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... not keep any around

... not think you are stronger than alcohol

... not think you can have just one.

keep replenishing the air in your quit tires

No Cigarette Hangover Tomorrow ?

Well Yes. As long as you keep feeding your nicotine addiction!!!

please give an awesome Ex welcome to






Scared Guilia. (Well that's what she conveyed)

Stevia Sno Cone syrups gluten free and vegan.

Calorie free? If so we need a big ice shaver for this place.

who's buying?

This little one will be for all the site members who don't exist

and the BIG one above for the rest of us



Learn what you are up against first


Jump In!!!

We are not here to judge you so don't ever feel you can't be honest with us.

This is your life here and we want to get you back on track.

Just remember these two things.

Alcohol is a quit killer. Limit yourself to one drink when there is any chance of being around a cigarette.

Stress is life. That does not change whether you smoke or not. Smoking will take a toll on your health.

Build faith in your quit daily by making it another day and promise yourself 4 full months in a row without smoking.

The longer you delay restarting your quit, The easier it is not to.

of your mind.

that's the secret of quitting.

don't let it go back to those old thoughts

you are experiencing new thinking

keep it guessing

break the rythym

There is hope, in the smile of a child

Don't give up, It gets better in awhile

Just hang on for a moment more and I'll throw you a rope

The one thing you don't give up on is hope

you may have to sit through and skip a short ad but it's worth it.

Think of smoking as that "someone who's trying to hold you down and make you cry!

"Hold On"

I know this pain
Why do lock yourself up in these chains?
No one can change your life except for you
Don't ever let anyone step all over you
Just open your heart and your mind
Is it really fair to feel this way inside?

Some day somebody's gonna make you want to
Turn around and say goodbye
Until then baby are you going to let them
Hold you down and make you cry
Don't you know?
Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day
Can you hold on for one more day
Things'll go your way
Hold on for one more day

You could sustain
Or are you comfortable with the pain?
You've got no one to blame for your unhappiness
You got yourself into your own mess
Lettin' your worries pass you by
Don't you think it's worth your time
To change your mind?


I know that there is pain
But you hold on for one more day and
Break free the chains
Yeah I know that there is pain
But you hold on for one more day and you
Break free, break from the chains

Some day somebody's gonna make you want to
Turn around and say goodbye
Until then baby are you going to let them
Hold you down and make you cry
Don't you know?
Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day yeah
If you hold on

Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day,
If you hold on
Can you hold on
Hold on baby
Won't you tell me now
Hold on for one more day 'Cause
It's gonna go your way

Don't you know things can change
Things'll go your way
If you hold on for one more day
Can't you change it this time

Make up your mind
Hold on
Hold on
Baby hold on

If you aren't, you will probably fail again.

You have to live life without smoking at least that long to undo your thought processes and relearn your  new path.

This is a tricky, cunning adversary but very predictable.

Make yourselves aware, prepare and, you will win!

i love to play guitar and sing and write music and spend time here


finding time that is "you time" is important when you quit smoking.

otherwise, people tend to think about smoking more that necessary.

quitting is not something you need to focus on.

when the thought or memory of smoking arises, all you need to do is catch yourself long enough

to remember you quit smoking

when i quit, i put my faith in the patch.

i told myself that with the patch taking the edge off, I could do it.

This was my first and last attempt to quit smoking after 40 years.

that was over 5 years ago.

i used the patch for 10 of my first 14 days

this place, the knowledge we've all been there, and our sometimes abruptness,

can be your patch, your surety until you feel safe

In 4 Years here, I have never seen so few blogs per day and so few people day and night

and so little participation.



Julia Amy and I were here 2-3 hours last night  waiting for someone to show up who needed help..


Is there no one else around here who needs help to quit smoking ?


A Pole

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 22, 2012

why does a turkey taco taste better than a turkey sandwich?

If you don't know, go get a spirometry test !

we CAN help you with this if you are active and tell us your thoughts.

in the time it takes to make a hot dog to put it on,

the craving will be gone.

So freeking simple isn't it?



Thing is, those cigarettes don't jump in your mouth and light themselves.

There are a number of thoughts required before you can smoke.

1. Knowing where your cigarettes and lighter are.

2. choosing a location to smoke

3. Picking up the pack

4. Taking a cigarette out of the pack

5. Putting it in your mouth

6. lighting it and inhaling

You can change the outcome during any of the first 5 steps.

If you've quit, the easiest thing you can do is not keep any around.

There is no emergency of any kind that will require smoking so keeping some around for emergencies is a self defeating excuse and empowers what you DO NOT want to empower.

Anyway, I joke with her and say stuff like

"what are you going to do? sit around and smoke all day?"

