is up to you


they quit saturday night and are having a hard time

you are either a smoker or you are not.

What's it going to be?



I challenge anyone to commit themselves to 130 days from their last puff!


very interesting to watch the stuents reactions as she speaks.

you can almost pick out the ones who are waiting until they can go outside and have one

People are not the only creatures that can develop stinky feet. A certain strain of bacteria known as pseudomonas is said to smell like corn tortillas, and it is possible that it is the source of the smell. However, the skin of cats and dogs naturally harbors micro-organisms, more commonly referred to as bacteria, and when this bacteria is trapped between the toes and around the pads of the feet, crevices on the pads and the areas between the toes can begin smelling a little pungent. This bacteria that thrives on moisture gives off a yeasty odor that smells a lot like Fritos corn chips, and it is thought to be the primary reason for cats and dogs having what is commonly referred to as Frito feet.

Are you wondering if your cat's or dog's feet smell like Fritos corn chips? Why wait for a foot in the face? Go get your furry family member and take a little whiff if you dare. Chances are you will discover that your cat's or dog's feet smell just like Fritos corn chips too. You will never look at corn chips the same way again!

I specifically didn't put a version of the song with a lot of graphics. the song stands without visuals.

(close your eyes)

Now Quit Smoking




"what God can digest will not sour in the belly of a slave"

"What are you?  a master builder or a master butcher?"


What's the movie?

do you eat them by colors and have more than one at a time to intensify the flavor?

Do you open up your oreos and scrape the icing of the one side with your teeth?

just sayin!!

Have you ever thought that all the years we smoked we maybe didn't process all that was going on around us correctly? That maybe as soon as there was conflict,  pressure or negativity, we started thinking of having a smoke instead of dealing with the situation?


Living life without smoking we can see our past mistakes, face situations differently and perhaps, heal.

Picking up those pieces we left out on their own that still need answers might be the true fear of quitting, (the confidence we thought smoking bestowed upon us, lol,) but they needn't be. You will find that not being a nicotine addict is much less  stressful than being one.  And....... growing in that, you will be able to be comfortable and not always thinking about having a smoke.

Might it have been bilateral blindness?

(Both eyes closed and "gimmee my drug")

It's time to get your finger out of our nose, open our eyes, and,, realize WE made the choice to smoke in the first place

Let's UNDO our folly.

You’ve heard people complain that they’re depressed after a breakup, a layoff, or an overall terrible week. But are these people really experiencing depression?

When a stressful situation is particularly hard to cope with, we react with symptoms of sadness, fear, or even hopelessness — a type of reaction that’s often referred to as situational depression. Unlike major depression, when you are overwhelmed by depression symptoms for a long time, situational depression usually goes away once you have adapted to your new situation.

Actually, situational depression is usually considered an adjustment disorder rather than true depression. But that doesn’t mean it should be ignored: If situational depression goes untreated, it could develop into major depression.

"Situational could lead to major depression or simply be a period of grief,” explains Kathleen Franco, MD, professor of medicine and psychiatry at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine in Ohio. "If emotional and behavioral symptoms reduce normal functioning in social or occupational arenas, it should be treated."

"Situational depression means that the symptoms are set off by some set of circumstances or event. It could lead to major depression or simply be a period of grief,” explains Kathleen Franco, MD, professor of medicine and psychiatry at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine in Ohio. However, she adds that situational depression may need treatment "if emotional and behavioral symptoms reduce normal functioning in social or occupational arenas."

Who Gets Situational Depression and Why?

Situational depression is common and can happen to anyone — about 10 percent of adults and up to 30 percent of adolescents experience this condition at some point. Men and women are affected equally.

The most common cause of situational depression is stress. Some typical events that lead to it include:

  • Loss of a relationship
  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Serious illness
  • Experiencing a traumatic event such as a disaster, crime, or accident

What Are the Symptoms of Situational Depression?

The most common symptoms of situational depression are depressed mood, tearfulness, and feelings of hopelessness. Children or teenagers are more likely to show behavioral symptoms such as fighting or skipping school. Some other symptoms include:

  • Feeling nervous
  • Having body symptoms such as headache, stomachache, or heart palpitations
  • Missing work, school, or social activities
  • Changes in sleeping or eating habits
  • Feeling tired
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs

How Is Situational Depression Diagnosed and Treated?

A diagnosis of situational depression, or adjustment disorder with depressed mood, is made when symptoms of depression occur within three months of a stress-causing event, are more severe than expected, or interfere with normal functioning. Your doctor may do tests to rule out other physical illnesses, and you may need a psychological evaluation to make sure you are not suffering from a more serious condition such as post-traumatic stress disorder or a more serious type of depression.

The best treatment for situational depression is counseling with a mental health professional. The goal of treatment is to help you cope with your stress and get back to normal. Support groups are often helpful. Family therapy may be especially important for children or teenagers. In some cases, you may need medication to help control anxiety or for trouble sleeping.

Situational depression and other types of depression are a common problem today, notes James C. Overholser, PhD, professor of psychology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. "Many people are struggling with social isolation, financial limitations, or chronic health problems," says Dr. Overholser. "A psychologist is much more likely to view depression as a reaction to negative life events. Many people can overcome their depression by making changes in their attitudes, their daily behaviors, and their interpersonal functioning."

If you have situational depression, you should know that most people get completely better within about six months after the stressful event. However, it is important to get help, because situational depression can lead to a more severe type of depression or substance abuse if untreated. For many people with situational depression, the coping skills they learn in treatment can become valuable tools to help them face the future.

I feel like I'm talking to the wind.


anyone here involved with it or have any feedback regarding it?

Our animal brain strives for all the pleasure it can get.

The nicotine your brain gets when yiou smoke triggers the release of Dopamine which is equal to


Our thinking logical human brain can go way beyond the animal brain

WE have the power to override those temporary pleasure desires in order to work for a better ultimate good by simply DECIDING to.

Your decision to quit is putting human brainpower into practice.

We're here to give you tips and teach you ways around what the animal brain perceives as "un-plesasure" .

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