Don't Expect Bad Things Before You Go Through Them

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 11, 2011

I have done no research but when people use this sites recommended quit date, the date is always

2+ MONTHS DOWN THE ROAD. Personally, I could forget about wanting to quit smoking in less than one month. LOL

People come into quitting with expectations and some leave in revelation but

" its the place you put your head where you'll succeed."

If you are focusing on what you are missing, your head is in the wrong place.

if all you think about is smoking and quitting you are overthinking.


You don't have to cut back and track and count cigarettes until you are tortured.

No wonder people get frantic.

They are always thinking "ok, when is the breaking point where I really feel the withdrawal"?  When's it gonna hit.? I'm freaking out waiting for it.

Maybe I'll just create it by thinking about it? (You Can You Know)

Its easier to let it happen if, over the month before you quit. you start saying I'll wait a little longer  to smoke that next one and just flow with it until you know it is time.

If you are even a little serious about quitting, you will know when you are ready. It's much easier to stop smoking if you take control and don't get uptight about worst case possibilities that most likely you've created in your head.