That is what addicts do

smoking and nicotine will never give up their hold on you. NEVER!

You have to choose to GIVE IT UP!

Looking Left Above

Looking Right Below




my brother bought 5 of them and would like to get more before they go off sale Tuesday.


geesh they have a lot of fat!

They will be green and looking for pots of gold


You may run into a leprecan't!

Perhaps A Leprecake

Follow that rainbow!!!   NO SMOKING

with that in mind

Why Smoke?

just message board or pm someone you trust to help you and/or that you will be accountable to and get their number or email for an emergency.

we can talk you off the ledge BEFORE YOU SMOKE!

there are no pros people


(12 years ago)

Three years in a wheelchair and crutches. 5 surgeries

My ankle would not fuse. I smoked right on through.

didn't even consider stopping smoking

If you are struggling and still smoking

each time you want a cigarette you mentally lock that thought in and close the circuit. Your addiction already decided you are going to have that cigarette whether you have to kill someone or not.

INSTEAD~~~~Catch yourself in those thoughts and

Leave that circuit open to change.

All you have to do is stop the energy of that thought and that will in turn stop all the things required to initiate the act of smoking and inhale it.

Thats the time to redecide

is there anyone East of here?

Watch for anything to happen.

Be Safe!





this site claims to have 573,000 users but i bet there have never been more than 5000 actual people who interact here, if that.  what is the purpose?

they don't even bother to get names out of a phonebook that are real. LOL

its all a big lie

Look at it as a new start and change the other habits you built around smoking accordingly.

That would be the "secret of the day"

My first computer had a 1.66GB harddrive. LOL

When storage got much cheaper, $1 per gigabyte was a good price.

Now you can get a gigabyte of storage for 6 cents.

BUT the cost of cigarettes just keeps rising!

I just bought a 2TB/2000GB of storage for Under $120 = 2 Cartons Of Cigarettes

I'm glad I buy harddrives and not cigarettes.

They might crap out but they don't GO UP IN SMOKE


great craving distraction


don't look if fowl things give you the willies


Question: Have you noticed ducks sleeping with their bills tucked under their feathers?


MallardIt may look uncomfortable, but this is a way for ducks to keep warmer.

Bills obviously have no feathers, so they can lose a lot of heat. To solve this problem the duck just tucks the bill into some feathers. Think of it like putting your hands in a jacket pocket on a chilly day.

Look at those same ducks and if they are standing up I bet you will see that they often stand on one leg and tuck the other into their feathers. Same thing – saves heat.


you can date anyone*

you don't have to leave events at critical times because you need a smoke/fix.

you don't have to plan your day around your habit.

you don't have to feel ashamed that you smoke.

your life is now your life

*unless you're attached

Hi,Good Day

My name is Miss.Anita, I saw your porfile today at ( site and i was moved and become interested in you, I will like you to send me an email to my address ( so that i can give you my pictures for you to know whom i am.

I believed we can move from here? Remember colour or distance does not matter but LOVE matters allot in life). Reply

me back with my email address ( hope to hear from you soon

yours Miss.Anita

does anyone stay in touch with her?

last tine i remember she was having back and health problems



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 11, 2012

little girl

body ages 7-10 years for  every one of ours.

estimated lifespan 13 years

24 lbs      35 inches tall

"we just want to give her as much happiness as she can hold"





love is bountiful



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 10, 2012

You gotta have Patience to be successful at quitting.

I just sold an old chair after listing it every week for 6 months.

I Had To Be Patient And Believe

NOPE~~~That's The Kind Of Patience I'm Talking About


Now the spammers are going to peoples past blogs and randomly dropping their crap.

So, if you delete the spammers account, does it automatically delete their posts on other peoples blogs also?

This is getting OUT OF HAND.

If anyone knows how to get in touch with someone in the Ex organization who might care that this uncontrolled  nuisance is a deterrent to new people and also to those of us who are here daily from wanting to invest more of their time,  please, submit that information so this may be reported to the proper people.

whomever has control of the delete spam button obviously doesn't give a ****.

Electronic cigarettes have been heavily marketed the past 5 years, first as a miracle quitting aid and now as a substitute for conventional smoking. As tobacco treatment specialists, we're in favor of anything that diminishes a smoker's odds of suffering tobacco-related illness or death, but should e-cigarettes be considered legitimate quit-tools?

