one way to get out of this whole mess

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 10, 2012

you start by saying 'I'm gonna wait on that next one"

you will shortly notice you are not buying packs so often

that makes you say, "Wow, I'm only smoking a fourth of what I was smoking a few weeks ago"

all of a sudden you know.

your mind and body say

Let's Go


you are off on the adventure of a lifetime.

that smoking mindset has changed. it had to.

things have to change to change.

break that routine. sit in a different chair.

read instead of tv

change your snack

BUT, each time you crave a smoke, you say, "oh yeah, i'm not going to."

because that's where you have to stop the thought process,

before you start dwelling on one and your mind starts planning the time and the place.

just one way to get out of the prison of smoking