Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 22, 2012

My day!! 6am get weighed, today 110, 630am, vitals, eat wash get dressed,do meds, 9am gym, bike i was good till today, today iam o but short of breath so its alil harder, i did the bike but they stoped me,my b/p was over 150, 02 below 88, treadmill,10 min on a recline, i uped the 02 so i did ok, then a arm cycle for 12 min, then in my room, 20 min of breathin exercises, learning how to bend, reach all w/o using energy, as for meds, today is the last day of iv preds. tomm pills,


last night ointment started for nasal for mrsa, 2 xs a day for 5 days, then mouth anitibiotics,once a day for 5 days then im good, still dont want the bipap, it gives me anxity. the only time i think ill benifit from that is if im sick,congested,coughing,then yea, welltoday at 230 we go to o/t, every little bit helps i guess, now that iam moving alot more, i can feel more breathless,still better then b4 tho. well, almost time to eat lunch, and virginina.. yea kelly and me are friends, thanx. well, iam sure ill be back here later on. gota breath to live u no:)