Being a science-and-evidence-based quit-smoking program, ******** can only recommend treatments that are FDA approved, clinically researched, and proven effective. ******* does not include the use of e-cigarettes in its roster of suggested tobacco treatments, for the following reasons:

•   E-cigarettes are not proven quit-tools

There is little research on the role of e-cigarettes in helping smokers become tobacco-free. A handful of limited and/or  manufacturer-funded studies indicate a potential harm reduction benefit to users, but none have demonstrated a causal relationship between use and subsequent tobacco/nicotine abstinence. 

•   E-cigarettes are officially designated as tobacco products

U.S. federal courts ruled that electronic cigarettes cannot be considered quit-smoking aids by the FDA, but must be regulated as tobacco products. After this ruling, the largest distributors of e-cigarettes admitted their products were intended as smoking substitutes, not quit-aids:

                 “Understand that this is a cigarette. We are acting as a cigarette company. We

                   have all the applicable warnings on all our packaging that actually backs that 

                   up...We do not represent the product as healthy or safe.”

                   Ray Story, VP of Smoking Everywhere

                 “We can now market our product the way we always should have been able to...

                  This is plain and simple [sic] an alternative to smoking for committed,    

                   longtime smokers."          

                  Matt Salmon, CEO of Sottera Inc

•   E-cigarettes reinforce most aspects of conventional smoking

Unlike existing quit-smoking aids (including nicotine inhalers), e-cigarettes deliver nicotine directly to the lungs--making users potentially as dose-responsive to them as they are to conventional cigarettes. Unlike NRT, e-cigarettes allow users to continue engaging in most of the potentially harmful mental and behavioral patterns associated with smoking. Unlike NRT, e-cigarettes present multiple physical, visual and behavioral relapse triggers at every use.

•   E-cigarettes are not the same as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

NRT has been proven and designated a therapeutic quit-aid, not a tobacco product. The primary action of e-cigarettes -- inhaling nicotine directly into the lungs -- runs counter to the primary action of NRT. It’s the slow, measured uptake of small, standardized levels of nicotine that makes NRT so effective, as well as the breaking down of established smoking  behaviors and routines (acquisition, preparation, lighting up, hand-to-mouth, etc) inherent in their use.  Numerous inspections of e-cigarette products also demonstrate wide variations between claimed and actual nicotine doses (even from 'puff-to-puff'), making self-monitoring and/or 'stepping down/weaning off' unreliable and less effective.

•   E-cigarettes are not proven safe

The short or long-term effect on the lungs of glycolized e-cigarette steam (containing nicotine and some identified toxins) has not been extensively studied nor deemed safe. Manufacturing standards have not been set, nor is any oversight entity charged with creating or enforcing them. Dosages vary widely, and some cartridges have been found to contain enough nicotine to kill an adult human if ingested.

In ******** experience, smokers who switch to e-cigarettes have been more likely to relapse back to conventional smoking than abstainers, and ex-smokers with longterm quits have lost them completely after first succumbing to e-cigarette claims of safer-than-smoking. Ex-smokers in our own online community react negatively to promoters and/or users of e-cigarettes--so much so that we've had to place restrictions on discussion of them in the forums.

One of our greatest concerns is e-cigarettes' potential for renormalizing, even glorifying, social/recreational/therapeutic nicotine use. Worse, they may act as 'bridge' products back to smoking for the already-quit, or as 'starter' products' to attract non-smoking youth to nicotine addiction. The evidence so far indicates that they will have little positive  effect on long term abstinence rates, and will contribute to higher relapse rates among already-quitters.

Alan S. Peters, MTTS

Let me know when he's making phone calls.

Quitting Isn't A Bear!

The less smoking trend of the past 20 years HAS REVERSED.

They just said for every one of the 443,000 people who die from smoking each year,

there are NOW 2 new smokers to replace them.

They also said when someone smokes that young, they will be smokers for life.



abc nightly news


Tapping the Power of Optimism


Topic Overview


What is optimism?


Optimism is a hopeful, positive outlook on the future, yourself, and the world around you. It is a key part of resilience, the inner strength that helps you get through tough times.


By definition, optimism helps you see, feel, and think positively. But it has extra benefits you might not know aboutoptimism helps keep up your physical health too. 1


You dont have to be a "born optimist" to use the power of optimism. In daily life, or when faced with a crisis, you can choose a positive viewpoint to make the most of what life brings your way.


Can you make optimism work for you?


Even if you tend to focus on the negative side of things, "realistic optimism" can work for you.


With realistic optimism, you dont just expect the best and hope that things will go well. Nor do you let yourself see and expect only the worst. Instead, you look at the "big picture," the good and the bad. You then:

  • Decide what is realistic to expect.
  • Decide what you can do to make things go as well as possible.
  • Choose to focus on the positives, and on your strengths, as you go forward.

