A Plea For You~~~~~ Your Name Here~~~New Quitters-This Could Be You

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 22, 2012

I wrote this for a friend last night who got lost after a life event and began smoking again

Your life event may be different but  you will always find an excuse to smoke until you wont.

(Your Name Here)

I just saw your blog of 7 months ago. I remember that late night call  when your mom passed. you were driving and had to pull over and talk with someone.

You were so lost you chose to smoke again. And you haven't been able to quit since.
It's a hard transition back to life when the loss of someone becomes greater in meaning  than you'd ever considered it would. You didn't see it coming and it hit you like a train.

(Your Name Here)

You can't outlive cigarettes. But, you could Outrun them if you chose to get back in the game.

(Your Name Here)

I'd really hate to see you dying in a bed from smoking the life out of yourself.

you need to hear whats going on with jojo. that would show you where you are heading.

I've texted you a couple times and your replies have been cryptic
(Your Name Here)

We can't do this for you but it would be an honor to help save you