For example, lets say you are about to have a knee surgery. You can choose to be optimistic about your recovery, rather than let fear or hopelessness take hold. Imagine how you want to feel 6 or 12 months after surgerystrong and active. Picture what you want to be doing, how you want to be moving around. Keep these positive, hopeful pictures in your mind.


A positive attitude can also help you keep up a positive mood, which can help with healing. But optimism alone is only part of a good recovery. Its also important to know what to do, such as physical therapy exercises, and what to be careful about. And if you need support or advice, you can plan ahead with the right people before the surgery.


When practicing optimism, remember to keep a flexible frame of mind. Expect change, and be ready to adjust to it.


How can you practice optimism?


Whenever youre having trouble with thinking negative thoughts, expecting the worst, or feeling powerless, try any of these exercises for a few days.

  • Focus on whats going well. Write down three things that have gone well in the past day. These can be large, like getting a raise, or small, like "I talked with an old friend today." Describe the cause of each event, and credit yourself for the part you played in it, such as "I made that phone call I've been putting off for a long time."
  • Practice gratitude. Write down three things in your life that you are grateful for. This kind of focus on what enriches your life can help keep your thoughts and feelings more positive.
  • Look for the benefits. Think of a negative event from your near or distant past. Write it down. Now think of something positive that has or could come of it. Write it down. For the positive thought, use larger handwriting or a favorite color.
  • Look ahead. Picture yourself doing something that feels good. Expect good things to happen.
  • Build yourself up. When you need it, lean on others or your faith to build more strength. Say to yourself often, "I am strong."

    Practicing Gratitude


    Topic Overview


    What does it mean to be grateful?


    Gratitude is saying "thank you." But it's more than a thank-you to a friend for a favor or gift. Gratitude is saying thanks for everything that is important to you and good in your life. You are thankful for a gift, but you're also thankful to watch a sunset, do well at a sport, or to be alive. You see your life and your experiences as a gift.


    Gratitude is linked to well-being. One group of three studies suggests that people who practice gratitude appear to be more optimistic, pleased with their lives, and connected to others when compared to those who reflect on daily hassles or on everyday events. 1 Another study suggests that gratitude in teens is linked to feeling good about life, being optimistic, and having a good social network. 2


    You also might find that gratitude may help decrease anger. If you find yourself thinking about how someone has wronged you, shift your attention to someone else who has been there to support you.


    Gratitude may also be linked to resilience, which is having an "inner strength" that helps you bounce back after stressful situations. The traits mentioned above, such as optimism and connection with others, are often found in people who are resilient.


    How can you practice gratitude?


    To practice gratitude, you say "thanks" and you appreciate what's important to you.

    • Spend a few minutes at the end of each day and think about, or even write down, what you are grateful for that day. Think about people, events, or experiences that have had a positive impact on you.
    • Call or email someone just to say "thanks."
    • Write thank-you notes as well as saying "thank you" when you receive gifts or favors. Or write a letter of gratitude and appreciation to someone. You don't have to mail it.
    • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper about something a stranger did for you. Or just say "thank you" to people you don't know, such as waving when a person lets your car cut in during heavy traffic.
    • When feeling burdened by your health, give thanks for the abilities you still have.
    • Start a family ritual of gratitude, such as giving thanks before a meal.
    • Find a creative way to give thanks. For example, plant a garden of gratitude or take pictures of things you are grateful for.

      Topic Contents


      Dealing With Negative Thoughts


      Topic Overview


      What exactly is a negative thought?


      Suppose a coworker or a grocery store clerk suddenly gave you a mean look. How would you react? Would you just let it slide off you, like water off a duck? Or would you take it personally and feel bad about yourself, or even get angry about it? If you turn small things into big things that bother you for days, weeks, or even longer, youre having negative thoughts.


      Negative thoughts can make you feel sad and anxious. They take the joy out of lifeand they can take a toll on your physical health. Thats why its so important to learn how to deal with them.


      How can you deal with negative thoughts?


      One way to deal with negative thoughts is to replace them with thoughts that make you feel better. Lets say you just learned that you have a health problem. You might tell yourself "My life will never be the way it used to be" or "This is the beginning of the end for me." That will probably make you feel pretty badand it will make your body weaker, just when you need it to be strong.


      Or you could tell yourself something like "This is going to be a challenge for a while, but if Im patient I can learn to adapt and still enjoy my life" or "This is a setback for me, but I can recover from it if I give myself time." This kind of thought can make you feel better and more hopeful. And it helps your body too.


      Do you have any negative thoughts right now? (Sometimes it's hard to even know.) Take a minute, listen to your thoughts, and see if you do. If youre telling yourself something that makes you feel bad, remember: You are in charge of what you tell yourself. So why not come up with something more encouraging?


      Theyre just thoughts. Whats the big deal?


      Because of the mind-body connection, your thoughts really can affect your health. By telling yourself more encouraging things, youre telling your brain to produce chemicals that can:

      • Lower your blood pressure.
      • Reduce your risk for heart disease.
      • Make your immune system stronger so you can resist infection and disease.
      • Lower your stress level and make you feel less anxious.
      • Help you avoid stomach problems, insomnia, and back pain.
      • Make you feel happier and more optimistic about the future.

      What else can you do to feel more positive?


      Sometimes negative thoughts are connected to the way you live from day to day. Here are some things you can try right now to help you see the brighter side of life:

      • Focus on what you are feeling right now. If you're sad, feel the sadness. But dont tell yourself that you have always felt this way and are doomed to feel sad forever. Sadness passes. A negative thought can linger... until you let it go.
      • Share your feelings with someone close to you. Everyone has negative thoughts from time to time. Talking about it with someone else helps you keep those thoughts in perspective.
      • Do something nice for yourself. Maybe you could work less today and play with your kids more. Or you could find something that makes you laugh.
      • Take time to count your blessings. There are so many things for each of us to be thankful for. Whats one thing you appreciate?
      • Eat well. Sleep well. Be active. The nicer you are to your body, the easier it is to feel more positive about yourself.
      • <Make social connections . This is just a fancy way of saying "create the kind of community you want." Enjoy some time with family and friends. Find a faith community that works for you. Join a team or club. Take up a new hobby.

        Pattys Story: Using Positive Thinking to Help Back Pain


        Patty's story

                              Photo of a woman smiling                  

        Sometimes Patty doesnt know whether to laugh or cry when one of her three kids runs at her for a flying hug. She loves the affection, but picking up her kids all the time is one reason the 33-year-old third-grade teacher has back pain. She tries to smile and gently remind her kids to hug mommy with their feet on the ground.

        Patty feels pretty good most days, even with back pain that comes and goes. "I've learned over the last few years to try to focus on what I can do. I'm lucky that my pain is just nagging, not debilitating. But still, it can make me really cranky with my kids at home and with my kids at school."

        Patty did some reading on the mind-body connection. She learned that the things she tells herself about what's going on in her life and how she feels about it can make her pain worseor better. "So I really work at finding the good things in my day. It helps me get through the day, and I think it makes my pain not bother me as much," she says.

        Stopping negative thoughts to reduce pain

        She walks a lot, swims, and does exercises for her back. And she now sits next to her kids when they want a hug. But Patty also works at thinking in a positive way.

        "I used to feel so discouraged whenever my back would hurt again," Patty says. "I would tell myself that it was never going to get better."

        She learned to notice when she had those negative thoughts. "I would catch myself thinking, 'Why do I bother exercising? The pain is just going to come back.' But instead of keeping on that train of thought, I would say to myself, 'Exercise has helped my back before. I know it will make my back stronger if I stick with it.'"

        She also started to use a rubber band to help her "snap out of" a negative thought. For a while, Patty would wear the rubber band around her wrist. Whenever she caught herself saying something discouraging about her pain, she would snap the rubber band and think to herself, "Stop." She has done it enough that now she just says "stop" to herself without using the rubber band.

        "Its a little thing. But it helps me be aware of what I tell myself," she says. "It helps me to not dwell on the negative all the time. I still have some bad days. But I don't have as many as I used to. And I feel more in control of my thoughts, my pain, and my life."


HA haha

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Mar 7, 2012





Just Have Fudge!


we are here to help you succeed


we expect you to invest at least as much or more focus and energy into your quit as you expect of our ability to help you.

we each may have quit slightly differently but there are similar stages in all  our quits.

We all agree that, if you don't have the right attitude you need to GET THE RIGHT ATTITUDE.

Can't you tell that WE ALL HAVE IT? LOL


Well, we want to give it to you. if you hang out awhile you will find it to be contagious.

this little secret that "it doesn't have to be the way you thought it would"

That's what we are passing on.

we know all the tricks so get in the game and hold on!



You Never Knew~~~The Real You


This quitting may throw you somewhat because

Smoking Is all you remember.

Don't be afraid. It will change your life for the better.

Jump Into It! Paddle around. The water is warm.

Let's Find The Real  YOU!!!

otherwise you don't grow out of where you were as a smoker.

find something you love to do.

nourish the you you haven't been.

it's an important thing you can do when you quit, to see yourself changing.

give yourself an hour a day as this new person. more if you have it.

start enjoying the person who isn't addicted to tobacco

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